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mount barujari eruption september 27 2016 by Hairul Muttakin f

13 tourists missing after eruption of Mount Barujari (Rinjani), Indonesia

Head of Emergency Unit of the West Nusa Tenggara Province, Agung Pramuja, said Saturday, October 1, 2016 that a total of 13 tourists, including foreigners, who were visiting Mount Barujari in central Indonesia when it erupted earlier in the week have still not...

October 02, 2016

bali lombok indonesia from space 27 september 2016

Large eruption of Mount Barujari, more than 1 100 evacuated, Indonesia

Mount Barujari on the Indonesian island of Lombok erupted at 07:45 UTC on September 27, 2016, spewing ash 2 000 m (6 560 feet) above the crater, 5 726 m (18 790 feet) above sea level. More than 1 100 people have been evacuated. As of early September 28, authorities...

September 28, 2016