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New maps reveal unprecedented detail about Zealandia -- Earth's lost 8th continent

Researchers from GNS Science in New Zealand announced that they had mapped the shape and size of Zealandia-- the Earth's lost 8th continent, which is now sitting about 1 067 m (3 500 feet) under the South Pacific. "We've made these maps to provide an...

June 28, 2020

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Research voyage reveals formation of Earth's hidden continent Zealandia

Newly published evidence reveals that Earth's hidden continent Zealandia-- which stretches across 5 million km2 (2 million mi2) beneath the southwest Pacific Ocean-- was shaped by two tectonic events. First, it was ripped away from Australia and Antarctica and...

February 18, 2020

simplified map of earth tectonic plates and continents including zealandia

Scientists identify a new continent and name it Zealandia

Scientists have identified a new continent in the southwest Pacific Ocean recently, formerly a part of Gondwana, and named it Zealandia. Basically, from a well-reasoned geoscience perspective, Earth has well-established continents, but also an extra one, mostly...

February 17, 2017