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earth_between_SDO_and_Sun_ _March_20_2014

Moderately strong M1.7 solar flare, filament eruption - Earth directed Hyder flares possible

At 03:56 UTC today the Sun sent us its best equinox wishes with moderately strong M1.7 solar flare originating from Region 2010 (S15E27, Dac/beta). This was the largest event on the Sun in last 24 hours (by 12:30 UTC) and it was associated with a Type II

March 20, 2014


Three CMEs observed on western limb, one could be geoeffective

Magnetic filament eruption took place beyond the western limb, producing a halo or partial-halo CME on November 3. In fact, three CME clouds were ejected into space, with one appeared to have slight chance to become geoeffective. Minor solar wind stream from

November 04, 2012

John Nassr1_strip

Sunspots connected by sinuos filaments of magnetism

A line of sunspots stretching across the sun's northern hemisphere appears to be an independent sequence of dark cores. A telescope tuned to the red glow of solar hydrogen, however, reveals something different. The sunspots are connected by sinuous filaments of

November 29, 2011