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Beautifull auroras and the interplanetary magnetic field

Officially, the odds of a geomagnetic storm on Nov. 24th were small but dedicated aurora watchers still had some opportunity to take some nice images of beautifull sky game. Auroras have been flickering around the Arctic Circle for several days. These displays are not

November 24, 2011


Another M-class solar flare

A second M-Class flare, this time a M2.5 took place at 03:54 UTC Tuesday morning around Sunspot 1263. This is in addition to the earlier M3.5 flare which we reported yesterday. The first flare produced a small, but fast moving (2010 km/s) Coronal Mass Ejection...

August 09, 2011


M1.3 solar flare ejected, CME arrives on June17th

On June 14th around 08:10 UTC, a magnetic filament near the sun's eastern limb became unstable and erupted. The resulting blast hurled a bright and massive CME into space: The expanding cloud was observed by 3 spacecraft: STEREO-A, STEREO-B and SOHO....

June 15, 2011