(Some) EXTINCTION IS (not necessarily) FOREVER: Carl Zimmer at TEDxDeExtinction

(Some) EXTINCTION IS (not necessarily) FOREVER: Carl Zimmer at TEDxDeExtinction

Carl Zimmer is the author of "Bringing Them Back to Life", the April 2013 cover story for National Geographic Magazine. He writes about evolution, biology, and medicine for National Geographic, The New York Times, and many other publications. He has written a dozen books, including Parasite Rex, Soul Made Flesh, and Evolution: Making Sense of Life, a textbook about evolution co-authored with biologist Doug Emlen.


To learn more about de-extinction, please visit Revive & Restore (the organizer of TEDxDeExtinction) here:

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solarwindspirit 5 years ago

frozen and cloned for sixteen years! wow, someone stole time. . .what a hoax you are

solarwindspirit 5 years ago

So dignified the talking head rationalizing intellectually bypassing innate common sense. .

solarwindspirit 5 years ago

Ok. . .why rationalize 'extinction' away? Is it an excuse to say oh, it's happened before, it's nothing. . ..all the while covering for the idiots actions who have caused the animals and oceans dying. . .oh by the way, in the mean time they act like good guys supporting media presentations of helping to save the whales from being hunted. Then again you got the same idiots making a dime on imprisoning the whales, dolphins and bulagu's of the ocean behind glass aquariums . . .like a side show. I mean really why deny that it is coexit, chemtrails, aliens, dumping in the ocean and a government sponsored program. . .of dumping tons of iron in the ocean to grow toxic weeds. . .but let's support BP Oil, Exxon and the list that goes on and on and on. . .while you actually 'support' and prop the 'it' up. But don't worry about extinction you tell the monkeys . . it all came from dinasours. . .Ted you're a hoax. . .and don't care what happens . .perhaps you'll be the next one of those in denial . . .'list'

Magnus Regnant 5 years ago

Oddly enough, the ultraversal diversity, infinitely presents in constant observable possibilities, the multiversal similarly situated, while in constant universal divergence...lol

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