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alaska earthquake december 31 2018 f2

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits off the coast of Cold Bay, Alaska

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit off the coast of Cold Bay, Alaska at 02:35 UTC on December 31, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 26.9 km (18.4 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 40 km (24.8 miles). This earthquake...

December 31, 2018

cleveland volcano july 10 2018 f

Short-lived explosion at Cleveland volcano, ash to 5.2 km (17 000 feet), Alaska

A short-lived explosion was detected at Cleveland volcano early December 29, 2018. Ash cloud was reported rising up to 5.2 km (17 000 feet) above sea level. The Aviation Color Code remains Orange since December 12. Local seismic sensors recorded a short-lived...

December 29, 2018

veniaminof eruption november 21 2018 suomi npp

Significant increase in ash emissions at Veniaminof, Aviation Color Code Red, Alaska

Ash emissions at Veniaminof volcano increased significantly on November 21, 2018, forcing Alaska Volcano Observatory to raise the Aviation Color Code to Red and Volcano Alert Level to Warning. Veniaminof is generating a plume of ash up to 4.6 km (15 000 feet) above...

November 22, 2018

semisopochnoi island september 10 2018 esa sentinel 2 f

Eruptive events detected at Semisopochnoi, alerts raised to Orange/Watch, Alaska

Strong seismic tremor consistent with an eruption was recorded at Semisopochnoi volcano starting at 04:47 UTC (20:47 AKDT) on October 26, 2018. Satellite data through 05:00 UTC showed a small ash cloud at about 3.6 km (12 000 feet) above sea level, the Alaska...

October 28, 2018

veniaminof volcano 19 12 utc september 4 2018

Veniaminof volcano alert levels raised, the last eruption of this volcano took place in 2013, Alaska

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has raised the Aviation Color Code to Orange and the Volcano Alert Level to Watch for Veniaminof volcano at 21:29 UTC on September 4, 2018. The last known eruption of this volcano took place in 2013. The decision to raise alerts...

September 05, 2018

fox islands m6 0 earthquake august 25 2018 f

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hit Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska at 16:50 UTC (07:50 local time) on August 25, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 35.1 km (21.8 miles). EMSC is reporting M5.9 at a depth of 40 km (24.8...

August 25, 2018

andreanof islands alaska m6 3 august 23 2018 f

Strong M6.3 earthquake hits near Tanaga Volcano, Alaska

A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.3 hit near Tanaga Volcano, Andreanof Islands, Alaska at 03:56 UTC on August 23, 2018 (18:35 local time, August 22). The agency is reporting a depth of 43.9 km (27.3 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.3 at a depth of 60 km...

August 23, 2018

andreanof islands earthquake august 15 2018

Strong and shallow M6.6 earthquake hits Andreanof Islands, Alaska

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.6 hit the Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska at 21:57 UTC on August 15, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 31.6 km (19.6 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.6 at a depth of 40 km (24.8 miles)....

August 15, 2018

alaska earthquakes august 12 and 13 2018 f

Earthquakes continue after strongest-ever quake hits North Slope, Alaska

The USGS recorded more than 270 earthquakes in Alaska's North Slope on Sunday, August 12 and Monday, August 13, 2018, including M6.4, the most powerful earthquake ever to hit the region. The previous most powerful quake in the North Slope was M5.2 registered in...

August 13, 2018

m6 4 northern alaska earthquake august 12 2018

Strong and shallow M6.0 earthquake hits northern Alaska, 60th earthquake since 02:14 UTC

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit northern Alaska at 21:15 UTC (13:15 UTC) on August 12, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 0.1 km (0.06 miles). EMSC is reporting Mw6.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The epicenter was located...

August 12, 2018

alaska m6 5 earthquake august 12 2018 f

Strong and shallow M6.4 earthquake hits northern Alaska

A strong and very shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.4 hit northern Alaska at 14:58 UTC (06:58 local time) on August 12, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 9.9 km (6.1 miles). This earthquake can have a low humanitarian impact based on the...

August 12, 2018

alaska earthquake july 19 2018

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits near Chernabura Island, Alaska

A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit near Chernabura Island, Alaska at 14:16 UTC on July 17, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 17.1 km (10.6 miles). EMSC is reporting Mw5.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). This earthquake is...

July 19, 2018

june snow alaska 2018

June snow in Alaska, Fairbanks temperature drops to coldest so late in the season since 1960

Parts of Alaska experienced yet another round of June snow this week. The temperature in Fairbanks, the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska, dropped to 2.2 °C (36 °F) on June 12, its coldest temperature so late in the season since 1960. Winter...

June 14, 2018

cleveland volcano alaska

Moderate eruption detected at Cleveland volcano, Alaska

A moderate, 2-minute-long eruption occurred at Cleveland volcano, Alaska beginning at 01:47 UTC on September 26, 2017. The explosion was detected by seismic and infrasound (air pressure) sensors, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said 02:15 UTC today, adding that...

September 26, 2017

bogoslof may 2017

Powerful eruption at Bogoslof: ash to 10.4 km (34 000 ft), Aviation Color Code Red

A powerful explosive eruption started at Bogoslof volcano, Alaska at 06:32 UTC on May 17, 2017, and lasted approximately 73 minutes. The Aviation Color Code was raised from Orange to Red. This is the first major eruption at Bogoslof volcano since March 8, 2017. A...

May 17, 2017

bogoslov volcano as seen on january 31 2017

Significant explosive eruption at Bogoslof volcano, Alaska

A significant explosive eruption began at Bogoslof volcano at about 16:24 UTC on February 13, 2017. The eruption is indicated in seismic data, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said. Although at this time there has been no lightning detected, nor satellite images...

February 13, 2017

bogoslof eruption terra modis january 18 2017

Bogoslof ejects ash more than 9.5 km (31 000 feet) a.s.l., Alaska

Alaskan Bogoslof volcano erupted again at about 22:20 UTC on January 18, 2017, following an approximately 20-minute-long increase in seismic activity. The cloud it ejected is presumably more ash-rich than others in current eruptive sequence. Alaska Volcano...

January 19, 2017


Chilly November temperatures observed in Alaska

A spell of extremely cold and frosty weather swept Fairbanks, Alaska on November 16, 2015. The lowest recorded temperature reached -32.8 °C (- 27 °F), while on average - 20 °C (- 4 °F) prevailed across the state. Alaska: statewide average temp of...

November 18, 2015


M 6.0 struck southeastern Alaska

Strong M 6.0 earthquake was registered (USGS/EMSC/NTWC) at 11:49 UTC on July 17, 2014 in border region of Alaska and Southern Yukon Territory, Canada. The epicenter was located 95 km (59 miles) NNW of Yakutat, Alaska and 300 km (186 miles) W of Whitehorse

July 17, 2014


Earthquake swarm in northern Alaska, northeast of Noatak

A swarm of moderate to strong earthquakes is being registered in northern Alaska, about 28 km northeast of the village of Noatak. First earthquake was registered on April 18, 2014 as M5.6 at depth of 23.4 km. Since then, and by 13:22 UTC today, USGS registered

May 06, 2014


Strong M 6.0 earthquake near Andreanof Islands, Alaska

Earthquake registered as M 6.0 (USGS) occurred near Andreanof Islands, Alaska at 16:21 UTC on September 15, 2013. The epicenter was at the sea, located 83 km SSW of Atka, Aleutian Arc, Alaska at coordinates 51.540°N 174.794°W. The depth was

September 15, 2013


Increased seismicity, lava fountaining and ash emissions up to 6 km at Veniaminof volcano, Alaska

Increased seismicity, characterized by elevated levels of continuous tremor, lava fountaining, and ash emissions as high as 4.5 - 6 km (15,000 to 20,000 feet) above sea level have been occurring at Veniaminof volcano, Alaska, on the morning of August 30th. Latest AVO

August 31, 2013


Strong earthquakes hit Andreanof Islands region, Alaska

Earthquake sequence that started with M 7.0 on August 30 at 16:25 UTC generated 44 M1+ earthquakes until 07:00 UTC on August 31, according to USGS. In that timeframe, USGS reported 30 M2.5+ earthquakes and 13 M4.5+, with strongest being M6.1 at 06:38 UTC and M5.5 at...

August 31, 2013

M6 8_aug_30_2013_alaska

Very strong earthquake M7.0 struck south of Atka, Alaska

A very strong earthquake with recorded magnitude of 7.0 (USGS) struck south of Atka, Alaska on August 30, 2013 at 16:25 UTC. Preliminary reports placed depth at 34.5 km (21.4 miles). EMSC is also reporting M7.0 earthquake and depth of 40 km. Epicenter was

August 30, 2013


Earthquake swarm under Mount Churchill volcano, Alaska

A significant earthquake swarm has started in the vicinity of Mount Churchill volcano, Alaska, US, on July 14, 2013. USGS measured 27 earthquakes in last 48 hours with magnitudes between 2.5 and 4.4. Depth varies from 0.1 km to 15 km. The

July 16, 2013


Effusive activity and explosions raised the alert at Veniaminof volcano, Alaska

Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reported on June 13, 2013 that an eruption at the intracaldera cone is likely underway at Veniaminof volcano, Alaska as determined from satellite observation of elevated surface temperatures at 13:25 UTC. This prompted AVO to raise the

June 14, 2013


Another Aleutian volcano erupts - Increasing seismic tremor and steam plume at Veniaminof volcano

AVO reported on June 8, 2013 that over the past two days, they have detected gradually increasing seismic tremor beneath Veniaminof volcano, Alaska. Similar seismic activity has been associated with ash emissions at Veniaminof in the past, most recently in

June 10, 2013


New activity with ash emissions and lava fountaining at Pavlof volcano, Alaska

Current eruptive episode at Pavlof volcano, Alaska began on May 13, 2013 with ash emissions continuing through May 28, 2013 at which time the volcano remain calm. Activity renewed on June 4, 2013. Such pauses are common during eruptive episodes of Pavlof, which

June 09, 2013

pavlof_ISS036 E 002464_feat

Eruption of Pavlof volcano seen from space on May 18, 2013

Situated in the Aleutian Arc about 625 miles (1,000 kilometers) southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, Pavlof volcano began erupting on May 13, 2013 and Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) changed its volcanic alert level from Advisory to Watch and aviation color dode from

May 22, 2013


Lava fountaining at Pavlof volcano, Alaska

According to AVO (Alaska Volcano Observatory) Pavlof volcano continues to erupt. Lava fountaining at the summit has been observed and photographed, and a continuous ash, steam, and gas cloud generated by the activity extends downwind from the volcano for 50 to 100 km

May 17, 2013

aurora february 13

Aurora displays over Large Animal Research Station (LARS) in Alaska

The following video is a time-lapse movie of the aurora displays over Large Animal Research Station (LARS), University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) from February 13, 2013 captured by Taro Nakai, a researcher of micrometeorology (dynamics of the interaction between plant

February 15, 2013


Cleveland volcano in Aleutian Islands woke up - A new dome has formed in the summit crater

Elevated surface temperatures were detected in satellite images of Cleveland volcano over the last 24 hours. The aviation color code and volcano alert level were changed to ORANGE/WATCH based on evidence that a new dome has formed in the summit crater of Cleveland. The

February 07, 2013

monthly report

The Watchers Monthly Report - January 2013

In January we saw some increased seismic activity worldwide. The strongest earthquake was registered as M 7.5 and it hit Southeastern Alaska on January 5, 2013. M 6.8 hit Atacama region in Chile on January 30, 2013. Sharp increase in seismic activity was recorded...

February 06, 2013


Very strong aftershock with recorded magnitude 6.0 hit Alaska region

A very strong earthquake/aftershock with recorded magnitude of 6.0 hit Alaska region on January 31, 2013 at 09:53 UTC. Epicenter was located 101 km (62 miles) W of Craig, Alaska and 316 km (196 miles) WNW of Prince Rupert, Canada at coordinates 55.584°N,

January 31, 2013


Massive earthquake M 7.5 struck near Alaska - Tsunami warning was in effect for Alaska and British Columbia coasts

A massive earthquake magnitude 7.7 (later revised to 7.5 by USGS) was recorded near southeastern Alaska on January 05, 2013 at 8:58 UTC according to both USGS and EMSC. Epicenter was located 102 km (63 miles) W of Craig, Alaska and 303 km (188 miles) WNW

January 05, 2013


Alaska experiencing a widespread cooling pattern for at least a decade

Alaska has been experiencing a widespread cooling pattern for at least a decade. In the first decade since 2000, the state has cooled an average of -16.4°C (2.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Parts of Western Alaska saw temperatures drop a significant 4.5

January 05, 2013

alaska nov 12 2012 recent

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Gulf of Alaska

Strong earthquake with recorded magnitude 6.4 struck Gulf of Alaska on November 12, 2012 at 20:42 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was located 289 km (180 miles) SW (221°) from Yakutat, AK and 370 km (230 miles) SSE (153°) from Cordova, AK at

November 12, 2012


Powerful windstorm threatening south-central Alaska

The strong low pressure system is  strengthening in the western Gulf of Alaska and over the Aleutian Islands. A rare and powerful storm system is set to slam into south-central Alaska this weekend.The low  flows over water so there will be no interaction with land

September 16, 2012


Scientists have found more than 150,000 sites in the Arctic where methane is seeping into the atmosphere

According to a report published in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists have found more than 150,000 sites in the Arctic where methane is seeping into the atmosphere. The fragile and rapidly changing Arctic is home to large reservoirs of methane, a potent

May 22, 2012


Magnitude 6.1 - Near Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

 Very shallow earthquake magnitude 6.1 hits Near Islands, Aleutian Islands, 27 km (16 miles) NNW of Attu, 87 km (54 miles) WNW of Shemya Island, Alaska (53.138°N, 173.022°E) at depth of 1 km (~0.6 mile) (poorly constrained).Live Seismic Data from ADK -

September 14, 2011