Proton flux rising after powerful farside eruption, S1 – Minor solar radiation storm

farside eruption 0629 utc february 12 2024

Proton flux started rapidly rising at 07:30 UTC on February 12, 2024, following what appears to be an eruption from the old Region 3575 – now traversing the farside of the Sun.

A Type IV Radio Emission was detected at 06:35 UTC, suggesting a major eruption took place on the Sun. This signature is typically associated with strong coronal mass ejection and solar radiation storms.

The source of the eruption is most likely old Active Region 3575 — the source of the major X3.3 solar flare on February 9.

S1 – Minor solar radiation storm threshold was reached at 08:05 UTC and the proton flux continues rising.

proton flux 0905utc february 12 2024

This event follows M6.5 solar flare at 03:48 UTC today from Region 3576.

The S2 – Moderate solar radiation storm that began at 18:15 UTC following the X3.3 flare on February 9, reached a peak flux of 187 pfu at 23:55 UTC on February 09, and ended at 03:55 UTC on February 11. Below S1 levels were observed since around 18:00 UTC yesterday.


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