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Magnetic pole reversal of the Sun 3 – 4 months away


As it does approximately every 11 years on a solar cycle, the Sun's magnetic field is now reversing. Measurements have confirmed that we are about 3 – 4 months away from complete magnetic field reversal when Sun's inner magnetic dynamo will re-organize itself. When that happens Sun's magnetic north pole, which is in the northern hemisphere now, will point south and south will point north. Though this reversal process of north and south magnetic pole is yet again proven to be asymmetrical, when they both flip we will officially be in Solar Maximum. How strong or weak it will be is another story.

Solar physicist Phil Scherrer, describes what happens: "The sun's polar magnetic fields weaken, go to zero, and then emerge again with the opposite polarity. This is a regular part of the solar cycle."

A reversal of the Sun's magnetic field is, literally, a big event. The domain of the sun's magnetic influence (also known as the "heliosphere") extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. Changes to the field's polarity ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space.

When solar physicists talk about solar field reversals, their conversation often centers on the "current sheet."  The current sheet is a sprawling surface jutting outward from the sun's equator where the sun's slowly-rotating magnetic field induces an electrical current.  The current itself is small, only one ten-billionth of an amp per square meter (0.0000000001 amps/m2), but there’s a lot of it: the amperage flows through a region 10,000 km thick and billions of kilometers wide. Electrically speaking, the entire heliosphere is organized around this enormous sheet.

During field reversals, the current sheet becomes very wavy. Scherrer likens the undulations to the seams on a baseball.  As Earth orbits the sun, we dip in and out of the current sheet. Transitions from one side to another can stir up stormy space weather around our planet.

During most of the solar cycle the current sheet is basically a tilted dipole with varying degrees of quadrupole distortion. Near solar maximum the dipole decays leaving a much more complicated structure. This picture shows the heliospheric current sheet as it might appear during the rising phase of the cycle, when the dipole and quadrupole components are balanced; at this point the neutral line at the base of the sheet resembles the seam on a baseball. Credit: Wilcox Solar Observatory

Cosmic rays are also affected. These are high-energy particles accelerated to nearly light speed by supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy.  Cosmic rays are a danger to astronauts and space probes, and some researchers say they might affect the cloudiness and climate of Earth. The current sheet acts as a barrier to cosmic rays, deflecting them as they attempt to penetrate the inner solar system. A wavy, crinkly sheet acts as a better shield against these energetic particles from deep space.

As the field reversal approaches, data from Stanford's Wilcox Solar Observatory show that the Sun's two hemispheres are out of synch. 

"The Sun's north pole has already changed sign, while the south pole is racing to catch up," says Scherrer. "Soon, however, both poles will be reversed, and the second half of Solar Max will be underway."

Source and featured image: NASA

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  1. ok I’ve really been following this. lets just say this happens in a period of six months how does it affect the moon and the tides if the sun affects or pole does it the moons .and there’s been a future map floating around the web
    where do I need to be if im in the usa .

  2. I have viewed soooo many maps that have been nothing but wrong to date. These "Forecasters" should apply for a local Weatherman's forecast position with some local Syndicated Media Outlets.

    "I say", IF you want to know the actual outcome, it will take someone, a GOOD Mathematician/Astrologist/Geologist/Computer Programmer, etc., with Common Sense to prepare a forecast based on:

    1. Global Warming Affects. Shits in Water
    Weigh due to Polar Cap melting.

    2. Earthquake activity – Natural. This affects
    the weight distribution of the Earth's
    Plates resulting in a certain amount
    of "balance" changes.

    3. Earthquake activity – Man Made. These
    changes affect the weight distribution of
    the Earth's Plates resulting in a certain
    amount of "balance" changes. Consider
    current deviations from "Fracking" by Oil
    Companies and proposed "Fracking" in
    targeted areas.

    4. Volcanic Activity. This also affects the
    Earth's weigh distribution/balance of added
    new Land Masses. [From an overabundance of
    condemned souls being spit out by Hell from
    within the Lake that Burneth with Fire &
    Brimstone! 🙁 ]

    5. Planetary Alignments. Combined with the
    above contributions of the Earth's changes.

    (Remember, Jesus is coming back to put a STOP to those who are DESTROYING both the Earth and Each Other! Hummmm….)

    Therefore, so much for strictly scientific assumptions without applying any Common Sense!


  3. jeanetteaugustine: The date of the last flip was 2/15, 2001. Our Juan De Fuca Plate had a megathrust quake on 2/28, 2001 near Seattle. I am wondering if there might be large ruptures in subduction zones after.

  4. oh we've been flippin andfoppin around for awhile. seems like all sorts of events all line up at once.
    are we going through a portal?
    Are we co-making another reality,
    The Kingdom of Heaven, the fifth dimension in Christ.
    We're all starchildren, that's for sure,
    I've been trying to find the date of the last reversal..?
    Please read Uranus in Aries on my blog and leadership abilities.
    thanks for all your contributions!


  5. The report says "oddly" "the sun's north pole has already changed signs"
    The sun's shield must now be oddly weakening or not working at all, as my basic knowledge on all matters to do with current is that you must have a positive and negative or opposite poles to have a current/action and re-action to maintain the sun's polarity shield in tact.
    The prediction of two to three months before the polarities change over and balance each other out is not good news for the planet earth.

  6. I agree with Paul above and a few Scientists that predict Global cooling,which can come on as quickly as our so called global warming whose wording got revised to earth weather changes.
    Never believed that mankind can influence Nature with his Pollutions only one Volcano will put out more CO2 and other Byproducts in just one eruption.
    Al Gore you had your buch of sheep brain believers its time for us to re educate them.

  7. I predicted this event several months ago in my book. The real danger here lies in the fact that we have also just passed through the plane of the Milky Way galaxy. As you will find out, galaxies also have magnetic polarity. The fact that both are happening coincidently does not bode well for those of us on Earth.

  8. sun's pole magnetic reversal will be achieved in about two or three months…hmmm…at this exact moment comet ison will approach the sun…nasa will never tell you that comets aren't dirty snow balls and that they electrically and magnetically interact with the sun…that makes ed dames predictions more and more likely…

  9. North Pole Temperatures Below Normal For 100 Consecutive Days maybe the sun pole reversal and less sunspots has something to do with it. Al gore give your 2007 Nobel Peace Prize back, and all the money you made off your Noble lie.

  10. What are the big possible to be happen to earth or possible effect on it when the magnetic field of the sun reversed? And How long can this thing happen?

  11. this is going to be either a good sign where cme events fade or pulse more and really screw us up.more worried about the polar shift effect happening on earth.

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