Mughal Road closed as massive landslide hits Poonch District in Jammu and Kashmir

Officials have announced the closure of the Mughal road in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch district following a significant landslide on May 31, 2023. This recent event adds to the challenges faced by the region, as just last April, a landslide occurred near Rezin in the Ganderbal district, resulting in the blockage of the Srinagar-Sonamarg road.

The closure of the Mughal road has been implemented to ensure the safety of motorists and prevent any potential accidents or disruptions caused by the landslide. The massive scale of the landslide necessitated immediate action from authorities, who swiftly made the decision to suspend traffic along this vital route.

The Mughal road, an important transportation artery in Jammu and Kashmir, serves as a crucial link between various regions and facilitates trade and travel.

In recent years, Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a number of natural disasters, including landslides and road blockages, which have significantly impacted transportation networks. These incidents highlight the vulnerability of the region to such geological events and call for increased preparedness and mitigation strategies.

Featured image credit: Jkupdate (stillshot)

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