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March 12 2012 prominence eruption

Prominence eruption and CME impact - March 12, 2012

A spectacular Filament Eruption (Prominence) ripped off the lower southeast quadrant of the Sun today and large Coronal Mass Ejection followed but is not heading for the earth. Video by: Solarwatcher.netFilaments are large regions that contain very dense, cool

March 12, 2012


Sunspot 1429 unleashed M8.4 solar flare on March 10 peaking at 17:44 UTC

Sunspot 1429 unleashed another strong M class solar flare today. Currently measured at M8.4 solar flare peaked at 17:44 UTC. A bright Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was produced. Further analysis will be done as imagery becomes available, however initial analysis

March 10, 2012


M6.3 solar flare, geomagnetic storm still in progress

Sunspot 1429  just produced a strong M6.3 Solar Flare. AR 1429 is now located in the center of the visible solar disk so this solar flare and its CME is heading straight toward Earth. The Bz Component of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) is pointing south and

March 09, 2012


Incoming CME forecasted to pass ACE early Thursday morning (UTC) - proton levels showing sudden increase - Impact at 11:05 UTC

The Solar Wind Speed data from ACE is still unavailable, however as of 7:20 UTC , the CELIAS/MTOF Proton Monitor onboard the SOHO Spacecraft indicates a current SWS of 470 km/s. The Proton Levels are now showing a sudden increase at 08:10 UTC. This is sometimes known

March 08, 2012


Incoming CME clouds and solar storm levels - updates and explanations

Two major X-class solar flares (X5.4 and X1.3) produced direct Full halo plasma cloud which is heading toward Earth. The solar wind is expected to increase to over 800 km/s, resulting with strong geomagnetic storming on March 8th. You can see the CME forecast track on

March 07, 2012


Massive sunspot AR1429 unleashed 2 major X-class solar flares on March 7th

Massive sunspot AR1429 has unleashed another major X-class solar flare on March 7th at 00:28 UTC. This one is the strongest yet,  ranked as X5,4. It is the second strongest solar flare  of Cycle 24 in terms of X-Ray Flux. This eruption hurled a bright CME into

March 07, 2012


Solar activity increasing - Two more M-class solar flares after powerful X-class event

Solar activity is increasing! Massive sunspot AR1429 emerged on March 2nd and it is crackling with strong solar flares. Sunspot 1429 just produced a short duration M2.1 solar flare at 19:16 UTC, followed by an M1.8 at 19:30 UTC. These are in addition to smaller

March 06, 2012

x class solar flare march 5th 2012 lasco C2

Major X1.1 solar flare peaked around Sunspot 1429 on March 5th, 2012

Earth orbiting satellites have detected an X1.1-class solar flare from sunspot AR1429 that produced a bright CME and resulted with strong R3 Level Radio Blackout. The flare peaked at 04:13 UTC on March 5th. A bright Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is now seen in the

March 05, 2012

March 4th 2012 M2 solar flare Earth directed SDO Image

Long duration M2.0 solar flare peaked today producing Earth directed CME

At 10:45 UTC Sunday morning, March 4, 2012, a long duration M2.0 solar flare peaked and generated Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). The latest blast was again centered around Sunspot 1429 located in the northeast quadrant. A 46 minute long 10cm Radio Burst,

March 04, 2012


Moderate M3.3 solar flare at northeast limb

A new and active Sunspot is now rotating into view on the northeast limb. It produced a moderate M3.3 solar flare at 17:45 UTC on Friday afternoon. All of the other current regions have been stable since the C3.3 flare around 1423 on Thursday. The new and active

March 02, 2012


Solar filament channel eruption and aurora forecast

A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is seen in the latest STEREO Ahead COR2 images on Thursday morning, and the source appears to be a filament channel eruption near region 1419 in the northwest quadrant. After a close look, the expanding cloud appears to be directed mostly

February 23, 2012


Return of the old Sunspot 1402

After two-week long transit around the far side of the Sun, Sunspot 1402 has returned into view in the northeast quadrant. Sunspot 1402 is now re-numbered as Sunspot 1419. This region is smaller than it was before, after two weeks of decay. On January 27 it unleashed

February 13, 2012


Solar activity is picking up again

Explosion of dark magnetic filament occurs over the northeastern limb during the late hours of February 9th. Explosion generated a bright coronal mass ejection (CME) that is heading toward Venus as it seems. Fortunatelly, this CME is not Earth-directed. Sunspot

February 10, 2012

m9 solar flare jan 2012

Intensified solar activities - M1 solar flare and space directed CME

Solar activities intensified again yesterday with bright coronal mass ejection (CME) produced by M1 solar flare.  Sunspot 1410 located in the northwest quadrant produced a moderate solar flare, reaching M1.0 at 20:00 UTC Monday afternoon. The flare was about an hour

February 07, 2012


Auroras seen around parts of the Arctic Circle

Earth passed through a minor solar wind stream on Feb. 4-5. The weak impact of the solar wind was just enough to spark auroras around parts of the Arctic Circle. The effects of the solar wind are subsiding, and the auroras might disappear into the moonlight for the

February 05, 2012

latest 2

Sunspot 1402 still active - Farside eruption

Sunspot AR1402, the source of last week's X-flare and many beautiful auroras, is on the farside of the sun now. Although we can't see it, the active region is still erupting. Bellow is the video showing coronal mass ejection flying over the sun's western limb. Click

February 01, 2012


S2 radiation storm generated by X1.7 solar flare in progress

Sunspot 1402 located on the northwest limb, produced a major X1.7 Solar Flare at 18:37 UTC Friday afternoon. Solar activity is now expected to be very low as 1402 rotated onto the western limb and is now out of direct Earth view. All remaining current visible regions

January 28, 2012