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Massive fish die-off along Glen Cove Creek, Long Island, NY

Another massive fish die-off has been spotted near the shores of Glen Cove Creek, Long Island, NY on November 30, 2015. Since this is not the first time such massive die-off was spotted near the Long Island's East End, environmentalists are calling the state to...

December 03, 2015


Millions of fish around the world are mysteriously dying... but why?

Millions upon millions of fish and sea creatures are dying around the world, but it's all very mysterious, as there does not appear to be much explanation for it, logical or otherwise.When more than six tons of fish died recently in Marina del Ray, it made headlines

June 12, 2014


Extreme drought to blame for mass fish-die offs across US?

More than half of the continental U.S. is experiencing extreme drought conditions. Hot temperatures and lack of rain are causing heating and drying up of rivers and streams and killing thousands of fish in the process. According to Division of Fisheries, the rivers'

August 10, 2012

dead sharks 422_rdax_676x505

Death of 15 sharks wash ashore in Manatee County remain mystery

Researchers are trying to figure out why sharks are washing ashore dead on Manatee County's beautiful beaches. Recently 15 dead sharks were found on the north ends of Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island. The species of sharks found were bonnetheads, blacknose and

April 23, 2011


Dead fish found on dam bank at Big Warrambool, Australia

An amount of European Carp fish in a dam at Big Warrambool alarmed the residents in Tuesday morning. There were thousands and thousands of dead fish on the water and line the banks metres deep.It is a mystery why they have all died, but a Lightning Ridge local

April 22, 2011