Government of Japan ignored U.S. radiation monitoring data in days after 3/11


Even as thousands of residents pondered the implications of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Prefecture last year, Japanese government officials took little notice of up-to-the-minute high radiation measurements provided by the U.S. Energy Department. A Japanese minister apologised Tuesday for the nation’s failure to make use of a United States-made map showing how radiation was spreading from crippled reactors in the days after the Fukushima crisis. Tokyo admitted that confusion among government departments meant the map was never used and evacuees were not directed away from areas where radiation from the leaking nuclear plant was spiking. US military aircraft collected radiation data in areas around the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which was hit by the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, sending three reactors into meltdown.

“It is extremely regrettable that (the information) was not used by the government. I apologise to the people who were affected.” Industry Minister Yukio Edano

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The survey was conducted from March 17 to 19 for the US Department of Energy. It showed that radioactive fallout was concentrated in areas northwest of the plant. It was passed to the Japanese government, which did not have full knowledge of what was happening with the plant and had failed to inform people living in the area which direction they should head to avoid the fallout. The map was shared with the Japanese foreign ministry, which forwarded it to the nuclear and industrial safety agency and the science ministry. But it was never sent to the prime minister’s office, which did not advise people to avoid the high risk areas shown on the map.

Although no one is “officially” recorded as having died as a direct result of the radiation, it forced tens of thousands of people from their homes, with many still unable to return.

Scientists say contamination has made some areas around the plant unfit for farming and fishing for many decades to come. Japan, which at the weekend decided to restart two idled nuclear reactors after the last of its 50 working reactors was shut down in early May, will spend the next four decades demolishing the wrecked Fukushima plant.

Source: Asahi Shimbun, Japan Times

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  1. The IAEA frequently publishes latest reports provided by TEPCO on the response measurements. Due to the March 2012 report, the water ( pumped through with the new installed provisional cooling cycle) at the inlet into the three reactor has around 50 ° Celsius. In reactor 1 and three the water comes out with the same temperature. In Reactor 3 the cooling water EVEN COOLS down for some degrees when passing through the reactor vessel. LOL! The only explanation for this is, that the reactors are already empty, resp the fuel content has burned itself into the ground ! BUT: without damaging the upper part of the 60 cm strong steel hull of the reactor core, Also the video footage made with a inserted camera shows ALL radiation spitting up from one central point obvioulsy at the bootom of the core what likely is just a hole into the ground. Seems however to be better than if all that sh** would have emmited into the atmosphere. The US Nuclear safety commission however believed form the first day on that all reactors had a complete meltdown already soon after after all cooling had failed on 311. The NSC- of course very experienced with nuclear incidents ( harrisburg) sent immidiately a team to Japan. This team returned on March 18- die to their audio report at youtube – because of “disagreements with the local authorities.”
    Another TEPCO report says, there was a two or three phase short circuit ( lightbow )at the switchyard of Oginawa in 311 caused when the lines began to swing during the earthquake ( the quake needed some minutes to move from the epicenter to O.) It was unable to follow the instructions to stabilize these lines until another transformer fire visible in an area of 100 km occured on April 4. leaving Onigawa city and the nearby Japans nuclear reprocessing plant with just one of three supply lines . Most likely, onigawa also supplied Fukushima with processing electricity and sent an overvoltage on 311 by which all safety devices were destroyed. GReenpeace and docotrs without frontiere4s warned 20 years to eqipp nuclear plants witz overvoltage outcutters, last time in Forsmark/ Sweden . In F. just failed what must fail, if ot can fail.
    Next point: aftfer Harrisburg, nuclear reactors had to be equipped with automatic overpressure valves. But at least GE reactor 1 in F had NO overpressure valve, what just accelerated the MELTDOWN. Already 2 hours after the quake all three reactors were inaccessable – due to high radiation while no instruments worked and measures had to be taken from mobile cars.
    INfo warrior Alex Jones claims he has got informations that the explosion at reactor 3 either tore the core apart , however threw lots of fuel rods to the exterior. The Japonese knew nothing better than to cover that debris with earth and sand. Soon after- so alex Jones- that hospitals were overcrowded with people sick form radiation. HOW MANY DIED Japan just has with Mr Adano a good friend at the IAEA helping to cover up all that. IN a later report 2012 TEPCO says it has begun to stabilize the building of reactor 4, where the storage pool also harbors “unspent” nuclear fuel rods from reactor 4. Also there is a nearby general storage for fresh MOX elements.- Lets hope they at least DO NOT LIE , and success with that as just new strong earthquakes are expectable for Japan.

    The real risk and lesson was and is just not understood.Experts were warning for decades on the consequences of a nuclear meltdown. However, when it ONCE HAS occured, nothing can be done anymore, Japonese nevertheless tried( as noone knew what happens inside the reactor cores) to get something under control what was most likely went out of control ( melting into the ground) already on March 12- 13. We will see and the world has to experience yet, what happens next with that fuel the underground Noone knows ( maybe nothing more or forms out a critical PU mass as the Russian feared to c occure in Chernobyl, if the fuel is not removed or distributed on a wide area below the reactor ?)

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention: what they are cooling there with on pipe leading through all three reactors and after that through a chain of hundreds of decontimation tanks seem rather to be the spent fuel storage pools of all three reactors than the reactors ( those for 99 % chance are already empty by a total meltdown ) Their PR called that final meltdown in there now even ” cool shutdown!!” Of course, nobody could prevent that from happening after ( that was the only difference to harrisburg) all three emergency coolings systems had failed on 311. NRC reports of 311 mentions these storage pools and said their must be installed an immidiate colling form outside tom prevent the rost. Japonese never want to loose their face, but liars do.
      There is no video showing how reactor building nr 4 exploded, But it was likely a Circonium reaction forming hydrogen
      What I did not know ( and the japonese authorities obviously did not know either ) is that these spent fuel storgage pools need artificial cooling, If that fails (after pumps had been destroyed by an overvoltage) these SSFP will heat up in 40 hours to the boiling point of 100 ° C and its not known how much they will heat up, if the water runs out at all.- what it did several times)

      However the fairytale was ( and that was believed and told by the Japononese athorities for months) that these spent fuel pools might never exceed a temperature of about 50 degrees, if they are not cooled. I never hear before that these pools must be cooled and in times when “only” Uranium 235 was used this obvioulsy had been been correct. But since they mix up to 10 % weapon plutonium ( PU 239) into the already 5 % enriched 235 fuel rods of almost reactors in the world ( all reactor types those WERE designed to produce PU 239 ) NOW to reduce their immense PU stockpiles ( SALT treaty) they have spent fuel that might be able to produce more energy than the fresh one but that cannot be stored without steady cooling creating just another spiral to disaster. Here the “cat already runs behind its tail.”..You can t just get rid of the evil by another evil!

      PU 239 does not fission by low energy Neutrons but fissions only sporadically by high energetic neutrons ( “quick neutrons”)
      The only reactor type that really fissions the plutonium already when it is produced as transuran during the fission is the Heisenberg Heavy water ( Deuterium-) Reaktor. This reactor works already with natural not enriched uranium or with small percentages of PU 239 or even Thorium and other isotopes. All experiments done in canada ( Canada stole this patent from Germany after WW 2 and devoloped the technic further) have shown that this reactor is the only type that ( under given conditions such as the use of natural not enriched U 235 or similar contents of other I) simply CANNOT produce a MELTDOWN
      BUt it also does not produce Plutonium or Deutrium for nuclear weapons. THis of course was- as it seems- the only reason why none in the western world wanted this reactor type. ( until that “axe will fall on us” at it is just inevertable) CHina and other asian countries however have learned from that and China hruns ( beside some suggestable military reactors it likely has secretly ) only heavy water reactors it buys in Canada ( CANDU)

  2. Unfortunately, the nation of Japan is advanced technologically, but they are decades behind the United States in the compassion dept. They should know better than anyone about he effects of radiation. They are one of the few countries to experience it first hand. you can bet the people with money and political connections, got far away and left the poor ignorant farmers, the peasant class there without a care in the world.
    The United States seems to be moving the wrong direction culturally, we knowingly set back while our political leaders behave like spoiled children. No more sense of shame! No more sense of duty to the public at large. Moaning and complaining when the only thing that will save us is ACTION. WE ARE HEADED INTO THE LONG AWAITED NEW WORLD ORDER. It is no longer a conspiracy theory, IT IS CONSPIRACY FACT. If you used the computer for more than porno, you would see things for what the are.
    Your humanity, your very existence is being threatened and people are going about their business without a care in the world.

    1. Robert; We need to get nuclear energy banned permanently in the US and pressure the rest of the world to ban it also. We owe it to the future generations to have access to clean air, water, fisheries, farmlands, and nautral resources. We should also ban pesticides while we are at it. True many people are too ignorant or overburdened by life's miseries to fight the good fight but those of us who can should spearhead the battle to save literally the planet…for poor, rich , and everyone…or the future will hold us accountable and condemn us as perpetrators of killing life and making the planet uninhabitable for life. I'm fighting to get this dangerous contaminating technology banned…better less energy than lethal energy.

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