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lasco c3 feb 24 2012

Solar tsunami - massive filament eruption / solar watch Feb 24, 2012 (Video)

A Huge Magnetic Filament has lifted off the solar corona producing a spectacular eruption. This disturbance has an associated solar tsunami (Hyder Flare). Shortly after a significant halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was observed and it appears will have components

February 24, 2012

david icke essential knowledge for a wall street protestor screenshot

Essential knowledge for a wall street protestor (Video)

David Icke - Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street ProtestorHow not to be scammed by those you are protesting against. This is short and great presentation on what is going on in this world financially and where does it takes us to. Short and simple...Please visit

February 24, 2012


"Atacama Starry Nights" timelapse video by Babak Tafreshi

Babak Tafreshi, an astronomer, journalist and director of The World at Night (TWAN) is creating a series of timelapse videos from Paranal in Chile, and we present you his latest amazing work. This footage is made during an imaging expedition to Paranal assigned by

February 22, 2012


Targeting coronal holes CH501 and CH502 - Volcano / Earthquake Watch Feb 20-25, 2012 (Video)

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH501). With associated solar disturbance and significant Pc3 spike indicate a strong seismic event in the coming days. After analysis I have isolated (1-9°N Latitude).Solar symmetry to earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 6.5-6.8

February 20, 2012


Temporal Distortion timelapse video by Randy Halverson

Randy Halverson has released a new timelapse video of the night sky shot at the White River in central South Dakota during September and October 2011. There are also some shots from Arches National Park in Utah, and Canyon of the Ancients area of Colorado during June

February 14, 2012

Coronal Hole 491

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH499) - Volcano / Earthquake Watch Feb 9-13, 2012 (Video)

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH499). With associated solar disturbances and significant Pc3 spikes indicate a strong seismic event in the coming days. After analysis I have isolated (26-30°S Latitude). Solar symmetry to Earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 7.0

February 09, 2012

cross in the sky convergence of timelines

Convergence of timelines: Bill Wood - Questions & Answers (Video)

This is a live 3 hour marathon Q & A with Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock and Bill Ryan and the audience of some 3,000 viewers ... this version has been edited to begin without delay from technical issues in the beginning.Bill Wood discusses why his INDIGO clearance

January 27, 2012

cme impact jan 22 2012

CME Impact / Geomagnetic storm - Jan 22, 2012 (Video)

Jan, 22, 2012 - CME Impact / Geomagnetic storm.ACE Spacecraft telemetry has recorded a sudden solar wind increase to 540 km/s. A geomagnetic sudden impulse to 30nT was recorded at 06:00 UTC. This indicates the arrival of the expected Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

January 22, 2012

solar activity update jan 17 2012

Active region 11402 - M1 flare & full halo CME / Solar watch Jan 17, 2012 (Video)

A very long duration C6.4 event was detected around Active Region 11402. A Full-Halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was produced shortly after. This CME will hit Venus during the late hours of Jan. 18th. This CME might deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field

January 17, 2012

volcano earthquake watch dec 6 10_01_đ2012

Trans-equatorial Coronal Hole (CH491) - Volcano/Earthquake watch Jan 6-10, 2012 (Video)

Targeting Trans-equatorial Coronal Hole (CH491). After analysis I have isolated (5°N to 5°S Latitude). Solar symmetry to earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 6.9 magnitude earthquake:Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Of Ascension Islands, Ecuador, Peru,

January 05, 2012

solar activity update dec 29 2011

Active region 11389 - CME Impact / Solar Watch Dec 29, 2011 (Video)

New active active region 11389 rotated into view off the south-eastern limb on Wednesday. This region is crackling with C-Class flares, the largest being a C7.2 today.Strong CME impact was detected by the ACE Spacecraft Thursday morning. A possible geomagnetic storm

December 29, 2011

volcano earthquake watch dec 27 30 2011

Coronal Hole (CH490) - Volcano/Earthquake watch Dec 27-31, 2011 (Video)

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH490) in the Southern Hemisphere. After analysis I have isolated 24-29° Latitude.Solar symmetry to earth the best fit regions for a possible 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake are: Kermadec Islands region, south of Fiji region, Salta Argentina or

December 27, 2011

two tropical cyclones forming over australia

Two cyclones brewing off the Australian coast (Video)

Tropical Cyclone Watch Dec 21, 2011Two cyclones are brewing off the Australian coast and one is less than 300 kilometres from Darwin. A meteorologist said a cyclone over the Coral Sea was unlikely to cause any major problems. But a tropical low forming off the

December 21, 2011


The shocking truth of the pending EU collapse!

Problem, reaction, solution.In search for end of economic crisis the EU leaders reached an agreement and signed a Treaty establishing European stability mechanism (ESM). Critics say the ESM resembles an enabling act, because it severely confines the economic

December 20, 2011


The Known Universe - 3-D journey through the observable universe

American Museum of Natural History created a film "The Known Universe" as a part of an exhibition called "Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe" held at the Rubin Museum of Art in Manhattan in May last year. The Known Universe takes

December 17, 2011

solar activity update dec 12 2011

Filament Eruptions / Solar Watch - Dec 12, 2011 (Video)

Large Filament: A very large solar filament channel that measures longer than 300,000 miles, visible across the entire northeast quadrant erupted and producing a large solar disturbance and sent out a significant coronal mass ejection which may be heading earths

December 12, 2011

earthquake watch dec 2 3 2011

Planetary alignment earthquake watch Dec 2-3, 2011 (Video)

This is a Planetary Alignment Earthquake watch video, program used in this Heliocentric visual representation is Simsolarv2.0 and Solar system scope.One significant alignment plays a major role during these days with Sun-Mercury-Earth. It is possible that we may have

November 28, 2011