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MOONS to solve mysteries of how stars and galaxies evolve

A €9M contract was announced last week for UK-based engineers and designers to build MOONS (Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph) that aims to tackle some of the most compelling astronomical puzzles – such as how stars and galaxies form and evo

October 02, 2014

single photo_cannon

Breakthrough in light sources for new quantum technology

Electronic circuits are based on electrons, but one of the most promising technologies for future quantum circuits are photonic circuits, i.e. circuits based on light (photons) instead of electrons. First, it is necessary to be able to create a stream of single photons

August 29, 2014


Water tractor beam created

Physicists at The Australian National University (ANU) have created a tractor beam on water, providing a radical new technique that could confine oil spills, manipulate floating objects or explain rips at the beach.The group, led by Professor Michael Shats discovered th

August 11, 2014


On the frontiers of cyborg science. Step 1 - connecting the brain and electronics

Taking the human-machine concept to an unprecedented level, pioneering scientists are working on the seamless marriage between electronics and brain signaling with the potential to transform our understanding of how the brain works — and how to treat its most

August 10, 2014


"All our patent are belong to you" - Tesla Motors releases all its patents to the public domain

In a bid to accelerate the development of electric vehicle technology car manufacturer Tesla Motors has released all their patents to the public domain, its CEO Elon Musk announced on Thursday, June 12, 2014.Musk made the announcement on the Tesla Motors blog

June 14, 2014

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New computer program aims to teach itself everything about anything

In today’s digitally driven world, access to information appears limitless. But when you have something specific in mind that you don’t know, like the name of that niche kitchen tool you saw at a friend’s house, it can be surprisingly hard to sift

June 13, 2014


Shields Up! Students devise concept for Star Wars-style deflector shields

Technology for protecting spaceships from laser fire is feasible today, University of Leicester students discovered. The only drawback, so far, is that you won’t be able to see a thing outside.In anticipation of Star Wars Day on 4 May, three fourth-year Physics st

May 05, 2014


Graphene not all good - transport of graphene oxide nanoparticles in water

In a first-of-its-kind study of how a super material some think could transform the electronics industry moves in water, researchers at the University of California, Riverside Bourns College of Engineering found graphene oxide nanoparticles are very mobil

April 29, 2014


Google buys surveillance drone company Titan Aerospace

It's official: Google is no longer "just another media company." Or search engine, for sure.No, Google has transformed itself into a bona fide technology company, one that boasts robotics and now drones.The tech giant recently purchased a manufacturer of s

April 29, 2014


LADEE ends its mission with stunning 80 Mbps laser transmission from Moon

NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, or LADEE, ended its mission last week with a planned impact on the Moon but just before the impact it performed another successful laser communication with ESA's ground station at a stunning s

April 26, 2014


Inducing rain and lightning with high-energy laser beams

Researchers at the University of Central Florida’s College of Optics & Photonics and the University of Arizona are developing a new technique to aim a high-energy laser beam into clouds to make it rain or trigger lightning.They are surrounding one bea

April 23, 2014


Stanford developed game controller that can sense players' emotions

Stanford engineers have developed what could be the next big thing in interactive gaming: handheld game controllers that measure the player's physiology and alter the gameplay to make it more engaging.The prototype controller was born from research conducted in

April 08, 2014


A breakthrough in creating invisibility cloaks, stealth technology

Controlling and bending light around an object so it appears invisible to the naked eye is the theory behind fictional invisibility cloaks. It may seem easy in Hollywood movies, but is hard to create in real life because no material in nature has the properties

March 31, 2014


High-tech materials purify water with sunlight

Sunlight plus a common titanium pigment might be the secret recipe for ridding pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other potentially harmful pollutants from drinking water. Scientists combined several high-tech components to make an easy-to-use water purifier that could

March 17, 2014


Duke engineers build world’s first 3D acoustic cloaking device

Using little more than a few perforated sheets of plastic and a staggering amount of number crunching, Duke engineers have demonstrated the world’s first three-dimensional acoustic cloak. The new device reroutes sound waves to create the impression that both the

March 14, 2014


China tests anti-smog drone aircraft

In an important step toward tackling with overwhelming air pollution China tested domestically-produced drone aircraft designed to disperse smog on Saturday, March 8, 2014. This unmanned aircraft helps disperse smog by spraying chemicals that freeze pollutants and

March 10, 2014


Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle

In a recent early online edition of Nature Chemistry, ASU scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf. Designing an artificial leaf that uses solar energy to convert

February 19, 2014