The Sun sends us a wake-up call

Two powerful solar events erupted from the Sun over the past couple of days. While they both missed Earth, 'we are very lucky they did,' Ben Davidson of the Suspicious Observers said in the video.

The solar maximum is building now, and Earth's magnetic field continues weakening.

It's never too late to start preparing.

Featured image and video courtesy Ben Davidson

Over 1.75 million people affected by floods, 17 000 homes collapsed in north China's Shanxi Province

October 12, 2021

Continuous downpours affecting north China's Shanxi Province since the start of October have affected more than 1.75 million people and forced the evacuation of more than 120 000. In addition, floods damaged over 190 000 ha (469 500 acres) of crops and...

4 000 homes uninhabitable after M6.0 earthquake hit Crete, Greece

October 07, 2021

Nearly 4 000 homes have been declared uninhabitable after shallow M6.0 (M5.8) earthquake hit Crete, Greece at 06:17 UTC on September 27, 2021.1 By Wednesday, October 6, engineering teams from the Ministry of Infrastructure had surveyed a total of 8 540 buildings,...

Bright fireball illuminates the sky over Minas Gerais, Brazil

October 02, 2021

A bright fireball streaked through the night sky over Minas Gerais, Brazil at 00:44 UTC on September 30, 2021. The event was recorded by Clima ao Vivo platform cameras from the cities of Itamonte, Varginha and Patos de Minas, in Minas Gerais, and from Rio de...

Tornado hits downtown Yantai, China's Shandong Province

October 01, 2021

A damaging tornado hit the city of Yantai, China's Shandong Province on October 1, 2021. According to Eric Wang, an extreme weather enthusiast, the damage is consistent with an EF-1 rating. The tornado went directly into downtown, flipping cars and collapsing...

Deep M6.1 earthquake hits central Sea of Japan

September 29, 2021

A deep earthquake registered by the JMA as M6.1 hit the central Sea of Japan at 08:37 UTC (17:37 JST) on September 29, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 400 km (248 miles). The USGS is reproing M6.1 at a depth of 367.7 km (228 miles). The epicenter was...


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xXx 2 months ago

Our lovely dear gorgeous planet once again took the shot for us yet we are poisoning it in return

Jamal Shrair 3 months ago

ANOTHER CLEAR EVIDENCE OF CHANGING SUN AND JAMAL SHRAIR KNOWS THE CAUSE................The high rate of cosmic rays, in spite of the huge increase in solar activity, shows clearly the misunderstanding of how the Sun is functioning. Usually, when solar activity increases, the rate decreases enormously. Now, it is not the case anymore, data from cosmic ray detectors show high rate even during intense solar flares.

Jamal Shrair 3 months ago

Real Science Never Failed (If the Sun is misunderstood, Earth science cannot be a real science)............................It is not science that failed, but rather the myth makers are the ones who have been exposed and failed. And, I assure you, that the myth of man-made climate change will be exposed entirely and its supporters will have no shelter left in the coming a few months. I have been saying for the last seven years, that the spiraling up of the Sun above the galactic plane is approaching its limit and that will induce major changes to the Sun and all the planets of the solar system. The nearer the Sun gets to its highest possible position, the more intense is the energetic solar events and the bigger is the impact on Earth's physical systems. Furthermore, and most importantly, when the Sun reaches the highest point, the Earth will complete the reversal of its magnetic field.

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