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Fires in Northern Territory, Australia

Large fires burned throughout Australia’s Northern Territory on September 30, 2011, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite acquired this image. The fires are marked in red. Fire fighters were monitoring 21 fires,

October 01, 2011


Land-clearing fires in the neighbouring countries polluting air in Malaysia

Malaysia has complained to Indonesia about land-clearing fires in the neighbouring country that have led to a blanket of pollution and poor air quality.Environment Minister Douglas Uggah Embas sent a letter to his Indonesian counterpart Friday about hundreds of

September 11, 2011


Fires in north central Australia

Each year, the cool dry season of northern Australia brings a strong threat of bushfire to the tropical savannas as the grasses and brush, made lush by summer rains, become bone-dry fuel. ABC Rural, of Australia, reported that after a summer of flooding, less rain has

September 06, 2011

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Lee spawns mass tornadoes touchdown from Mississippi to Georgia, floods, wildfires across Texas

Flooding isn't the only threat Tropical Rainstorm Lee brings to the Southeast. Tornadoes have been touching down from Mississippi to Alabama, Georgia and Florida, and more are likely to be spawned across the Southeast through Tuesday.The area at greatest risk today

September 06, 2011


Haze over Eastern China

After Tropical Storm Muifa made landfall and subsequently dissipated, haze hovered over eastern China in early August 2011. The thick band of haze stretched over the coastal plain, from Beijing southward, and over parts of Bo Hai and the Yellow Sea.The Moderate

August 10, 2011


Wildfires burning on Greek island Corfu, Skopelos and Halkidiki peninsula

A fire on the picturesque Ionian island of Corfu has devastated some 130 hectares (320 acres) of pine forest and olive groves, the island's mayor said on Thursday, blaming arsonists. Pockets of fire that started in 19 different locations on Tuesday left no doubt that

August 08, 2011

110728 lion fire 2

The Lion Wildland Fire continues to grow

The Lion Wildland Fire was ignited by lightning on July 8 and is located in the Golden Trout Wilderness on the Sequoia National Forest. The Lion Fire, presently at 17,436 acres, continues to grow as firefighters focus on securing the perimeter and containing the fire.

July 30, 2011


Arctic tundra wildfires return after 10000-year absence

After a 10,000-year absence, wildfires have returned to the Arctic tundra, and a University of Florida study shows that their impact could extend far beyond the areas blackened by flames.In a study published in the July 28 issue of the journal Nature, UF ecologist Miche

July 30, 2011


Wildfire smoke over the Sea of Okhotsk

Smoke from wildfires streamed across the Sea of Okhotsk in late July 2011. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image on July 27, 2011.Nearly 120 fires were burning in the Russian

July 29, 2011


Russia battles fires amid tropical heat

Russia on Thursday sweltered in abnormally hot summer weather as the emergency services sought to control expanding countryside blazes to prevent a repeat of last year's devastating wildfires. The central city of Volgograd was Russia's hottest city with temperatures

July 28, 2011


Fires in Russian Federation continues to burn

57 hotbeds of wildfires with the total area 4 819.77 hectares have been registered in the Russian Federation within twenty four hours. 64 hotbeds with the area of  15 193.08 ha have been extinguished. 104 hotbeds, including those emerged earlier

July 20, 2011

house on fire

Mysterious spontaneous fires burn houses in South Africa

Mysterious fires that apparently ignite spontaneously have over the past two weeks destroyed the homes  in Hopewell near Thornville. The freakish fires have burned through the Mthembu family’s main house, two low-cost houses in the yard and another low-cost house

June 28, 2011


365.21 hectares still burning in Russian Federation

69 hotbeds of wildfires with the total area 1 710.075 hectares have been registered in the Russian Federation within twenty four hours. 60 hotbeds with the area of  1 227.635 ha have been extinguished. 97 hotbeds, including those emerged earlier and 3 large ones

June 27, 2011

Wallow fire 6 7 2011

Combination of high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds fuel historic fires across US

Firefighters across the southwestern United States are facing some of the worst weather conditions of the season. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning for most of Arizona, all of New Mexico, much of north Texas and portions of Oklahoma,...

June 19, 2011


Fires near Yakutsk, Russia

Deep green needle-leaf forests stretch away from the Lena River in Russia’s remote eastern reaches. Siberian larch trees mingle with patches of fragrant pine, while brush and moss cling to the ground. Unlike most coniferous trees, the larch sheds its needles at the

June 18, 2011

russia fire 2010 a02

Russia’s wildfires still burning - Damage is triple last year’s

Russian wildfires since the start of the year have destroyed almost three times the forest and crop areas damaged a year earlier, when the country experienced its worst drought in half a century, the government said.Wildfires have ravaged almost 635,568 hectares

June 16, 2011

Hannagan Meadow Lodge

Wallow North and Horseshoe2 fires, Arizona

By the end of the day on June 9, 2011, Arizona’s massive Wallow Fire had reached 386,690 acres (609 square miles or 157,701 hectares) and had burned 29 and threatened 5,242 homes. Most of the homes destroyed were in Greer.By the morning of June 12, the size of...

June 13, 2011