Inuit elders tell NASA Earth axis shifted


The Inuit Tribe are indigenous people who live in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Siberia and Alaska. Their elders have written to the National Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA) to tell them that the Earth's axis has shifted. The elders do not believe that carbon emissions from humans are causing the current climate changes.

The sky has changed, claim Inuit elders

The Inuit elders note climate change in the melting glaciers, deterioration of sealskin, burns on seals, and disappearing sea ice. They attribute these changes in climate to changes in the sky. The tribal elders claim that the sun no longer rises where it used to rise. The days heat up more quickly and last longer. The stars and moon are also in different places in the sky and this affects the temperatures. This is a population that relies on the placement of the moon and stars for their survival as they live in total darkness during part of the year.

The elders say they can no longer predict the weather, as they have been able to in the past. They observe that warmer winds are changing the snow banks, making their ability to navigate overland more difficult. Polar bear populations are increasing, which causes the bears to wander into the Inuit neighborhoods.

What scientists report

On April 20, 2011, CNN News reported that an earthquake moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet and shifted the Earth on its axis. They quoted Kenneth Hudnut, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, as saying, "At this point, we know that one GPS station moved (8 feet), and we have seen a map from GSI (Geospatial Information Authority) in Japan showing the pattern of shift over a large area is consistent with about that much shift of the land mass."

They quoted the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, that estimated that "the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters)." Astronomers concur that there has not been a shift in the earth's rotational axis, but that there have been subtle polar shifts over the last ten years. This is a change in what is called the figure axis.

These changes are caused by continental drift, which has been shifting the location of the North Pole towards the south about 10 cms per year for the last 100 years. Teams at the University of Texas using NASA's GRACE satellite found that the North Pole's normal drifting to the south changed in 2005 and since then, the drift has been eastward. They detected a 1.2 meter change from 2005 to 2013. They conclude that the shift is caused by climate change caused by global warming.

About the Inuit people

The Inuit people inhabit the far northern reaches of the Canadian Arctic and have done so for centuries. The area they inhabit is almost continually frozen under a layer of permafrost. For months at a time, their days begin and end in darkness. A nomadic people, they built tents of caribou skin in warmer months, and lived in igloos in the winter. Previously, they were known as Eskimo. The word Eskimo is from a word in their language that means "eater of raw meat."

This group of Arctic dwellers has now been renamed Inuit, a word that means "the people." Inuk is the word to describe one member of the tribe, or "one person." The Inuit speak many different dialects that all stem from the Eskimo-Aleut or Inuit-Aleut language. They are primarily hunters, relying on Arctic wildlife for their survival. They fish, hunt sea mammals, such as seals and walrus, and land mammals, like Arctic hare and caribou and use seal skin and blubber for clothing, tents, and fuel. Most of their diet is made up of raw meat as there is very little plant life in their environment.



Written by Talya Dagan (Natural News)

Talya Dagan is a health advocate and health coach, trained in nutrition and gourmet health food cuisine, writing about natural remedies for disease and nutrition and herbal medicine. You can follow her blog at www.talyadagan.com

Featured image: Floating ic, East Greenland – Ammassalik District by Kitty Terwolbeck (CC – Flickr)


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  1. (Cont; Celestial Sight) The ship’s first officer looked at me and said, Captain I know this sounds crazy, but we ar not where we should be !! As the sun is not where it should be as per our nautical celestial books or I screwed up in my calculations. Lets compare ours. We both were right in thinking as to the positining. But were wrong to say where we know where we were. Anchored off Molongo Angola. That confirmed to me as I always had a feeling that the earth axis had changed. Further saying, the sun in the Northern Hemisphere durning winter lies just south of the equator where the declination of the Sun changes from 23.5o North to 23.5o South and back again during the course of a year. Meaning that the Sun’s Sun crosses the celestial equator on two occasions during the course of a year and these occasions are known as the equinoxes. But why now was the sun further south of us than it was ever seen during this time of the year. Does this mean that the British & Ammerican Celestial Publications needed to be changed to offset a navigators celestial sights to get the correct position. That is if the GPS onboard systems should ever fail. Good question. But one thing for sure is what was lerned the days of our experience will confirm, the earth axis has changed, that we know. As to why or how is not rocket science when you consider the testing of massive nucular booms, testing and exploying of inner ballistic missiles, has innumerable applications of destorying the Atmosphere. Not to be forgetton the depletion of the oil and hydrocarbon, where caverns of space once filled with deposits, has to have a wobbling effects on the earth’s rotational axis.
    Or lets through this into the equation, where mostly all vehciles are equiped with devices to prevent pollution. But “Jet Fuelled Airplanes flying closer to the “O Zone Layers” has done so with immunity. Where distribution by this fuel gives off chemical class as being 32% straight alkanes, 31% branched alkanes, 16% cycloalkanes, and 21% aromatic hydrocarbons. Why then should this be allowed to happen. Is a good question why Governments done want to put a stop to these admissions. But are all to fast to bring a charbon tax on the public, where revenues for such will serve what, is a question that should be asked of those who seek to impose it !!

  2. As my email address might imply as to who I am professionally. Yes I am a Master Mariner / Navigator is how I will open this tread on the earth tipping or wobbling. As for Arctic voyages is one good point raised by our Northern Canadians is most correctly stated. However, at anchor for over a month off Angola West Africa waiting our turn to dock. Is where the I decided to use my sexton to take a sun run sun cestrical sun sight. Haveing done so l first thought I made a mistake in the calculation. So I decided to repeat this the follow morning. Again I was totally confused as to my findings. So I asked of the ship’s first Mate / Officer to make this observation the next morning, is where he did.

  3. The co2 scare does nothing but add dollars to the governments pockets with more taxes, Listen to the Inuits that have generations of watching the movement of our planet on its way to change polarity. Our crooked government will do anything to make themselves wealthy.

  4. I live in Central Illinois and I’ve noticed over the years that our winter weather is coming sooner and leaving later. When I was growing up our cold weather was November- March. It gradually grew longer to where now it shows up in August and goes through May and sometimes into June. This affects our growing seasons along with nature. My guess is by 2040/50 we will have winter all year long. I know they won’t stop putting larger and larger crap into space.

  5. I have noticed and people think I’m crazy. The way I see it, the sun’s tilt is caused from all the crap the world has put into space. How can it not disrupt the solar system that was set up to specifications God made it?

  6. there are seasons of the earth as there are seasons of the year once the antarctic was closer to the equator the earth rejuvinates itself over the millions of years the mammoths frozen with food in there mouths tells me that the earth turned on its side suddenly maybe the flood was subject to this.

  7. This article is another sad evidence that journalism nowadays lacks of any criticism whatsoever. How can Inuit have noticed any difference where the sun rises if the pole is shifting 10 cm per year? Babylonians had astronomers for thousands of years and yet missed the precession of equinoxes, but Inuit can somehow capture a much smaller change. How can global warming affect in any way the pole shift if the tectonic plates are floating on a core of molten metal with a temperature of 4,000 C?

    1. As the internal Molten Core of the earth spins faster and faster, becoming almost entirely liquid, casting off more and more gases placing enormous pressure on the planets tectonic fault lines, a ratcheting of the earth’s crust against its molten core will build to a 948 to the tenth power in ton miles of torque. When this happens, the crust will let loose and spin upon the mantle until it settles into its new position. This has happened previously and accounts for the almost instantaneous freezing of the mastodons, extinction of many species almost overnight, deserts into beachfront property:-)

      1. Yep. Explains a lot about why China etc are building huge cities which are, to date, empty? Smoke and mirrors – those in power do not want this to be common knowledge.

    2. You can test this yourself. As of winter 2019 to 2020 you walk out the door and observe. This is not just looking but you need to make note or the height of the sun from the horizon this winter of 2020-2021. In 2019-2020 It was as low as 45 degrees to horizon here in Kansas. The evenings have been incredibly long as it is early evening before 4pm during that long winter period. For years before this the summer sun is markedly 25 to 30 degrees north of lateral. We havent seen it because we dont go outside and observe. The Inuts are outside and observe. If you are going by published you are as lost as can be.

  8. Dear Innuit elders,
    Dear Innuit elders, after a lifetime of science research “I’m hear to tell you” that it’s not the geographical axis that’s shifting markedly, the geomagnetic axis has been migrating since the turn of the 20th century and that’s causing the climbing heat flux in both polar regions. More on my static Wall.

    1. My wife and I are both Certified Master Gardeners, we have three greenhouses, about an acre of sustainable organic gardens since 2006.
      Starting last year, we had to move some of our above ground vegetable gardens because the Sun’s trajectory from east to west across the summer sky had changed. Areas of direct sunlight were different. We moved some of the beds and production has returned to normal. We believe as the Inuit that the tilt of the earth has changed at least a few degrees, a result of the faster spin of the earths internal liquid core. This would allow for the changes in the Sun’s perceived trajectory across the sky. Its the earth, not the Sun that is changing.

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