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Increased activity at Lewotolo volcano, Indonesia

Hundreds of people living near the Lewotolo volcano in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara were evacuated on Thursday due to its increased volcanic activity. CVGHM reported that white plumes rose 50 - 250 m above the summit of Lewotolo during the month of...

January 07, 2012

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Mt. Etna enters 2012 with new paroxysmal eruption spewing ash up to 5 kilometers

In the morning hours of January 5, 2012 the New South-East Crater of Mt. Etna has produced a new episode paroxysmal eruption after 50 quiet days. Last eruption had occurred November 15, 2011. Istituto Nazionale di Geosifica e Vulcanologia - Sezione di Catania (INGV)

January 06, 2012

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Volcanic activity at the beginning of 2012

We are entering into 2012 with ongoing volcanic activity at El Hierro (Canary Islands), Fuego (Guatemala),  Karymsky, Kizimen and Shiveluch (Kamchatka, Russia), Kilauea (Hawaii), Popocatépetl (México), Puyehue-Cordón Caulle (Chile), Sakura-jima (Kyushu,

January 01, 2012


New volcanic island emerged in Red Sea

A small submarine eruption took place off the western coast of Yemen creating new island in the Red Sea. Just like during the Eritrea Nabro eruption, satellite images are the only source in this part of the world considering other problems that the region

December 30, 2011


Gamalama volcano mudflows swept through the village of Desa Tobu in Indonesia

Days of pouring rain created rivers of ash and debris that killed four people and forced thousands to flee their homes for the second time in a month. On Tuesday night, runoff from tropical downpours on the slopes of Mt. Gamalama generated mudflows, known as lahars,...

December 29, 2011


Volcanic activity along Zubair Islands in Red Sea

An eruption occurred in the Red Sea in December 2011. According to news reports, fishermen witnessed lava fountains reaching up to 30 meters (90 feet) tall on December 19. The activity in the Red Sea included more than an eruption. By December 23, 2011, what looked

December 28, 2011

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New explosions at Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador

Instituto Geofisico de Ecuador (IGEPN reports about several explosions generating  moderate tremor intensity and noise associated with the rolling of blocks on the flanks of the Tungurahua volcano. Since this morning there has been continuous generation of a column

December 07, 2011


Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano continues to produce large amounts of ash

Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano continues to produce large amounts of ash almost six months after its initial explosive eruption on June 4, 2011. According to the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program, plumes were observed rising 2.3 to 2.5 kilometers above the

December 07, 2011

gunung gamalama

Indonesian Mt.Gamalama volcano erupts

Mt. Gamalama volcano burst to life on Sunday in a blast that dusted villages and sent thousands of people to flight on the Indonesian island of Ternate. There were no immediate reports of casualties but the eruption apparently did cause some panic among residents of

December 06, 2011


Wandan mud volcano erupted in Taiwan

Wandan mud dome  erupted early Friday after nearly a year of inactivity is spilling mud flows of up to two meters high. The Wandan mud volcano, Pingtung County, erupted around 3 a.m. near a cemetery area, ejecting mud and releasing natural gases, according to the

December 04, 2011

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Tungurahua volcano begins to erupt

The Geophysical Institute of Ecuador (IGEPN) reported that  eruption of Tungurahua volcano created large clouds of gas and ash above the summit and it's directed towards the southeast and the west, near city of Banos. Ash cloud up to 4 kilometers in the sky and

December 01, 2011


Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano spews red-hot rocks, billows ash with pyroclastic flow

The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is spewing out red-hot rocks and billowing coarse ash with pyroclastic flows. The South American country's Geophysical Institute - IGEPN says the increased activity began Sunday afternoon. It says the volcano has thrown pyroclastic

November 29, 2011

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Eruption warning for Galeras volcano in Colombia

The Colombian volcano monitoring institute INGEOMINAS has raised the alarm level for Galeras volcano, after a number of  a characteristic seismic signal often preceding eruptions at Galeras. One phenomenon, which seems to be a reliable precursor to eruptive activity,

November 28, 2011

soufriere hills volcano

Ash plume visible from Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat

A dark plume of volcanic ash drifted from the Soufriere Hills volcano southwest across the Caribbean Sea on November 21, 2011. Although the hazard level was recently lowered, the potential for reoccurring eruptions remains quite real. On November 4, the National

November 24, 2011


Guatemala’s Fuego volcano unleashes 2 km ash cloud

The Guatemalan geophysical survey SERNAGEOMIN reports increasing explosive activity from Fuego volcano, one of the country's most active volcanoes. Fuego was observed producing ash clouds reaching 1500-2000 m above the summit crater (at ca. 3600 m altitude) which

November 22, 2011


Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spewed ash 5 kilometers into the air

Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano has spewed a burst of ash 3 miles (5 kilometers) into the air after breaking through a dome of lava. The Popocatepetl volcano erupted with a plume of ash after shaking for several minutes early on Friday. The volcano's activity has

November 20, 2011


Puyehue-Cordón Caulle still active

More than five months after its initial explosive eruption, Chile’s Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano continues to produce impressive plumes of ash. Most of the ash is from the powerful early eruption. The first plumes flew high into the atmosphere and circled the

November 18, 2011