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Satsuma Iojima volcano Kikai november 2 2019 f

Eruption at Satsuma-Iojima volcano, Kikai caldera, Japan

Satsuma-Iojima volcano (also known as Tokara-Iojima), Kyushu, Japan erupted at 08:35 UTC (17:35 JST) on November 2, 2019. This is the first eruption at this volcano since 2013. The volcano is a part of Kikai caldera, the source of one of the world's largest...

November 02, 2019


Pluming indicates new activity at Satsuma-Iojima volcano, Japan

A low level eruption is taking place at Satsuma-Iojima volcano, constructed on the NW margin of Kikai caldera, off the southern coast of Kyushu in Japan. Tokyo VAAC reported a thin plume reaching 8 km (27,000 ft) and extending west, on June 4, 2013. JMA (The

June 12, 2013