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Alaskan authorities raise alert level for Iliamna Volcano

Volcanologists raised the alert level for Iliamna Volcano on Friday afternoon due to a possible eruption. The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) raised the alert level to ADVISORY and the aviation color code to YELLOW. According to scientists at the observatory, the

March 11, 2012

etna march 4 2012

Active volcanoes in the world - last 7 days report

17 volcanoes have shown changes in activity last week. New unusual activity has been noticed around 5 volcanoes (below).BEZYMIANNYCentral Kamchatka (Russia) 55.978°N, 160.587°E; summit elev. 2882 mKVERT reported that during 24 February-2 March seismic activity at

March 09, 2012

Unnamed Volcano Kamchatka

Bezymianny volcano in Kamchakta Peninsula on red alert - showing signs of possible eruption

In Kamchatka, Russian far east, the Unnamed Volcano (Bezymianny) has been assigned the highest aviation danger code of "red."  The ash and gases that are being spewed from the crater can seriously damage aircraft systems. The volcano is also showing high seismic

March 06, 2012


New activity at Kanaga volcano, Alaska

Kanaga volcano, located about 50 km (32 miles) east of Adak, has been reportedly erupting over the weekend. Recent satellite images showed a weak volcanic ash plume spotted via satellite and local seismic stations recorded. Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO)  raised

February 21, 2012


Strong steaming and possible eruption at Tinakula volcano at Solomon Islands

Tinakula is a conical stratovolcano which forms an island north of Nendo in Temotu Province, the Solomon Islands in South Pacific. It lies at the north end of the Santa Cruz Islands.  It is about 3.5 km wide and rises 851 m above sea level, but rises

February 18, 2012


Mount Cleveland lava dome grows 25%- now 50 meters in size

The lava dome covering Mount Cleveland volcano in Alaska has grown by 25% since last week. According to the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), the dome was reported to be 40 meters across on Monday Feb. 6., and has now increased to 50 meters in size. The current

February 15, 2012


Interview with The Barcaroller: Introduction to Earth-Sun relationship and effects on Earth's seismic activity

Although official scientific community says that earthquakes can't be predicted by the Sun - Earth relationship we have all seen by now that connections can be made. So, without further delay here's an interview with The Barcaroller, independent researcher of

February 14, 2012


New volcano observatory opens in California - Observing a dozens of potentially threating volcanoes

The U.S. Geological Service has opened a new volcano observatory, located outside San Francisco, within existing USGS facilities in Menlo Park. Main purpose of a fifth volcano observatory is to help volcanologists keep a better eye on the state's varied volcanic

February 12, 2012


New strong eruptions at Mount Etna

The New South-East Crater of Mount Etna has produced a 20th paroxysmal eruptive episode in the early hours of February 9, 2012 after more than 12 days of moderate strombolian activity. This is 2nd paroxysmal event in 2012. This event was less energetic than the

February 10, 2012

0130 volcano eruptions_full_600

Increased volcanic activity continues in February

Trend of increased volcanic events continues through February. New activities were observed at Cleveland on Chuginadak Island, indonesian Gamalama on Halmahera, Krakatau, Lewotolo on Lomblen Island and Paluweh at Lesser Sunda Islands as well as Pagan at Mariana

February 03, 2012

cleveland volcano satellite

Cleveland volcano, Alaska - authorities say sudden eruptions could occur at any time

The warning level for a remote Alaska volcano has been raised after a new lava dome began forming, indicating the mountain could explode and send up an ash cloud that could threaten aircraft. The Alaska Volcano Observatory elevated the aviation color code status for

February 01, 2012

sakurajima map

Warning about pyroclastic flow from Sakurajima

Local meteorological observatory of Kagoshima warned today of pyroclastic flow and ash deposits from Sakurajima volcano!Japanese volcano in Sakurajima, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, is becoming increasingly active. On Jan, 22 2012 by 20:44, it erupted for

January 23, 2012


Increased activity at 25 volcanoes in Indonesia

Twenty-five volcanoes in Indonesia have been put in alert or watch status. Mount Marapi and Mount Talang in West Sumatra are still under alert status.  Mount Marapi is located in Agam and Tanahdatar districts and rises 2891 meters above sea level and Mount Talang

January 16, 2012


Reventador is waking up - Three volcanoes on alert in Ecuador

There is new activity recorded at Reventador volcano, as well as at Sangay and ongoing Tungurahua volcanoes in Ecuador. New reports are coming from nearby Colombian Galeras and Fuego volcanoes. Down North in Chile Lascar is waking up and Cordon-Puyehue Calle continues

January 13, 2012


New island is forming in Red Sea near Zubair Islands

A new island is forming in the Red Sea about 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the coast of Yemen, on the northern edge of the Zubair Islands. An undersea eruption began in mid-December 2011. Local fishermen reported an eruption near the island of Saba.

January 10, 2012

800px Marum_sept_2009

Volcanic activity at Ambrym and Yasur volcanoes at Vanuatu

The emerald green islands of Vanuatu were marked by volcanic activity December 27, 2011. Large thermal anomalies were created by the expulsion of lava and hot volcanic gas from erupting volcanos. A wide volcanic plume can be seen blowing from the Ambrym volcano

January 08, 2012


Chile’s Lascar volcano alert status elevated

OVDAS-SERNAGEOMIN reports that the Lascar volcano, located in the Antofagasta region, presents a slight variation of seismic activity, represented by the occurrence of a seismic swarm events volcano - tectonic (VT), whose features suggest a location in the environment

January 08, 2012