State of emergency issued for 14 regions in Peru as El Niño conditions strengthen

State of emergency issued for 14 regions in Peru as El Niño conditions strengthen

As the 2015 El Niño climate phenomenon continues to strengthen, a 60-day state of emergency was issued for 14 regions in Peru, to beware of possible damage that could result from the event, confirmed Juan Benites, the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation.

The El Niño conditions cause a rise in sea surface temperature, which consequently causes heavy rains, flooding in coastal and river areas and droughts in other regions.

The emergency declaration warned the authorities to prepare for the "imminent danger" of El Nino and unusual climate conditions, according to the state news agency Andina.

An episode of El Niño is related to extremely warm and wet weather conditions and major flooding events, during the period between the months of April and October, along the coasts of northern Peru and Ecuador.

In former years, the period of El Niño was known for major flooding and landslides in Peru.

El Niño reduces the upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water, responsible for sustaining large population of fish which affects the local fishing industry.

Several key fishing and mining areas are, consequently, placed under the state of emergency, as Peru is the world's top producer of fishmeal, and exporter of copper, gold and silver.

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Daniel 6 years ago

People are tired of all the warnings in general and starting to disregard them and more specific warnings. These never ending general warnings need to stop or at least not be issued w/o specific information as to the level of threat and recourse available. The news cycle has burnt everyone out with their never ending alert tickers. Alert fatigue is a real and alarming issue for the proper preparedness of the general public. But for goodness sake don't add it to the crawlers, please!

JAson 6 years ago

What matters the most is that you pay your carbon taxes to the all seeing eyes of the UN and the Pope! How dare you suggest that as an individual I can't change the constantly changing climate of the planet?! Al Gore says he invented the internet so there must be a way for climate change to be changed back to the sure and steady and constant and repeatable patterns that have always been. Wait a second, Gore didn't invent the internet, that was a bald faced lie, and wait a second longer because the weather always changes. And the sun has a trillion times more impact on our climate than Al does with his traitorous hockey stick graphs. By the way, every single pro-carbon tax politician in the US & Canada has major investments in General Electric, that's right FUKUshima! Did any of those bastards divest their holdings when the plant went boom and launched hundreds if not thousands of spent fuel rods into the Pacific? Not likely! And now a giant super heated blob of water is coming straight for Peru/S.America and has already devastated billions of sea life organisms. Our shores in Vancouver are radioactive but don't worry the federal government quietly raised the 'safe levels of exposure' limits while we weren't looking!

Jason 6 years ago

"State of Emergency for cold weather and Deaths around the world!

Snow kills more than 2,000 alpacas in Peru!

Heavy snowfall in Vorkuta, Russia – In July!

Colder in China. ‘Shanghai recorded its lowest temperature in 145 years on July 6!

Bolivia, 7-7-2015. Snowfall threatens livestock
The heavy snow that fell in the Cordillera del Tunari this weekend left 30 communities isolated and endangered the survival of 7,500 heads of cattle!

Apparently, the average temperature in July{Vorkuta, Russia} is around 13C (55 F). So this kind of weather is pretty unusual . Wonder if it will get reported in the mainstream media? Of course not, they’d rather make a big deal of ONE reasonably hot day at Heathrow Airport/Wimbledon.

Bill H 6 years ago

This "State of Emergency" does nothing on face value except tell everybody "you're worried". Well, there isn't much a person can do, is there? If storms, floods, and loss of life happens then there was not much that could really be done about it.

Teo Blašković (@Bill H) 6 years ago

Well if you recognize the pattern and you know it might repeat soon then you can prevent loss of life and more.

Bill H (@Adonai) 6 years ago

You can't prevent loss of life if you issue a general all the time warning. People get on with life and ignore it after a while. The best organizations and the government can do is monitor the weather and give warnings. But right now there is nothing an individual can do about the weather.

Teo Blašković (@Bill H) 6 years ago

Well if you put it like that... sure, a general warning won't do much without continual monitoring and warning. Do you think they won't?

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