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Strong tropical wave over the Caribbean Sea claims lives of at least 6

A strong tropical wave over the central Caribbean Sea, System 97W - centered about 440 km (275 miles) ESE of Kingston, Jamaica at 18:00 UTC, continues to move quickly westward, toward Central America, at about 32 km/h (20 mph). It has 80% chance of developing into a...

August 01, 2016


Tropical Storm "Nida" (Carina) dumps heavy rain on Philippines, to hit China on August 2

Tropical Depression 06W developed on July 29, 2016, near the west coast of Philippines and intensified into a Tropical Storm "Nida" on July 30. The system, known in the Philippines as Carina, is moving toward Northern Luzon, dumping heavy rain. Nida is...

July 30, 2016


Tropical Storm "Mirinae" hits China's Hainan before moving on to Vietnam

Tropical Storm "Mirinae" made landfall over the Hainan province in China on July 26, 2016. Intense wind gusts toppled trees and power lines, causing traffic disruptions. Over 3 000 people have been evacuated ahead of the storm. No victims or injuries were...

July 27, 2016

darby_georgette_and_frank_on_25jul2016_goes west_uw cimss_12 30z_f_anno

Darby hits Hawaii, Frank swirls near Mexico, Georgette becomes a hurricane

As of 12:00 UTC on July 25, 2016, there are 3 active tropical systems in the central and eastern Pacific - Tropical Storm "Darby", Tropical Storm "Frank" and Hurricane "Georgette". While Darby hit Hawaii over the weekend and is still...

July 25, 2016


Tropical Storm "Darby" threatening Hawaii with life-threatening flash floods and landslides

Tropical Storm "Darby" is currently about 1 000 km (621.4 miles) from the Hawaii islands, and is expected to start affecting them with strong winds, storm swells, and heavy rainfalls over the next 48 hours. Intense rainfalls may cause localized...

July 22, 2016


Early season Abela forms in the southwest Indian Ocean, moving toward Madagascar

A rare tropical disturbance (01S) for this time of year formed southwest of Diego Garcia in the southwest Indian Ocean on July 16, 2016. 01S strengthened into a Moderate Tropical Storm on Sunday, July 17 and was named Abela. Abela is southern hemisphere's first...

July 18, 2016

ts_estelle_18jul2016_uwcimss_jtwc_ft_00z 18jul

Tropical Storm "Estelle" intensifies off the coast of Mexico

The sixth tropical depression of the 2016 eastern Pacific hurricane season formed on Friday, July 15, 2016, about 595 km (370 miles) SSW of Manzanillo, Mexico with the estimated minimum central pressure of 1 007 hPa. TD 06E intensified into the fifth tropical storm...

July 18, 2016

ts_blas__3jul2016_20 30_z_uwcimss

Tropical Storm "Blas" forms, to become the first major hurricane of the 2016 season

Just a day after Agatha, the first tropical storm of the 2016 eastern Pacific hurricane season, a second tropical storm of the season formed and was named Blas. Tropical Depression 03E, later Blas, formed at 03:00 UTC on July 2 east of Agatha and by 09:00 UTC...

July 03, 2016

2nepartak_3jul2016_ _10 30ut_uwcimss_f

Nepartak forms as the first tropical storm of the 2016 Pacific typhoon season

A low pressure area formed well south of the Mariana Islands during the last few days of June 2016. By July 2, it developed into a weak tropical depression and strengthened into a tropical storm on July 3, internationally known as Nepartak. Nepartak is the first...

July 03, 2016


Agatha forms as the latest first tropical storm in the eastern Pacific since Ava of 1969

Tropical Depression 02E formed around 03:00 UTC on July 2, 2016. By 15:00 UTC, 02E strengthened into a tropical storm and was named Agatha. This is the first named storm of the 2016 eastern Pacific hurricane season and the latest first tropical storm in the eastern...

July 02, 2016


Tropical Storm "Danielle" makes Mexico landfall

Tropical Storm "Danielle" made landfall close to the Tuxpan city, Mexico's state of Veracruz around 00:00 UTC on June 21 (20:00 EDT, June 20), with maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h (40 mph). Eastern Mexico was already under heavy rain at the time of...

June 21, 2016


Tropical Storm "Danielle" to cause dangerous flash floods and mudslides in eastern Mexico

Danielle, the fourth named storm of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, formed on June 20, 2016, off the eastern coast of Mexico. The system is expected to make landfall today and bring up to 381 mm (15 inches) of rainfall to some areas. The forecast warns the storm...

June 20, 2016


Tropical Depression "One-E" threatens southern Mexico with heavy rainfall, flash floods, and mudslides

The first tropical system of the 2016 eastern Pacific hurricane season developed on June 6, 2016. Tropical Depression "One-E" formed near the coast of Mexico, and is expected to continue approaching the land over the next day. The system will probably...

June 07, 2016

ts_colin_07 45_utc_7jun2016_f

Tropical Storm "Colin" makes Florida landfall, the first since 2013

A quick moving Tropical Storm "Colin" has made landfall in Florida, US during the early UTC hours of June 7, 2016. The storm brought strong winds and heavy rain over Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, knocking out power and causing localized flooding....

June 07, 2016

ts_colin_at_05 45_utc_on_6jun2016_ft_uw cimss_f

Tropical Storm "Colin" forms in the Gulf of Mexico, heading toward Florida

Tropical Depression 03 has strengthened into Tropical Storm "Colin" early Monday, June 6, 2016. Colin is expected to strengthen and bring heavy rain, strong winds, coastal flooding and isolated tornadoes to portions of the US Southeast today. Landfall is...

June 06, 2016


Tropical Depression "Bonnie" lashes South Carolina with over 200 mm (8 inches) of rainfall

Bonnie, a second named storm of the Atlantic 2016 hurricane season, made landfall near Charleston, South Carolina on May 29, 2016, and brought torrential downpours and flooding threats across a major part of the state. Over 203.2 mm (8 inches) of precipitation have...

May 30, 2016


Tropical Cyclone "Victor" developed in the South Pacific Ocean

A new tropical cyclone has formed in the South Pacific Ocean at 21:00 UTC on January 14, 2016. By 09:00 UTC on January 15, the tropical depression (7P) strengthened into a tropical storm and was named Victor. The system is expected to keep intensifying over the next...

January 15, 2016