M1.4 Earth-directed solar flare took place

M1.4 Earth-directed solar flare took place

Magnetic fields above sunspot 1261 erupted this morning at 0648 UT, producing an M1-class solar flare. The blast also hurled a bright coronal mass ejection toward Earth. This movie from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft shows the cloud racing away from the sun at almost 900 km/s. Geomagnetic storms are possible when the CME reaches Earth on or about August 5th. Stay tuned for updates. (SpaceWeather)


A long duration M1.4 Solar Flare took place around Sunspot 1261 at 06:19 UTC early Tuesday and also blasted a Coronal Mass Ejection (CMEs) into space. When watching the videos on the STEREO website, it appears it may also be earth directed. As of 09:00 UTC the Proton levels appeared to have risin somewhat to minor levels. A small radio blackout did occur as well.

NICT's Real Time Magnetosphere Simulation

SDO Real Time Imagery

Latest SOHO Imagery

EIT 171EIT 195EIT 284EIT 304
512×512  <1.6m >512×512  <1.8m >512×512  <1.9m >512×512  <2.6m >
256×256  <1.6m >256×256  <1.8m >256×256  <1.9m >256×256  <2.6m >
MDI ContinuumMDI MagnetogramLASCO C2LASCO C3
512×512  <1.7m >512×512  <2.5m >512×512  <1.1m >512×512  <5.8m >
256×256  <1.7m >256×256  <2.5m >256×256  <1.1m >256×256  <5.8m >


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lots of solar activity ...

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