Another deadly flood wave hits southern Germany


More deadly floods hit the state of Bavaria in Germany on June 1, 2016. The region was reportedly devastated, at least 5 people died, and several others went missing. A state of emergency has been declared in the Rottal-Inn, the worst affected district, by Michael Fahmüller, the District Administrator.

The second deadly flood wave hit the state only several days after heavy rainfalls devastated the Baden-Wuerttemberg region, killing at least 4 people. 

The rivers in Rottal-Inn overflowed their banks, trapping residents in their homes, and leaving about 9 000 people without the power supplies. Three people died in their houses in Simbach an Inn on June 1. One person died in Julbach while the other was found on June 2, according to the local police.

According to Floodlist, the raging floodwaters swept away the vehicles, trees and furniture from devastated homes across the streets in Triftern and Tann. Several people were forced to seek shelters on their rooftops while waiting for the rescue teams to arrive by helicopters. 650 rescue workers were deployed from emergency and police teams.

14 students were left trapped overnight in a school in Triftern before they were saved. The police have warned the people to avoid dangerously flooded areas of Aimbach am Inn, Tann, Triftern, Zeilarn, Anzenkirchen, Kirchdorf am Inn, Lanhofen, Untertürken, Bad Griesbach and Ruhstorf an der Rott. The Passau city reported minor flooding.

Rottal-Inn, Bayern flooding, June 1, 2016. Image credit: antenne.de via Meteo Europe

Rottal-Inn, Bayern flooding, June 1, 2016. Image credit: antenne.de via Meteo Europe

Rottal-Inn, Bayern flooding, June 1, 2016. Image credit: via Meteo Europe

The river levels of the Altbach river have swollen up to 250 cm (8.2 feet) in the period between the evening of May 31 and midday of June 1 (local time). By the evening of June 1, the levels measured little below 345 cm (11.3 feet), and have, thus, beaten the old record of 322 cm (10.6 feet) set in August 1991. By June 2, the levels receded to 122 cm (4 feet).

The levels of the Inn River at Simbach measured below 1 m (3.3 feet) at 04:00 on June 1 (local time), and climbed up to 480 cm (15.7 feet) by 14:00, topping the old record of 150 cm (4.9 feet), reported in June 2007. Since then, the water levels receded to normal at about 57 cm (1.9 feet).

Featured image: Rottal-Inn, Bayer flooding, June 1, 2016. Image credit: via Meteo Europe


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