How vertical farming can change the world

How vertical farming can change the world

If there weren’t any pesky practical limitations, what world-changing device would you invent? In the second installment of Babelgum and GOOD’s new Big Ideas competition, Columbia professor Dickson Despommier imagines filling New Yorks skyscrapers with farms.

Featured image and video Dickson Despommier


Patricia 3 years ago

Vertical is good, yes- IF you incorporate a grounding/earthing system of discharge which enables plants -like animals -and us- to throw off static and the ever-pervasive disturbance of stray electricity, radiations etc, which cause sub-optimal put it mildly. Vertical is good - IF you get away from that factory situation you describe-- that's alarming! The value in growing -as against manufacturing- food, is to build health, to appreciate where food comes from, to treat it preciously, eliminating wasteful living, getting reconnected to roots... A person needs to see the fruits of their labors -from making the soil. composting, sowing, tending, harvesting...celebrating! ...Have community projects that do that with vertical farming then I'm in! They already do it with rooftop farms! And if it can be done with non fossil fuel heating/lighting etc... Aquaponics aren't a healthy long-term solution if grown with synthetic fertilizers etc Monsantos and the gang will definitely get on it, if not already, so you have to beat them to a healthy alternative before they control the scene completely... BTW I believe people are working on vertical gardening already

Catomba 4 years ago

To Rev.joshua skirvin, Try using an aeration fabric pot, it helps the roots breath when it's too hot and drain with it's too wet, just goggle the name. Plant things that are native to your climate in Belize, they have already proven successful. There is a Youtube guy named John Kolher with growningyourgreens, he can help you grow your plants with his info. Good Luck and God Bless!

rev.joshua skirvin 4 years ago

It is a very good idea, but easier said than done. I am trying to grow food in pots out doors in Belize. The soil was bad thats why I brought in soil and put them in pots but the sun and ants killed my 1st several attempts and then heavy rains and no sun for a month at a time killed my 2nd and 3rd attempts. I now have shelter over them but the sun can't get through need to get a white awning. Also I now have put in my own 12v.LED grow lights run by my Gen. I think maybe Aquaponics might be a better way to go,we will see. Adonai

Paul 4 years ago

Life is good if Monsanto or DuPont don't have nothing to do with the seeds or chemical sprays. Big Corporations in general would be good to stay out of this idea.

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