Inuit elders tell NASA Earth axis shifted

Inuit elders tell NASA Earth axis shifted

The Inuit Tribe are indigenous people who live in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Siberia and Alaska. Their elders have written to the National Space and Aeronautics Administration (NASA) to tell them that the Earth's axis has shifted. The elders do not believe that carbon emissions from humans are causing the current climate changes.

The sky has changed, claim Inuit elders

The Inuit elders note climate change in the melting glaciers, deterioration of sealskin, burns on seals, and disappearing sea ice. They attribute these changes in climate to changes in the sky. The tribal elders claim that the sun no longer rises where it used to rise. The days heat up more quickly and last longer. The stars and moon are also in different places in the sky and this affects the temperatures. This is a population that relies on the placement of the moon and stars for their survival as they live in total darkness during part of the year.

The elders say they can no longer predict the weather, as they have been able to in the past. They observe that warmer winds are changing the snow banks, making their ability to navigate overland more difficult. Polar bear populations are increasing, which causes the bears to wander into the Inuit neighborhoods.

What scientists report

On April 20, 2011, CNN News reported that an earthquake moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet and shifted the Earth on its axis. They quoted Kenneth Hudnut, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, as saying, "At this point, we know that one GPS station moved (8 feet), and we have seen a map from GSI (Geospatial Information Authority) in Japan showing the pattern of shift over a large area is consistent with about that much shift of the land mass."

They quoted the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, that estimated that "the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters)." Astronomers concur that there has not been a shift in the earth's rotational axis, but that there have been subtle polar shifts over the last ten years. This is a change in what is called the figure axis.

These changes are caused by continental drift, which has been shifting the location of the North Pole towards the south about 10 cms per year for the last 100 years. Teams at the University of Texas using NASA's GRACE satellite found that the North Pole's normal drifting to the south changed in 2005 and since then, the drift has been eastward. They detected a 1.2 meter change from 2005 to 2013. They conclude that the shift is caused by climate change caused by global warming.

About the Inuit people

The Inuit people inhabit the far northern reaches of the Canadian Arctic and have done so for centuries. The area they inhabit is almost continually frozen under a layer of permafrost. For months at a time, their days begin and end in darkness. A nomadic people, they built tents of caribou skin in warmer months, and lived in igloos in the winter. Previously, they were known as Eskimo. The word Eskimo is from a word in their language that means "eater of raw meat."

This group of Arctic dwellers has now been renamed Inuit, a word that means "the people." Inuk is the word to describe one member of the tribe, or "one person." The Inuit speak many different dialects that all stem from the Eskimo-Aleut or Inuit-Aleut language. They are primarily hunters, relying on Arctic wildlife for their survival. They fish, hunt sea mammals, such as seals and walrus, and land mammals, like Arctic hare and caribou and use seal skin and blubber for clothing, tents, and fuel. Most of their diet is made up of raw meat as there is very little plant life in their environment.


Written by Talya Dagan (Natural News)

Talya Dagan is a health advocate and health coach, trained in nutrition and gourmet health food cuisine, writing about natural remedies for disease and nutrition and herbal medicine. You can follow her blog at

Featured image: Floating ic, East Greenland - Ammassalik District by Kitty Terwolbeck (CC - Flickr)


Fabrizio Maccallini 3 years ago

This article is another sad evidence that journalism nowadays lacks of any criticism whatsoever. How can Inuit have noticed any difference where the sun rises if the pole is shifting 10 cm per year? Babylonians had astronomers for thousands of years and yet missed the precession of equinoxes, but Inuit can somehow capture a much smaller change. How can global warming affect in any way the pole shift if the tectonic plates are floating on a core of molten metal with a temperature of 4,000 C?

Montgomery Lines (@Fabrizio Maccallini) 9 months ago

You can test this yourself. As of winter 2019 to 2020 you walk out the door and observe. This is not just looking but you need to make note or the height of the sun from the horizon this winter of 2020-2021. In 2019-2020 It was as low as 45 degrees to horizon here in Kansas. The evenings have been incredibly long as it is early evening before 4pm during that long winter period. For years before this the summer sun is markedly 25 to 30 degrees north of lateral. We havent seen it because we dont go outside and observe. The Inuts are outside and observe. If you are going by published you are as lost as can be.

J Young (@Fabrizio Maccallini) 3 years ago

As the internal Molten Core of the earth spins faster and faster, becoming almost entirely liquid, casting off more and more gases placing enormous pressure on the planets tectonic fault lines, a ratcheting of the earth’s crust against its molten core will build to a 948 to the tenth power in ton miles of torque. When this happens, the crust will let loose and spin upon the mantle until it settles into its new position. This has happened previously and accounts for the almost instantaneous freezing of the mastodons, extinction of many species almost overnight, deserts into beachfront property:-)

SUSI NEALE (@J Young) 1 year ago

Yep. Explains a lot about why China etc are building huge cities which are, to date, empty? Smoke and mirrors - those in power do not want this to be common knowledge.

Gordon Hervey 3 years ago

Dear Innuit elders,
Dear Innuit elders, after a lifetime of science research "I'm hear to tell you" that it's not the geographical axis that's shifting markedly, the geomagnetic axis has been migrating since the turn of the 20th century and that's causing the climbing heat flux in both polar regions. More on my static Wall.

J. Young (@Gordon Hervey) 3 years ago

My wife and I are both Certified Master Gardeners, we have three greenhouses, about an acre of sustainable organic gardens since 2006.
Starting last year, we had to move some of our above ground vegetable gardens because the Sun's trajectory from east to west across the summer sky had changed. Areas of direct sunlight were different. We moved some of the beds and production has returned to normal. We believe as the Inuit that the tilt of the earth has changed at least a few degrees, a result of the faster spin of the earths internal liquid core. This would allow for the changes in the Sun's perceived trajectory across the sky. Its the earth, not the Sun that is changing.

Map (@J. Young) 3 years ago

So has your position changed? I too live on a farm and have noticed marked differences in the sunsets and sun rises in the last 5 to 7 yrs. Mainly place.

Jeremiah Ivalu 4 years ago

I would like to say that we Inuit don't call our tents "teepees". Native Americans call their tents "teepees". Also, we don't call ourselves a tribe. It was the Athabaskans that called us Eskimo, a derogatory term roughly translated "eater of raw meat." We don't call ourselves Eskimos. Don't publish until you get your facts right. A lot of people now mistakenly quote you for these incorrect ideas.

Lea (@Jeremiah Ivalu) 3 years ago

Thank you Jeremiah for taking the time to correct the "facts". You taught me something today...

Hugh Patrick 4 years ago

I see that Philip said that "Personally I prefer to listen to indigenous (tribal) Elders than to scientists". I'm curious if he also prefers to get his medical advice from car mechanics instead of from licensed physicians, given the latter's "dogmas and schools of theories".

Yvonne Forsman (@Hugh Patrick) 4 years ago

I go to car mechanics for car problems but regarding my health I do self diagnosis from online info b/c medical doctors don't know shit! I would never again trust a medical doctor for anything in the world!!!!

SUSI NEALE (@Yvonne Forsman) 1 year ago

They are called General PRACTITIONERS for a reason!

Hugh Patrick (@Yvonne Forsman) 3 years ago

Good luck with that self diagnosis. Hopefully you will never have a need for a blood test, CAT Scan, or MRI - or for someone qualified to interpret the results.

Philip 4 years ago

and we seem to be having a Very Late Autmn. Fresh leaves on the ground in mid/end November. Leaves still on the trees in mid/end November. Of course this can't have ANYTHING to do with the Sun or Astronomical change. Must be entirely human error. God how arrogant science has become.

Ardelle (@Philip) 4 years ago

Oh how very much I agree, science refuses to see the forest for the tree they dwell on.

Philip 4 years ago

Personally I prefer to listen to indigenous (tribal) Elders than to scientists. Scientists go by dogmas and doctrines and schools of theories. They manipulate evidence or ignore it to fit these or as their political/corporate masters dictate. They are also paid by govts and other interested parties to manipulate and/or ignore evidence that is not considered 'politically acceptable'. Tribal Elders just tell what they know...

Timothy PRISOCK 4 years ago

I'm no scientific specialist.but...... I have a friend, in low places, this friend told me about fracking. He worked at a oil drill site. He said that they pump salt water back into the void. If this is so, and relativity thinking that our earthy core and mantle are liquid molten rock, pardon my French but WTF do you think is going to happen to the core. One clue HEAT. WATER PRESSURE. I believe tectonic plate shift, climate changes, and a massive change in volcanic activities. Major temperature change is coming then some. Something the living this age has never seen before.Get right because we all fall short of the glory of Jesus Christ.

Jon soeder 4 years ago

My wife and I live on a lake in Texas. This morning we woke up and watch the sunrise; it came almost a distance of two miles from where we normally see it. It has been a few months since we have seen sun rises with our schedule; it really shocked us to notice this. The point is that where we live on the lake we never see the actual sunrise due to a house that is positioned on a point across from us that blocks the direct view. This morning we saw the complete sun rise!

Deb (@Jon soeder) 3 years ago

I am very aware of the sun and light during the different months of the year. I am a nature lover and observer as I enjoy being outdoors.
We have lived in the same apartment since May 2011 in Florida. I had noticed the exact positon of the sun rising over the rooftops in June 2012 because my son and I placed our potted vegetable plants in a certain spot and wanted the morning sunlight which is hot in Florida to reach the plants. We are in the same apartment today and the morning sun has shifted during the month of June. I also noticed it last year in 2016 as well. I am not a scientist but I believe something as happened. I been waiting for some announcement but just found this post.

J Young (@Deb) 3 years ago

Throughout the passing of summer into fall there has always been the passing southward of the Sun as to where it rises at least in the northern hemisphere. What has significantly changed is the east west trajectory of the Sun, as it passes from rise to setting on any given day as compared to the same time frame of prior years 2015 and back. Many things can affect the tilt including the building of large dams in areas where they didn't exist before, like China's Yellow River Dam, with its 30 million tonnes of silt deposited per year, or Egypt's Aswan Dam, if my memory is correct it is 360 meters deep, and let’s not forget the melting ice becoming fresh water flowing from both the Arctic and Antarctic into the salty ocean, forever changing the weight distribution on both poles.
Of course, the removal of millions of barrels per day of oil from the earth, even if replaced by water is not without consequence, these are just to name a few. Is it any wonder our earth is wobbling in its orbit around the Sun?

Zippy_athe smart One 5 years ago

I have seen and remember thing of past seasons of our given Earth. Being born during a Lunar Eclipse may sound like nothing. But our moon, which has been shown, it affects our lives here on this Earth. I, feeling like I may have a bit deeper connection to our earth than many do. I do feel the actual change in our earths axis, and the way the sky provides me with comfort in knowing I can tell we are experiencing something that even the best people we have, they just do not have the best math under thier belts to understand what is happening. Our climate changes are only provided to us in bits and pieces. Our earth is a place where you either connected to it and know of the changes, such as the Elders, they should be respected for thier own knowledge that even math equations can not even come close to predictions. But something passed down by an Elder to another has never and will never be suggested in a mathematical world we are now trying to predict things. Commens sence will give you your own feeling that something is now on the brink of a major change in life that none of written history has, only these Elders have. Fair be warned, they...the Elders do not need overly educated mathematics to know the possibilty of what to come. With the dearest of thier...the Elders hearts as well as mine. Think so far out side of the box. Way.......Way! Beyond the box of normal thinking and mathematics!

Bill (@Zippy_athe smart One) 5 years ago

Zippy pin head can't construct a single sentence properly so how can we rely on Zippy's thought processes when it come to astrophysics (and math) ?

Reno 5 years ago

There are fossil records here in Alaska of huge trees , ferns , dinosaurs .
The earth has a violent past , look to Katmai for amazing geology where the epochs have been jumbled and have been rearranged into a broken puzzle .
We have bird species showing up earlier each year , also bird sighting each year that have never been documented before .
food for thought .

JoCo 5 years ago

Every year, in the Southwest, a veteran's memorial shines directly on a certain spot every Veteran's day. I believe that since built, it has not failed to hit that spot on that day. Just last year, it was also where it was suppose to be.

If there was a shift, this would not longer be the case, would it not?

Uncle Elias (@JoCo) 5 years ago

Consider the size of the Earth, the size of the Sun, the distances between them and the size of the shift. Now consider the accuracy of your measuring tool and measurement.

Do you see a difference every year? No? But the Sun in relationship to the Earth is surely moving on a years every 4 years... think, leap year and that extra day. That is maybe 1/365th (my math is probably wrong but you get the point) of the distance.

The distance from the North Pole to Phoenix is 3900 miles; to the Equator 2300. The shift over the past 10 years has been 39 inches. I think that a change of 1/36432000 (again, don't trust my math). Do you think that you would be able to detect that shift just by looking at a reflection from a monument?

Over the past 10 years the Earth has wobbled (shifted not in a straight line) about a 39 inches.


Mary Olkowski (@Uncle Elias) 4 years ago

The narrowing circumference at the north and south poles would surely show more of a movement change than areas at the broader circumference middle areas of earth.

Shimabukuro (@Uncle Elias) 5 years ago

"The stars and moon are also in different places in the sky and this affects the temperatures. This is a population that relies on the placement of the moon and stars for their survival as they live in total darkness during part of the year."

Give them a compass and they should be good.

WHATIF HMMM (@Shimabukuro) 4 years ago

Have you used a compass lately ,i have and i had to adjust to the magnetic shift as while ,but not a lot as i live in Canada .Now these native people to our north live close to the magnetic pole ,so tell me what do you think it (the compass) will do ,hmmm.

Evan (@Shimabukuro) 4 years ago

This is the most ignorant comment I have seen in years. when I was young the magnetic north pole was on Elsmere island and we were told it was there for thousands of years. Now it is almost at the north pole which is quite a bit different for direction, regardless, when you are that close to a pole of a magnet, how your compass behaves is different, stars are dead reckoning up there.

ryan law (@Shimabukuro) 4 years ago

youd think that but the closer you get to north pole the more polar anomalys you get and the less accurate a magnetic compass is iirc

artdog777 5 years ago

Who seriously believes this garbage? They can't even predict tomorrows weather.

Bill (@artdog777) 5 years ago

They can't perfectly predict tomorrows weather nor can you.
They can do a much better job than can you.
You can criticize others but being oblivious to the facts proves you are an idiot - and- likely to remain so.

Wyatt (@artdog777) 5 years ago

Flat Earthers; Gore tea cups; Conspiracy Theorists; End of Days cults and Bible Thumpers. It is reported that this is a continental drift not an Axis shift. Yet, these nuts panic. At this rate, Alaska may be the next Arctic in the next 10,000 years of so. Better dig that bunker.

ryan law (@Wyatt) 4 years ago

i kinda find new scientist and nasa relatively reliable science wise. its not about how far the axis moves its about what magma stream runs into what other magma stream when you shake a centrifuge filled with a viscous substance, have you not noticed how much more common earthquakes at depths of up to 600km have become? just like when a jet stream runs into another you get a lot of energy released when one magma stream runs into another you get a lot of energy released

Capt_Calamity (@Wyatt) 5 years ago

You can add Erik Ivins and Surendra Adhikari, senior research scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jonathan Overpeck, professor of geosciences at the University of Arizona. Among many others with advanced degrees and no doubt all of them smarter and more knowledgeable then anyone posting here. (definitely me included).

Leroy Simi 5 years ago

Check out E.W. Bullinger's work Commentary on Revelation. He wrote Figures of Speech Used in the Bible . He knows this is the dispensation of the church of the body and not the future one in the book of Revelation which is to Israel.

Navarath 5 years ago

Assumed that the earth axis is being perpendicular by upper the vertical to be right.
What is happening in our world?

Geo Golden 5 years ago

Prophesied by Jesus Himself in Mathew 24 of the Gospels, in Luke 21, and in Mark, is that along with these changes at the end of days will be, "distress of nations", and peoples hearts failing them for fear of what approaches.
Then, you have various prophesies in Revelation about the heat of the sun, and the dying off of at least a third of crops globally.
Wait for it.

John (@Geo Golden) 5 years ago

So I guess that means you missed the rapture then? I think this is all "supposed" to happen after the 144,000 are taken. My sympathies.

bgandhi 5 years ago

i guess it should be a surprise looking and learning about the shift of axis. Its is a well known spiritual fact, when negativity is on rise (global warming...gas emission) the mother nature will take to a limit & once that is crossed..which i am afraid is CROSSED the cleansing process starts & this process in more scientific terms is called shifting of axes. it will overthrow the negativity to restore peace & positive energy all around. A food for though who reads this, have you ever wondered why people around not all but maximum are turning towards spirituality ????

Its simple, the nature has started cleansing process & those who wish to change CAN & SHOULD..the rest please consider the options to change

John (@bgandhi) 5 years ago

So, somehow the negative energy right now is higher than 80 years ago? For a quick reminder, 80 (or so) years ago, Hitler was in the process of killing 11 million people, Stalin was in the process of killing 30 million people, and Mao was setting about killing 75 million people. Also, America was ushering in the age of nuclear warfare. Yet somehow, it's now, 80 years later, that Mother Nature is overthrowing negativity? Why the delay? Did those 116 million lives just not matter that much to her?

LG (@bgandhi) 5 years ago

Global Warming? LOLOLOLO!!! If you believe that you'll believe anything

Ida (@LG) 5 years ago

I believe you are right. Another story made up by...... well El Gore!

ryan law (@Ida) 4 years ago

lol you need to pick a better lord to program you, 98% of human action is subconscious 2% conscious. the subconscious cant tell fact from fiction it takes anything a authority figure says as fact, then our tiny little 2% logic system tries to cobble together a rational reason for why we feel how we feel.
read thinking fast and slow, neuroscience has advanced far enough to show that "the rational man" is, ironically, a group delusion, its as real as unicorns

dawn 5 years ago

The word eskimo does not come from the inuit language, it comes from the languages of neighbouring tribes on the atlantic coast of canada, that was their word for the inuit. It was a derogatory term which is why many inuit people have spoke out against the use of the term Eskimo. It was never a name they used to call themselves.

dawn 5 years ago

The inuit tribes are those in canada, eastern alaska, and greenland. The indiginous tribes in western alaska and siberia are the Yupik. You might want to correct this because calling them all inuit is like calling all asian people chinese.

Stuart 5 years ago

Ok I hear what everybody is saying about the whole climate change and global warming scenario but to say we are not harming the earth is a little wishful thinking. Entire cities are smothered with smog and oceans used as dumping grounds along with the destruction of forests. This can be avoided so saying we are mere specs in the cosmos and what will be will be is totally irresponsible.
Clean the place up and if it's the earth's axis or polars shifting and warming the planer at least we've made things a little more tolerable and less toxic.

david (@Stuart) 4 years ago

Mother nature has her own programs to run, because she is the operating system. man has been doing what he wants to do for 5,000 years. Not everything he has done is bad, but mostly bad. He has not been the good steward as God Jehovah intended. Perhaps he would all perish.

Nelson Lee 5 years ago

The shift in the axis is definitely something we should not dismiss, and must have happened numerous times. Just look at the inuit tribe that thrive in the arctic where life is so harsh. How would one choose to live in this uninhabitable environment unless the shift in the recent past was a small and slow one with dropping temperature over a long period of time that was not unnoticeable. Climatisation enables generations to continue to remain there. Using an analogy of cooking a live frog in a pan of water over a slow fire, the frog would not have noticed the change of the water temperature and jump out of the pan until the water becomes too hot for it to do so. So, it is evident that the arctic was once a greener pasture and of a warmer climate further away from the north pole. Over time it must have drifted northward towards its present location.

Wanda Goodman (@Nelson Lee) 2 years ago

PLEASE stop using the "frog in a pan of water over a slow fire" example. It's an urban myth. The frog jumps out of the water. Just because you heard someone say something doesn't make it true. smh

Noel Todd 5 years ago

Climatic change and a shift of the world Axis are very real and have been going on since this rock circling the Sun came about. Are we as Humans altering the climate? Yes! ...Does it have an effect on the overall climate of the World? Yes, but so do so many other factors. Real climate change such as the Ice Ages will continue, mankind will evolve and adapt as it and all the other plants and animals have done has done since man first came about going back to the dawn of time. Our little Earth is just a tiny little bit of the entire cosmos that we could all disappear along with the Earth and the cosmos will continue to expand and go on.

Plate tectonics is just one factor in earths evolution as is axial shift. The whole planet is just one gooey bubble with a soft core and a filmy layer of dust we call the continents. It writhes and wobbles every moment and will continue, we just have to learn to live with it.

ryan law (@Noel Todd) 4 years ago

lol, the last time humans went through a extinction 79000 years ago we went down to 3-10k individuals, it destroyed our genetic diversity the odds we keep enough diversity to remain viable if we go through that level extinction again arent very good. we are already one of the most genetically homogeneous species on planet just stuff like cheetahs that have less of a gene pool

Zippy_the smartone (@Noel Todd) 5 years ago


Richard Fortune Sr. (@Noel Todd) 5 years ago

Thank you for your insight Noel Todd, I've been saying this since is in highschool,

devon haas 5 years ago

The human condition. Displaced blame. Isolation. Remembering, instead - those fleeting moments of glory as opposed to the long series of false hopes in between.. the ability to adopt an invalid such as an abandoned animal. Simply, our arguments in this forum only reveal a polarization of thought towards the pathos of American self- interest...the very thing that encases a dying nation.

Vivienne 5 years ago

Continental drift is only part of the equation. The Antarctic continent acts as a counterweight to the other landmasses, keeping the planet tilted at about 23.5 degrees. As the ice melts from the polar regions, weight is reduced at the south pole and the planet begins to slide in the direction of the heavier continents. Many tsunamis are the result of these shifts in weight--think of a pan of water that you pull in one direction, causing the water to slosh over the other side.

Scientists would have us believe that Earth's tilt has been the same for billions of years. There is no reason to suppose this at all. What if the reason why we find evidence of tropical forests in northern regions and glaciers at the equator, is because Earth's axis has shifted drastically in the past? The causes of mass extinctions still are not fully understood. Not all of them can be linked to meteorite bombardment or slow climate changes from the shifting continents. Maybe some of them were caused by sudden shifts of the poles, altering the climate so swiftly that animals had no time to adapt. As the continents shift and ice melts or forms, weight would be distributed differently, resulting in the axis swinging in one direction or another, much like a top that wobbles before it falls.

Laura Brown 5 years ago

There is NO GLOBAL WARMING!! IT'S A SCAM!! Earth will change just like she's done for millions of years...HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US

Ida (@Laura Brown) 5 years ago

I dont know Laura, the thing is, we take oil and other precious natural resources out of mother earth and we don't put anything'nt all the oil now in the air and atmosphere from our lovely auto mobiles, that are getting bigger and bigger......?

evan (@Ida) 4 years ago

we live within an onionskin compared to the size of this planet. The 2016 earthquake rash was unprecedented so where did that come from, the magnetic pole has gone for an amazing journey for 10years. the climate has little to do with us although we will be polluting our selves off the planet Feel free to believe the lies but most of the science is pseudo to make certain corporations happy

crymsyn56 (@Ida) 4 years ago

They are replacing it, the left over slop water from fracking is forced down deep into the earth deeper than the fracking is being done. This should be outlawed period. I know this is late but had to say.

Rosanne Heiliger (@Ida) 5 years ago

@Ida oil and autos are not the real culprit, it is farming practices, large scale commercial farming is doing more damage to the earth than cars.... car emissions can be controlled as California did (we used to have smog alert days all the time once, haven't had one in 40 yrs since they now have strict emission control laws here)nothing is being done about the farming local organic growers as much as possible if you care about the earth....

Rebecca Foster (@Laura Brown) 5 years ago

Laura that is EXACTLY my point. We are minuscule pieces of sand in this Universe and in no way have damaged the earth. It is obvious that the Earth has shifted as Texas now sees show storms and Wisconsin is having 40 degree winters. It is only going to shift more over time. PEOPLE cannot make it snow in TEXAS!!!! This is a DUMB liberal agenda.

Pete (@Laura Brown) 5 years ago

Absolutely 100% correct! Global warming is the biggest hoax in modern history! The earth has been through countless changes in climate, from warming in the Middle Ages (Greenland was green and inhabited by the Vikings, from 800 A.D. until 1200 A.D. when a mini ice age drove them off the island). The Climate Change hoax costs taxpayers $4 billion every day ($1.3 trillion every year), which keeps corrupt scientists, corrupt climatologists, and corrupt politicians wealthy, so it pays to keep the scam going.

tunes (@Laura Brown) 5 years ago

Do you have any scientific fact that proves global waming does not exist? Because there are hundreds of facts that prove golbal warming is a problem, if you don't want to see it, then you just blind.

RattyEnds (@tunes) 5 years ago

As the previous poster commented, there have been many changes over time i,e. the Ice Age etc.

Left wing politicians realized about 15 years ago that most Western people now thunk of themselves as middle-class, so appealing to the people as a labour movement had no relevance anymore, the unions have died out and they needed a new platform to stand on, so they chose to hijack, get into bed with or just plain joined together. That is why it is predominantly a left wing movement. So the more they raise the stakes, the more people will vote for them to fix the problem. Sure, we have pollution problems but that's another issue.

It works like this, create an issue, blow it out of proportion and come in as the white hat cowboy who going to fix it. On the left we have Global Warming/Climate Change and on the right we have Terrorism. Take your pick on which fear you want to vote for.

We are all frogs in the now very warm water, oblivious to the temperature rising, although the conditioning is rising less incrementally these days, in fact it couldn't be more obvious to people who read between the lines, but that doesn't matter, because the 95% of people who get their news from the mainstream conditioners will still follow like sheeple. Anyway, can't complain as a Westerner in a Christian, democratic, capitalist system, we have it pretty, pretty good here.

Sam (@tunes) 5 years ago

if there was any real truth about global warming the United States would be sued by a lot of different countries that we have sent factories to that create air pollution in now in the countries that never have the problem before

Rebecca Foster (@tunes) 5 years ago

Actually, global warming is a word made up to explain something before 2011 that could not be explained. Obama uses it to turn liberal hippie, tree-huggers gaze away from real problems and onto things like kitties stuck in trees.

Urafool (@tunes) 5 years ago

There is absolutely No proof it exist bc if man.There is millions of years worth of data that supports it has nothing to do with man. You are the one who is blind. A sheep, following a shepard who's laughing as you walk behind him. It is a scam. It's all about money. Ignorant people like you keep believing it and they keep feeding you the bs. Unfortunately there are more ignorant people, like you, than not

Stephen Dunstan (@tunes) 5 years ago

There is climate change...Spring, winter, Fall, Summer. There is global warming every time the sun rises. If you want to control "climate change" learn to control the big yellow ball in the sky. It is not CO2 that is the problem, it is water vapor and the heat from the Sun that cause the supposed climate change, along with plate tectonic shifts and the natural course of the environment from the Earth. Look back in history and you will find heating and cooling phases that created huge "Scientific" debates. the person who touted "Global Warming" in the 90's also touted "Global Ice Age" in the 70's.

Golfhacker (@tunes) 5 years ago

Just like when Al Gore made the statement that the core of the earth is over 1,000,000 degrees!! idiots, all of you. It's all about the taxes and carbon footprints!!!
The earth HAS SHIFTED!! However, nothing of this statement from the asses in Washington!!

Lynn Russom 5 years ago

And you are all wrong! The same God who put the Earth in motion is in control! Do you not know it takes more faith to think this world "just happened" than to believe God put it here. One day there will be a new heaven and a new earth the Bible tells us. And for all you who laugh at me, well, that's in the Bible, too. Jesus loves you, anyway!

tunes (@Lynn Russom) 5 years ago

Bible blind people should the first ones to face premature death so thay can enjoy the awesome dead life they are promised to have.

alex (@tunes) 5 years ago

I am bible blind and we are talking about

jaay 5 years ago

No such thing as global warming. Facts we exhale carbon monoxide that trees need to grow and they exhale oxygen we need. True factories do need to monitor element emmissions due to smog and rainfall. Carbon is blowed into the atmosphere every volcanic eruption in massive quantities. If that hasnt had an effect for over millions of years then how can we deture the nature cycle of the world. Science is a tool but it also cant explain alot of things. I say the inuit have a reasonable answer to the problem.

Bob (@jaay) 5 years ago

We exhale carbon dioxide. One might exhale carbon monoxide if they had been sucking on a tale pipe.

butfart (@Bob) 5 years ago

Which it sounds like "jaay" actually has been doing.

jay 6 years ago

I listen to people who's entire lives are effected by the weather. I also fear the release of stored carbon in the earth. But I also know the shifts of the poles and land masses have to have a effect on climate. We are also entering a new phase of the galactic rotation.

My point is there are some many possible culprits to climate change It may be centuries until we discover why. what we can do is change the things we can change and hope for the best

Michael Sleepingfox Wood 6 years ago

I have found the first posting of the Inuit sun shift was Oct. 2010, Five months before the Japan Earth quake, But NASA has to blame it on something as they have NO answers

Melissa Hahn (@Michael Sleepingfox Wood) 6 years ago

I imagine the Inuit people don't garden too much, but do you happen to know if any changes to traditional moon gardening have happened in response to this?

TJLibertybelle 6 years ago

I live in Florida. I've been saying the sky is different - light doesn't fall the same, sun seems too bring - to all my friends and family since I noticed last year. Maybe they thought I was nuts but I read this to a few of them so I feel somewhat validated. I wonder how this impacts crop growth.

jchill (@TJLibertybelle) 6 years ago

yes it changed didn't the us chang things with the daylightsaving time??? and yes the sky is going to be different if youre looking at different times. now i notice bigger more frequent quakes and such, nepal is a recent one, me just going out on a limb and with magnetics and such like our magnetic shield protecting us from solar flairs and storm, if our north and south poles turn 90 degrees then if our north and south alternate pole (like a rotor on a generator, perhaps) how will it efect the magnetic and electrics if our north and south alternate along the solar systems aligned magnetic/gravitational axis. in a generator it increase electricity and electricity increases magnetic fields, so i feel it is natural the earth is correcting or adapting to its environment. but we'd better be prepared right??

todd (@TJLibertybelle) 6 years ago

I too have seen this occurring..i am an avid sunset watcher..over the last year exp I noticed a sharp shift in its setting on the horivon..I too have told my family and they look at me like I am nuts..but I estimate atleast a 10 degree shift from its historic setting position

Eric Lipps (@TJLibertybelle) 6 years ago

The different lighting can be explained by changes in humidity and perhaps atmospheric density (warmer air is less dense) due to global warming. There's no need to bring in some drastic change in the planet's axis.

KirstieM (@Eric Lipps) 6 years ago

Pole shift is happening regardless of if you choose to acknowledge it or not also I imagine they are not just basing it on weather but the stars and constellations etc

owen 6 years ago

... all i can say with certainty Matthew as that we know next to nothing ... when the first tribal peoples of the world discovered a straight stick, it was hailed as a technological advance ... they wondered at how they lived without the straight stick and pitied the generation that came before them as they did not have all the advantages afforded those with a straight stick (they said their understandings were primitive and now there was a straight stick, we know the truth) ... and now your words sing the same song (albeit to a different beat).

Matthew, your assertions are those of a young man ... look into history ... open your mind to the possibility that we know very little ... listen to elders like Rupert Sheldrake challenge the fundamentals of our scientific "knowledge" ... you will learn some humility and if you are open to the journey, you may begin to understand that we understand very little indeed.

ishan (@owen) 6 years ago

That's the truth right there.we have thought ourselves everything we know and we still only have theories of how we came to be.who are we mortals to fathom the greatness of the universe,every prediction and calculation will mean sh.t.there will be no memory of this.nothing.your only purpose is to enjoy paradise.

watcherofolde 6 years ago

Don't be so quick to blow off the comments of the Inuit. Not only does that make you sound arrogant,it says you unwilling to listen to different points of view. (as are most of the fossil-fuel obsessed)

Matthew Horns 6 years ago

Seems that a few of people with no education in geology or astronomy believe that they know more than the Heavens and Earth than scientists because they have seen a few sunsets. Sure, Earth's rotartionaol axis has shifted a few feet recently but that is no where near what can be observed. It is only meaured by sophisticated technology, something that many od these posts discount.

It is true that Earth's magnetic poles are migrating significantly, as many as several kilometers per year. What we deem north, south, east, and west, however, is completely arbitrary and when the poles reverse there will be no changes in our arbitrary designations.

Way too many people read a bogus website about unsubstantiated whacky claims and all of a sudden believe that they know more than scientists. It makes me sad.

Mlebron (@Matthew Horns) 6 years ago

Tell that to the Maya's or Egiptians!

robert 6 years ago

our star constellation is coming out of winter and were going into summer it happens every 10,000 years just as the same as our universe goes through spring ,summer,fall and winter but a bigger event

mel 6 years ago

Being Sugpiaq from Alaska ..... i see they got ''About the Inuit and Eskimo people'' wrong again....must be using old books and misconceptions from the 1940's and 50's

Dano 6 years ago

Wow, some of the writers here will cling to anything - no matter how ludicrous - to pretend fossil fuel emissions aren't changing the climate.



Rep (@Dano) 6 years ago

You are Correct! Axis shift has been due to the severe 8.+ EQs we've had over the last decade!

Kevin Mark Bauer 6 years ago

Our Star is headed for a Solar Shutdown, i.e. few Sun Spots and weakened Flare output. Our geomagnetic Poles are in the process of a complete flip,i.e., North will become South and South,North,when the flip is finished on Earth,the Sun will rise in the West. Until the Solar shut down and Magnetic Flips are finished,the World will witness extreme climate changes going from heat to Cold Temperatures,from flooding to drought and an increase in Weather Event strength. More powerful Cyclones,Hurricanes,Tornadoes,etc. and this will culminate into an Ice Age that will happen in my Lifetime ( I'm 50 ) and can last from decades to Eons.
Peace Y

Barnaby Arreak 6 years ago

before my grandfather passed away, he told me he watched the North Star move then we heard the story of Tsunami and the changes afterwards like the magnetic north plus the setting of the sun.

Marian (@Barnaby Arreak) 6 years ago


mikhail 6 years ago

I have noticed the same on our farm. I am 60 years old and have no doubt this has happened. Sun is setting many degrees from where it did when I was a child. Family been here since 1759.

C Hoffman (@mikhail) 6 years ago

Mikhail, I too, have noticed the sun setting many (I guess 5-10) degrees south from where it used to prior to 2012. I live between Albuquerque and Santa Fe and to the west are large mesas and north of them are mountains which I use to mark sunset on the summer solstice - that's how I know I'm not mistaken. Too, the Pleides star group used to disappear every October and return in spring which is how the ancients knew it was time to plant. Starting in 2013, the Pleides no longer went away during the winter.

ustaz 6 years ago

The Apoplyptic profecy proclaim that at the very end the Sun will rise from the west,, it seems that it has just started that process.

Tyson 6 years ago

I'm ink by the way.the axis of the earth has a lot to do with out weather. Is it our fault you want to make money out of global warming. Not . Is it our fault you want to put the blame on humans. Also no. I'd it out fault you can't see past the color of our skin . Absolutely no, the winds exist because of the space outside of earth. Because the sun is strong enough to move the air that's around us. Look past our skin and head the warning

Henning 6 years ago

??? Every day between the artic circles begins and ends in darkness.

How continental drift is figured as caused by global warming/climate change, I'm failing to see the connection that direction. The causes of continental drift like volcanic ridges, no they most certainly contribute, especially to heating the oceans, since most of the volcanic activity on the planet is deep undersea.

Captjoei 6 years ago

I figure one volcanic eruption releases more into the air than the entire human species ever has! Just sayin...

Phyll 6 years ago

The Changes of the Energies is what has occurred, we are now residing in the higher lighter energies. Climate changes, these unusual weather patterns all over the world are warmer where once was cold and vice-versa.

For thousands of years earth had been in lower heavy densed energies, the Maya Calendar was able to predict each cycled year what would happen to earth until Dec 12-21-2012, it stopped predicting there. Why?

Twenty years or so earth began clearing out these the lower energies and releasing them, when that happened the higher lighter energies from the higher realm began flowing in by way of our sun.

Dec 12-21-2012 is a portal that we souls/humanity came through and left the old 3D world behind. The 3D structure that had held up that old world for all those thousands of years dissolved when we came through that portal. We souls/humanity sped up the evolution process and are still in this process as earth shifts the remnants of the old 3D energies out.

There are pockets of heavy densed energies that are still in process of being cleared out and released, that is..... "Much of the violence in the Middle East is very old, ancient energy that must be cleared and played out in order for Gaia to clear herself."

All places that are under heavy ice are going through this same process. And there is much more to come as we shift further into these higher lighter energies, higher vibrations and faster frequencies. All new changes with ourselves, earth and everything upon her.

Truthbetold (@Phyll) 6 years ago

Fascinating comment. Love is the ONLY VIBRATION that can clear thr denser energies!

Alex 6 years ago

Adonai you stand correct. Foot inserted into mouth.

wawa 6 years ago

Ever notice how few people comment about this subject and other related ones? Ignorance is bliss!

LarryCooper 6 years ago

So out of the 6 posts here 5 of you are idiots an therefore climate change deniers? I am giving Amanda the benefit of the doubt as she is simply suggesting that further testing is in order to disprove or prove the observations of the Inuit people.

Graham Miles 6 years ago

i believe that the inuit are correct in their findings. it's not the moon or the Sun changing positions its own planet rotating and shifting position in our solar system. the Inuits I've been watching these changes constantly for as long as they have lived here.the inuit people rely on what they see for their survival. just because they are Inuit does not mean that they are either stupid or wrong.they just based their opinion and findings on a long history of their existence.

Amanda 6 years ago

It's not because you observe something that you can explain it.
So if the Inuit Elders noticed the earth axis has shifted does not mean it is related to the weather change in their region, even if they think so.

Scott (@Amanda) 6 years ago

The north pole has been drifting towards the south, and moving south changes your climate. So the climate change there would be, in part, because of the continental drift the scientists have recorded over the last 100 years. Now this does not disprove climate change, so that may still be a factor. However, continental drift does explain why they are seeing the changes they are seeing.

Tyson (@Amanda) 6 years ago

So what your saying is. Just becAuse a sienctist observers his tests subject of something he comes to a conclusion means his findings are incorrect because he only observed right

Veteran LT.COL.PB.SARPESHKAR 6 years ago

i have been telling all and sundry since 8 years, that the axis of the earth to the plane of the Ecliptic has reduced and hence the global warming. I had asked the astronomical societies to measure this(I have no facility for measuring) and no one has bothered to do it,or reply

Alex 6 years ago

If the watchers showed real videos of scientists that new about climate change not human caused they would show you videos of John Casey or Pierce Corbyn. They will tell you to that the earth is going to be some real cold the next couple of decades.

Teo Blašković (@Alex) 6 years ago

andy 6 years ago

This "news" has been around for a number of years. It was part of pre 2012 hysteria build up.
They also "reported" the sun came up too early in Greenland after polar night..

katesisco 6 years ago

I suspect our sun, Sol, of a regular and cyclic reducing energy that heats the planetary core bodies. This has produced our past catastrophes and will produce the future ones.

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