Another "impossible" neutron star


What is a so-called neutron star?

Scientists tell us that the material left over from a supernova explosion of a massive star collapses gravitationally, forming an incredibly small yet massively dense star mostly composed of tightly packed neutrons. A rotating neutron star is said to emit regular pulses of radio waves and other sources of radiation, called pulsars.

But the hypothesis of the neutron star was not a predictive theory that was composed and then verified through observation — rather, it was invented in the 1960’s, after the completely unexpected discovery of radio pulses from the constellation Vulpecula.

Today, Thunderbolts report on the latest in a string of “baffling” discoveries that in effect falsify the neutron star hypothesis, and explore theoretical alternatives in the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology.

Video courtesy The Thunderbolts Project

Featured image credit: ESO


jackson mwanzia 1 year ago

some things happening in today's live are really amazing,yeah amazing,............!!!!!!!!!!

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