The future of medicine – reversing disease with vibrational medicine


Your voice can help you eliminate health problems!

Imagine non-invasive, non-toxic procedures that could regenerate nerve and muscle tissue, reverse Macular degeneration (traditionally thought to be “irreversible”) and eliminate back pain. This is NOT a fantasy – it’s happening right now with Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling techniques & technologies.

The old methods of modern medicine are being replaced

Sharry Edwards, the pioneer in Vocal Profiling says, “Breaking the sound barriers of disease, as a concept, likely conjures-up images that would be associated with a sci-fi flick but it is a substantiated fact that sound, under research conditions, has provided support in the re-establishment of nerves, reversal of diagnosed multiple sclerosis, release of back pain, stimulation of metabolism and rehabilitation of muscle trauma.” Everyone needs to learn about these protocols.

Rave reviews for sound based, vibrational medicine

Roman Chrucky, MD credited Sharry Edwards with helping his body reverse not only his heart condition but his prostate cancer as well. Larry Trivieri, a well-known author in the holistic healing world says, “the proprietary technologies that Edwards developed have the potential to revolutionize not only medicine, but also our understanding of whom and what we are as human beings. And, Sharry Edwards says, “we anticipate that our efforts will continue to move medicine forward as we nudge conventional medicine toward a more competent and compassionate future.”

Sound Health Solutions – How to End Sick Care

Sharry Edwards has provided the leading-edge research to show the frequencies of our voice can be used to create a holographic representation of health and wellness. Her research has caught the attention of large pharmaceutical houses, government agencies, alternative health providers and those who wish to create a better future.

Sharry would like us to imagine a future in which the individual frequency based biomarkers contained within the voice can be used to keep us and our world, healthy and emotionally balanced. Sharry’s intention is to demonstrate how the present system of health is akin to governmental tyranny and is both a tragedy and an opportunity for, We the people, to take charge of our own health using a new paradigm of “self health”.


Learn more on todays NaturalNews Talk Hour

 – Thursday, Mar. 1, 2012

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern / 2am UTC

This week’s guest: Sharry Edwards, the pioneer in Vocal Profiling using BioAcoustic Biology

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  1. Lol, Id rather risk assassination and speak the truth than to withhold knowledge the whole world could benefit from. I totally believe in this healing through vibrational medicine. I saw not to long ago that there are doctors in the United States who use the energy from the hands to heal the sick. Apparently it works.

  2. Royal Raymond Rife; the guy figured this out like 70 years ago. Can’t make money off this idea. Have to change economics, politics and the whole system before the world is allowed to acknowledge these things through the media monopoly. Keep spreading the word and you’ll just risk getting assassinated.
    Good luck though.

    1. Agreed, this is nothing new. Rife worked on this, Tesla did, Stubblefield, Rodin; its molecular resonance manipulation, it goes against how modern science/medicine thinks and therefore is often shunned… until profit is made.

          1. @ Adonai: I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. I wasn’t really trying to be funny (although I can see how it can be seen that way). I was curious about how that would apply to deaf people, since I know many deaf people. Would you think it have any effect on them even if they can’t hear the sounds? As far as I know, many deaf people can feel certain frequencies of vibrations, so I wonder if that would effect them any?

          2. absolutely it would affect deaf people. the vibrations put out via the voice box in humans has a direct impact on anything with structure or containing fluids. Try singing a loud note next to a glass of water, and you can see the water shivering in response. OUR cells are mostly water, and you can feel the response of that medium yourself if you get into the front seat of your closed car and sing a single note loudly. You get a distinct vibration in your body. Additionally, as you experiment with this more, you will come to feel which parts of your body respond to each kind of note you intone. Eventually, you can feel the response even with less volume.
            This science of healing method has been labeled “toning” among other terms, and works remarkably well, especially if you are doing your own tones. It may also explain why Ultrasound therapy works. Anyway, hearing has nothing to do with your cells responding to the vibrations of tones.

    1. slušaj vamo nanopače! kaj ti briješ, pa jebate žuna, gluhi moreju razmeti i bez vleha. Zakaj gluhi nemreju osetit vibraciju. Pa kaj ti moreš vibru čuti il ju ipak osetiš? Ni ti treba saki put vuha da čuješ, negdar moreš nekaj i kakti osetiti.. U biti vibracija bi trebala bir posebno osjetilo. Al’ meni se čini da ti nemaš sluha za ovu temu i da pod*ebavaš bezveze.

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