Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: The Cosmic Microwave Background – EU2014


Ever since Penzias and Wilson discovered that the Earth was surrounded by microwave energy, astronomers have been quick to postulate that the apparent ~3K signal represented the signature of the Big Bang. Yet long ago, Gustav Kirchhoff insisted that the setting of temperatures, using the laws of thermal emission, required enclosure. Clearly, the Big Bang can never meet this requirement.

In this presentation, it will be demonstrated that the microwave fields, which surround the earth and have excited distant molecules, can be generated by the hydrogen bond within water in the condensed state. A review of the COBE and WMAP will be presented, revealing that the microwave anisotropy maps have no scientific validity. The data lack both signal to noise and reproducibility.

Furthermore, the PLANCK satellite findings will be discussed. These data provide unambiguous evidence that powerful microwave fields do not exist at L2. Penzias and Wilson measured water on Earth. The correct assignment of this signal is vital to better understanding our own planet.

Pierre-Marie Robitaille, PhD is a Professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University, with a joint appointment in Chemical Physics. He initially trained as a spectroscopist and has wide ranging knowledge of instrumentation in the radio and microwave bands. A recognized expert in image acquisition and analysis, Professor Robitaille was responsible for doubling the world record in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in 1998. In 2000, he turned his attention to thermodynamics and astrophysics, demonstrating that the universality advanced in Kirchhoff's Law of Thermal Emission is invalid. He has published extensively on the microwave background, highlighting that this signal arises from water on the Earth and has no relationship to cosmology and has recently published a paper on the Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Solar Model (LMHSM).

Video courtesy of Thunderbolts Project

Featured image: Nine year microwave sky. Credit: NASA / WMAP Science Team


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  1. The LMH theory of Sol could be correct. Science has noted the strange fact that Sol has 25% more heavy elements that it’s like stars. I suggest this is because Sol is the product of a magnetic implosion confined by the Oort shell. The implosion produced our inner metal planets inside the former orbit of the red giant I call the Beetle sun. ,

  2. Zefron I think you are confusing ego with basic scientific observation. Observing the universe we occupy and recording the phenomenon we witness has nothing to do with being able to accept our size or the time we have in life. The CMB is evidence that the universe had a beginning nothing more and nothing less. Anything else is personal interpretation. The truth of the evidence is we live in a highly tuned and specific Universe,galaxy,solar system and planet. The evidence also indicates that this is not by chance or accident because of the staggering mathematical odds against it. From that you can draw your own conclusions as I have. Our existence does not create or feed the cosmos. The Universe has no ability to eagerly be what we want it to be. Children absolutely care if they die. Infants can be frightened which is a reflex to danger without ever being taught anything. I think you might want to rethink your present hypothesis on the Universe and many other irrelevant subjects.

  3. Why can't man accept his size what does the universe appear like to an ant or a bee our very own biological make up is a contamination of the data perceived.
    By default no verse can exist in any form other than an idea, if it was possible could it be so. Truth being it is not possible so it is ghost universe.
    An illusion and our substance is the same illusion which makes it feel ever so real.
    Base facts are you have no where to put your universe, expanding or not you cannot have nothing or something.
    Life's greatest test is to except we have our time and should expect and demand! No more.
    In my opinion the universe will be what ever you expect it to be humans are not discovering answers we are creating and feeding the cosmos, giving it meaning where meaning doesn't exist. Think of a projector projecting an image on to a blank screen. The cosmos will be eager to be want ever you want. In that it finds it's meaning.
    Think of base common sense you pour water into a cup that is containment. The universe must exist in a very BIG cup. That's assuming you will allow yourself the insecurity of that equation. Children don't care if they die we teach them to care to need meaning, to care to need to know is a human concept other creatures don't appear quite as concerned as we do.
    Somewhere amongst all that is science religion and afterlife, if you want it.

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