Very bright fireball explodes over Sulawesi, Indonesia


A very bright fireball exploded over Sulawesi, Indonesia at around 14:20 UTC (21:20 WIB) on March 16, 2021, briefly turning night into day. 

Videos from the event show a bright fireball streaking across Pagimana District, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi.

A sonic boom was reported by residents of Gorontalo Province.

YouTube video

Featured image credit: Save Earth


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  1. The Empire of Fake Science will be in Hot Water in a very near Future…………………………….Definitely, the companion of the Sun is going to be observed very soon, because its impact on our planet is becoming abundantly obvious. It is fast approaching the inner part of the solar system. When it passes Jupiter, it will start reflecting the light of the Sun and then both, land and space telescopes will be able to observe it. However, if you are wondering why astronomers could not observe this celestial object until now, in spite of its size and measured influence, it is because brown dwarfs are in general very difficult to detect, since they emit almost no visible light. And keep in mind, that the first brown dwarf was discovered in 1995, although, the galaxy is teeming with them. Now, we can only see the initial impacts of the companion of the Sun, but as it gets nearer the impacts will increase enormously. Look at the Number of Fireballs and Near-Earth Objects in different parts of the world, just in the last two days.

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