Sri Lanka red rain mystery solved

Sri Lanka red rain mystery solved

Residents of Sevenagala and Indikolapelessa in the Moneragala District, area in the southeastern parts of the island, witnessed an unusual phenomenon on November 14/15, 2012. Rare showers of red rain fell for over 15 minutes in Sewanagala, Monaragala and Manampitiya and Polonnaruwa.

Initial report from a senior official from the Department of Meteorology said the red rain was not a natural phenomena and the reason could be some chemicals that had been released from the factories, getting mixed with the clouds. South bound winds could possibly carry pollen grains or spores to Sri Lanka from South India, but the wind was flowing in a different direction.

Furthermore, attributing the color to chemical pollution would not be a satisfactory explanation, as Sri Lanka does not have much in the way of chemical factories according to Sri Lanka Department of Meteorology. It was possible to experience a similar phenomenon when a tornado passes low over a waterfall, taking up soil particles, which would later fall with the rain.

Residents collected red rain (Credit:

Some of the usual reasons for red rain are increase in the acidity of the air and sand material from dust storms. However, there are no sand storms in Sri Lanka. India had red rain last year in Kerala and most recently in June 2012, and Indian scientists discovered a variety of micro organisms as a reason for the red rains. Since the micro organisms had no DNA, they guessed it had to be a strange phenomenon.

Mystery solved

Medical Research Institute (MRI) Director Dr Anil Samaranayake was deployed by The Health Ministry Secretary to conduct a study to ascertain the reasons for red rain by taking water samples from Monaragala and Polonnaruwa. The Ministry of Health reported the red rain experienced in certain areas is due to the presence bacteria of the trachelomonas algae species. Medical Research Institute in Borella and Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology conducted laboratory tests which indicated that the change in the rainwater’s color was caused due to the presence bacteria of the ‘trachelomonas’ algae specie. 

Most commonly found within soil, the bacteria are said to diverse between red and green colors. Experiments carried out at the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLIN) proved conclusively that the cause for the unusual colour of the rain was the presence of a unicellular micro-organism belonging to Kingdom Protista, of the Phylum Euglenozoa, known as Trachelomonas. Trachelomonas was the main cause of reddish downpours in other regions of the world as well.

 “The testing, which has been done confirms the presence of living organisms in the water. It was observed that these organisms stopped all movement when exposed to light.” media spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MoH) W.M.D. Wanninayaka

An outer shell-like covering known as a Lorica is possessed by this organism, which can have a colour ranging from yellow to reddish-brown, depending on the concentration of the iron salts found within it.  The Medical Research Institute (MRI) said there was no health hazard for people from the red rain experienced in Manampitiya, Sevanagala and Indikolapelessa.

Red rain collected in coconut shell bucket (Credit:

According to Ministry of Health, the local phenomenon had no relationship whatsoever to the ‘red rain’ of Kerala which was very thick, almost blood like. The local red rain does not bear any resemblance to it in texture. Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of the Astrobiological Center at the Buckingham University, England said the recent phenomenon of red rain in Sri Lanka is reportedly similar to the red rain in Kerala in 2011 and 2009 which definitely had some cosmic connection. Director General of the , S.H. Kariyawasam, also said the ‘red rain’ witnessed in Sri Lanka most probably did not have the same origin as the Kerala rains, as the current direction of wind flow was towards the west.

‘Extraterrestrial origin’ theory

During testing of the ’red rain’ of Kerala, microscopic, spherical, cellular structures were noticed in the water, which were apparently lacking in DNA, a fact which has baffled scientists. This lack of DNA lead to the ‘extraterrestrial origin’ theory, formulated by scientists Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar, but no conclusive proof regarding their hypotheses have been obtained.

“We are not going to lean towards an ‘extraterrestrial origin’ theory regarding this rain. Additional tests of a biochemical nature are being done, and we hope to learn more from these tests.” media spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MoH) W.M.D. Wanninayaka

Incidents where water bodies all over the world have been turning red have been reported for some time now. While most of these occurrences, including the ‘red rain’ of Sri Lanka, have been given sufficient explanations by scientists, some isolated incidents remain a mystery. The DNA-less structures observed by them had allegedly displayed a number of remarkable characteristics, atypical of those displayed by any known micro-organisms. These properties had included the ability to replicate and multiply at extreme temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, and the ability to be cultured in unconventional substrate materials.

“As far as the Kerala red rain is concerned, there is a mysterious microorganism that has defied identification so far. We have not been able to convincingly extract any DNA from them and Prof Louis has maintained that there is no DNA, but it can multiply at very high temperatures under high pressure conditions. I think there are all the signs of an alien bug! The Kerala red rain was preceded by a sonic boom that was heard, probably indicating that a fragment of a comet exploded in the atmosphere and unleashed the red cells that became incorporated in rain. I suspect the same could be true of the Sri Lankan rain, but I would like to have samples to confirm this. I should also say that reports of red rain are found throughout history all the way back to biblical times. I think this could be more evidence for cometary panspermia theory.” Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, Director of the Astrobiological Center at the Buckingham University

Sources: Ceylon Today, Digatha News, OnLanka News, Adedarana,

Featured image credit: TheCelestialConvergence


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Quixin 5 years ago

1) The independent observers among scientists are not buying the alien theory but geo-engineering. Why? Fake ice had been found in US during ice fall. Google 'fake snow'.

California freak weather was geo-engineered for land grab. Google 'California freak dry spell land grab'.

2) The DUMFOUNDING nature of the 'red matter' in the 'red rain' indicates, not alien sources, but covert bio-engineering unknown to mainstream curriculum science.

3) Because something of this sort - red rain - had been reported in the past DOES NOT INDICATE that red rain is sort of 'natural'.

Earthquakes are natural but geo-engineering can create massive earthquakes and hundreds of after-quake tremors per minute.

Rain is natural but hei-engineering can create catastrophic rain.

The covert geo-engineering team is working for the Invisible World government to create a turning point for world order -- "End Times" scenario. And point this to the Return of The Savior.

China PRC assistance to Sri Lanka is envied by this Invisible Government. Thus, this is one of their punishments.

The Invisible Government funded the Tamil Tigers to prolong a war for Sri Lanka in order to bring this nation to its knees. Thank goodness China PRC came along.

The Invisible Government is behind the New World Order and it seeks to destroy certain religions (Buddhism being one of these) for a One religion which will be modeled after Christianity.

Thomas Boston 5 years ago

hello I just wanted to add my two cents worth of research theory
if we are asking the question about aliens and weather red rain is related
recently there were massive craters found in Siberia I believe someone fired a laser at the earth and the red rain is a catalyst organism for the modification of the food chain so that aliens can have some food when they arrive think about it the space ships we see are there advance forces and special forces the holes the red rain now put them all together then take a step back
and you should come to the conclusion that we are So screwed

Judy Butler 6 years ago

I'd like to know why NASA has no interest in other scientist ideas about the red rain. Why is it that we hear only from foreign countries. Do they already know? Why is it that we hear about these things not on CNN but on a channel that not everyone watches.? News channels aren't worth a dam. Give me the Enquirer. They're. What about 6 months to a year ahead of the prime news. What has happened to our investigation reporting. It turn into a cookie cutter science.


Few Scientists are trying to spread Science Fiction on Red rain

Red rain have been noticed in several parts of the world since 1818. In the Kerala, red rain occurred widely in 2001- 2002 in the Kollam, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Kannur , Ernakulam districts etc and in isolated areas in 2011. The findings by several other scientists which came to the conclusion that algae, lichens, pollen grains, sand storm, extra terrestrial particles etc were the causative agents of red rains. Though these agents have been found on the earth for centuries red rain has not occur always. Recently a group of scientists postulated that algal spores of algae ( Trentipohlia annulata ) dispersed to Kerala From European countries. This is poorly unscientific and baseless since such dispersal to only Kerala is imaginary. In the European countries Trentipohlia annulata is very common. But red rain has not been reported in every year. The carotenoids present in Trentipohlia such as ε-carotene, , carotene-2-ol, , ε-carotene-2-ol, , -carotene-2, 2'-diol, 5,6-epoxy-5,6-dihydro , carotene-2-ol, 5,6-epoxy-5,6-dihydro , ε-carotene-2-ol and 5,6,5',6'-diepoxy-5,6,5',6'-tetrahydro- , -carotene-2,2'-diol will not impart red colour to rain water widely.
In Trentipohlia Carotene decomposition occur only in older cells giving rise to volatile hydrocarbons especially ionone. But will not impart red colour to the surrounding. In the spores of Trentipohlia no plant enzymes exist to break down carotenoids. Spores of this algae have extremely durable protective membrane . this can survive under extreme temperatures, dessication , chemical disinfectants etc. Carotenoids won’t diffuse through their hard wall . In this circumstances how these spores could impart red colour? Why these algae and spores from Europe only concentrated in Kerala and not in other states and countries???????
In my study in the red rain a large number of biocells ( which included algae, lichens, fungi, pollen grains, spores ) and various elements like carbon (5%), silicon ( 11%) , calcium (7%), sodium ( 9%) , potassium (6%), phosphorus (4%), nickel (2%), chromium -3 ( 3.5%), alumina ( 18%) , carbonic acid ( 8%), , organic matter (15%) were observed. There was a direct correlation between Red rain and geological phenomenon in Kerala and other countries. During the time of red rain geological phenomenon such as land slides, collapse of wells, earth quakes, etc were prevalent in Kerala. The biogases from under the earth’s crust get released in to the atmosphere due to natural hazards . Several ores like hexavalent chromium get discharged into the atmosphere along with these biogases. The chromium present in the red rain water diffuses in to the water and biocells, which in turn gives the red colour to the water and bio cells. In the red rain water samples both red bio cells and water had shown gradual color changes. If the natural biocells were the cause of the red rain, the color of red biocells and water would not have faded. The chemical color imparted by the hexavalent chromium would be faded due to photochemical reaction. During the emission of biogas from the earth’s crust, the biocells and other materials adhered to the plants and substratum were also released into the atmosphere. This was the reason for the high density of biocells in the red rain water. The different colors of water corresponded to the different types of ores present in the medium. During the time of red rain water waves and color changes were also noticed in the wells in Kerala. Will algae and spores diffuse from Europe in to the wells of Kerala ???????? How extra terrestrial organisms could survive in the stratosphere and impart red color????????

Dr. Sainudeen pattazhy
Mob- 9447243002

Yve (@DR.SAINUDEEN PATTAZHY) 5 years ago

So what in your opinion do you think it is? Has it effected any of the plant life or crops in Kerala? Has anyone gotten sick from the water?

sharan pal singh 6 years ago

might be alien!!

johnnyl1111 6 years ago


midouxmen 6 years ago

In Coran Sahih International
(So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood as distinct signs, but they were arrogant and were a criminal people.)

sulaiman 7 years ago

protistans especially eugienoids why are often seen in unsolved mystries?

john dutzy 7 years ago

The red rain and a link to the resent Ebola outbreak.
Has anyone taken a look at that?

laura coblyn 7 years ago

australia,bondi had red ocean, china too, it seems to be happening all over the world,also found corolation between comets and plaques.look up Crowded skies,the cyclical threat to earth,comets and fireballs.

jeff anderson 7 years ago

I think I heard it it was radioactive could it be contaminated algie from the Japan nuclear reactor

Rina Ralls 7 years ago

The boom and lightning flash are trademarks of HAARP. The rainwater is red because it contains proteins; specifically red platelets.

Snowman 7 years ago

The mystery in NOT solved. The algae was proved to NOT be the origin of the red rain. DNA has been shown to exist in the cells but still does not explain the origin. "The results presented here do not make the origin of the red rain cells of Kerala any clearer, but do clearly indicate the presence of DNA, and offer an explanation for the negative staining results reported by Louis & Kumar (2006)."

anniee 7 years ago

In my point of view, the cause of red rain is that meteore explosion which was heard before red rain and some of its particles were also found in a farm nearby. With one of the experiment done by Srilankan scientist, the creature found in red rain somehow resembles the creature found inside the meteore and as it is from space , so it can live on high temperature and pressure and can lack DNA.....

laura coblyn (@anniee) 7 years ago

your right, most plaquas also happen after a comet.1599 a comet struck a tavern in england made a hole, particals caused a mutation[bubonic pathogen.] lots of cases of this through our history.

aliina 7 years ago

wat is dis

jimbob 8 years ago

DNA unmasked in the red rain cells of Kerala.

Ian 8 years ago

Hey lets drop dome cancer cells into the came culture as "red rain" and see what happens!

Ian (@Ian) 8 years ago

Yikes! Excuse the typos though!

Steve 8 years ago

Conspiracy Theory. Aliens send Bacteria on meteorite to poison earths water supply , or to terra form the earth over time through evolutionary tactics . Quite simple many meteorites strike the earth every year no one would suspect and they hit all over the world so maximum exposure . A bacteria that can exist in extreme temperatures pops out of nowhere when the earth is heating more and more every decade . Great story , you know unless its true and we are all doomed .

Nilvio Aquino 8 years ago

The main paradox here is that we have something that shows signs of life (reproduccion-movement) yet it lacks DNA which is our standard for information of reproduccion. Maybe we should abandon the arrogant exclusivity of thinking that life, as we know it, is the only form of life around here.

Karina Oliani (@Nilvio Aquino) 8 years ago

Totally agree! It's too much arrogance indeed to believe we are the only ones in the enire universe

Tiff (@Nilvio Aquino) 8 years ago

The main issue is that this substance was indeed found to have dna. Professor Wickramasinghe and his team did not use proper techniques. The following science journal article details the dna findings in the red rain. that being said, i do believe it is naive to think that we are the only life in the universe, or that we are necessarily the origin. this particular professor, however, has been quick to attribute many things to extraterrestrial origin.

carolyn 8 years ago

As a watcher, I follow predictions as well as earth news and match the two. Red rain is happening all over the globe but this is the first time it's called alien. There is an end time prophecy speaking of exactly this scenario. In the book of Revelation it predicts an asteroid will fall into earths waters and kill an entire third of mankind. Scientist said this could infect humans on the documentary.

Todd 8 years ago

Also what kind of Algea has outer layers of the cells are high in uranium. You want the real truth then go to the doctors website itself.

Audrey (@Todd) 8 years ago

I agree. This organism is definitely not from this planet. It should be a no brainer that life exists elsewhere. If there's ever a rain like that in my area, I hope they're coated in gold instead of uranium.

Todd 8 years ago

Odd that one of our learning channels on television on Dec. 23rd 2013 said that they ruled out an algae species. Yet you claim here it is solved. Seems to me this could actually be a new species of life and like everything else if it is they are covering it up like they do everything else.

mike 8 years ago

maybe its the missing link,radioactive cells that reproduce at 300 degrees and have no DNA. that would account for all the brain dead morons that make up the human race here on planet cluster f..k

tom 8 years ago

well i find this Red rain very interesting one.Both the case of Red rain in Kerela(india) and Sri lanka seems different .the scientist didnt found any DNA in rain water found in Kerela. But in Sri lanka it is said to be an algae. Earlier it was Acid rain n now its Red rain.

ricco 8 years ago

There is reference to a sonic boom prior to one red rain incident, and another reference to the algae and iron. Rather than a comet, I'd guess that we saw some lumpy (denser) solar wind. I can't find a link, but I read somewhere that ejected solar plasma was about one percent iron. So some iron dust showing up wouldn't be too surprising. I suspect that solar wind from coronal holes has more content from deeper or below the photosphere causing it to give us denser dust, maybe even bolides, than is likely from most CMEs. Additionally the energy burst from a flare, or high energy particles, might break down something like methane providing other substances that might help algae grow in the clouds/rain. It's pretty amazing that algae is both up there and apparently gets the substances needed to grow. I wonder if it is ever toxic to animals. If so, that might help explain some rare incidents.

JJ 8 years ago

It looks nothing like blood! Why do people keep saying it looks like blood? It looks more like rust water!

marc (@JJ) 7 years ago

wrong looks nothing like rust watch documentary before commenting

joshua jefferys 8 years ago

Evaporated water in the air can not reform in to droplets(rain)untill it comes into contact with a condensation nuculie (dust particals),then water vapor condenses on them to form droplets of rain and once they become to heavy they fall to the ground bring the dust with it.So the ignorant fool whom said that rain drops are like purified water really needs to stop tying to spread stupidity and crack a book before they crack thier mouth. Please pardon any spelling errors,I'm in a hurry and have parkinsons so please look past that and consider the facts,the real ones.

eli 8 years ago

At first i thought it could have been the red algae from a red tide per hap's but now I'm not sure.

Cherokee 8 years ago

That no DNA red water thing, is that stuff safe to drink? Seriously, its a very important question!

Chris (@Cherokee) 8 years ago

Different chemistry. It is very exciting. Considering the stuff the pharmaceutical companies are feeding us, and companies like Monsanto, it couldn't be much worse. But the interesting thing is, are we seeing our first real competition in the universe, we need to recognize our envelope and make sure that environment fights our battles for us. The new cells don't deal well with our temperature range. We need to find more sustainable ways of making sure our envelope doesn't collapse. We end up with our replacements seated at the door waiting for us to fail.

sidharth rajan 8 years ago

it could be product of some reactions

vangie 8 years ago

So I'm not sure I believe the newer reports that all is well..Hmmmm lot of previous test shored no ens. BTW chapter 16,Revelations in the Bible says that the @nd angel poured out his second bowl and all the water in the ocean turned to blood and the rivers and lakes turned to blood.... hmmmm

JJ (@vangie) 8 years ago

Looks nothing like blood! Don't you think when rev 16 happens it will LOOK like blood not rust water?

Marc (@JJ) 7 years ago

can you please leave your god out of this

Kaver 8 years ago

I agree with @joe... how does a Bacteria get into Rain Clouds.. when rain is pure evaporated water... :/ anything similar to acid rain I suppose?

bill harris (@Kaver) 8 years ago

Bacteria are incredibly tiny. There are about 1 million of them in 1 millitre of water (three hundredths of an ounce). Therefore, they have absolutely no problem in riding even the tiniest moisture droplets into the sky, where clouds are formed.

Antoine 8 years ago

I also saw this on unexplained files . What has if anything been affected by these different colored rains . ie , people, plantes and animals . In these places that have had the red , yellow ,and green rain , did they have the mystirious cells in it as well ?.I want to know . the world needs to know more about this phenomenon.

marc (@Antoine) 7 years ago

I remember they said something about high levels of uranium and could cause kidny failure and cancers including death. Reminds me of that movie evolution you know the movie were they shoot head and shoulders into the cornhole of that giant alien

Kk 8 years ago

Saw this on The Unexplained Files.btw is awesome

himanshu 8 years ago

what i'm thinking is in small samples collected by scientist the mystrious cells are growing even in hostile condition. but it rained red for quite a long time so all the remainig red cell which were left in the atmosphere are still growing somewhere???? which mean in due time they may evolve into a new species or allien species without DNA???????

marc (@himanshu) 7 years ago

right on I think thats a sound theroy what better way to take over our world than release a bug to do the hard part of cleaning out the human race to populate there own. Without a war and have no allied losses

Chris 8 years ago

I want to know what will happen if you combine it with human or animal DNA.

Sandeep hubble 8 years ago

i want to know more biologically

Dennis 8 years ago

We have no life forms that are known to us by DNA that have no tiene

Reem 8 years ago

Not to put a damper on any of the theories, but I've just watched a show on NAT GEO Wild and they did find DNA (eventually) in the red cellular structure in the red rain in Kerala..

pollyann 8 years ago

The most fascinating part about this rain is they found the microscopic, spherical, cellular structures in the water to not have DNA, they can replicate and multiply under extreme temps. and be cultured in unconventional substrate materials!! I'd be wanting to see if any effects become apparent in the flora, fauna and human populations.

Chinthaka from Sri lanka 9 years ago

After the initial incidences reported in this news, we got Red rains in many parts of the Island. Then, in mid December Yellow and orange colored water fallen from the sky , again in many remote areas. The latest is bright Green colored rain fallen in 3 places in late December ( last week of December) .

OhMyGod (@Chinthaka from Sri lanka) 7 years ago

That is horrible, just horrible!! I believe the whole Earth & the Human Race are being seriously poisoned & DNA altered for some evil montrosity.. ......I hope Doctors & Scientists & concerned Citizens will stay on this & light it up like a firecracker!!

caren 9 years ago

i have seen this red rain,my fish pond turned red,bird bath etc but it affected the drinking water and left a red ring in the toilet this carried on for a couple of weeks we live at the bottem of our earth not far from the south pole invercargill, new zealand

Kasunjith 9 years ago

El Mundo Gira (12-01-1997) THis is an X FILES about a yellow rain

Paul 9 years ago

It is obviously not a common phenomenon, but there are records of red rain throughout history, for various reasons, although the exact process through which these events occur is not documented as far as I know.

TNO 9 years ago

What is happening with the website? I can't logon except through an article....

Teo Blašković (@TNO) 9 years ago

Clear your browser cache please.

Manjula 9 years ago

Hi Joe, The answer to your question is already in your question, i.e., "....until it picks up airborne materials...". The red coloured "air bourne materials" were picked up this time, by the evaporated moisture, and it came down as "rain". Simple as that. There is no limitation to the colour or type of this "airborne materials". It can be anything. Most common thing is dust but it is not limited to just that. Dust also has a lot of bacteria anyway, since they do not have a strong colour we don't notice it.

Cris (@Manjula) 8 years ago

But, your theory does not hold water, as the water in question does not hold any "dust" as thay have mentioned.

Joe 9 years ago

What is rain? I always thought that it comes from evaporation of the fresh or sea-water,i.e. distilled Water until it picks up airborne materials. So how does a Bacteria get into Rain Clouds? I don't like to sound like a conspiracy Theorist,but somehow I don't believe what is being said or printed.

Chris (@Joe) 8 years ago

Wind is a great disburser of particles, which includes bacteria, skin cells, debris of all kinds. But fires and the burning of the forests and the internal combustion engine are great lifters of particulate matter into the atmosphere. But the cells found in the red rain in India back in 2001, had cells in it. Very special cells, that reproduce poorly at this environment, but it reproduces well at 300 degrees Centigrade, a temperature where DNA packs up and goes home. Most proteins are well done steak at temperatures less than that. Strangely, panspermia has a little joke that it hit the wrong planet. It would do well on Venus, but here it has seeded earth in hopes that we further destroy ourselves and turn the earth into a run-away greenhouse and drive the temperature into their realm. Funny thing is, if we get too close to that level, it is a slippery slope. We can get the atmosphere to start trip-wiring into Greenhouse generation and can't be stopped.

laura coblyn (@Chris) 7 years ago

Look up Crowded skies, the cyclical threat to earth. [comets] fireball sightings increased 2005-466 ,2011-1629. Dis-evil means red- star.

Avrillé (@Joe) 9 years ago

Do your own research.

marc (@Avrillé) 7 years ago

all research stems from others we all stand on others shoulders.

George (@Avrillé) 9 years ago

More iron oxide from Plant X.

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