Finland basks in unusual heat while cold prevails in parts of eastern Europe


Finland is facing unseasonal heat for early June, in contrast to the cold weather conditions experienced by countries farther south. On Thursday, June 3, 2021, a Finnish weather station within the Arctic Circle registered a sweltering 29.3 °C (84.7°F), while eastern European countries had cool temperatures between 10 and 13 °C (50 and 55. °F).

Finland's northernmost weather station at Nuorgam, Utsjoki, registered a staggering 29.3°C (84.7°F) on Thursday.

London-based meteorologist Scott Duncan said the temperature is "exceptional for early June and a stark contrast to the remarkable low temperatures under cloud and rain further south."

"How unusual is this heat? This weather station appears to be relatively new (since 2008). But this heat today thrashes any June records since then (impressive for the early month)."

While Finland is gripped by warm weather conditions, countries farther south are seeing low temperatures.

The cloud and incessant rain moving through southeast Europe have given impressive 'low maximums' over the last few days," Duncan stated. "It has been impressively cold for the eastern half of Europe."

While Nuorgam in Finland registered 29.3°C (84.7°F) on Thursday, Galati in Romania had cooler temperatures between 10 and 13 °C (50 and 55. °F), accompanied by afternoon rain on Wednesday, June 2.

Cahul in Moldova had an incredibly low maximum temperature of 11.2 °C (52.3 °F). It was also a very cold day in North Macedonia, Northern Greece, and Ukraine.

The rare heat in Finland is expected to continue in the following week, with temperatures forecast to be highest in northern and central Finland on Friday, June 4.

YLE meteorologist Matti Huutonen noted that southern Finland will also likely break the 25 °C (77 °F) mark over the weekend.

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