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Tropical Storm Isaac aims Carribean archipelago

Tropical Depression 9 was upgraded in Tropical Storm and it got named - Isaac. Hurricane hunter aircraft found tropical storm force winds in the Atlantic system Tuesday afternoon. The system is now moving toward a favorable environment with much warmer water and

August 22, 2012

azores gordon

Hurricane Gordon passed the Azores without major damage

Gordon is the strongest tropical system recorded so far in the Atlantic Basin this year. Gordon collided with Santa Maria Island in the eastern Azores early Monday morning. Gordon weakened to a post-tropical cyclone by now thanks to cooler waters, however,

August 21, 2012


Tropical Storm Bolaven formed in western north Pacific

Tropical Depression 16W become Tropical Storm Bolaven and took more of a rounded shape on August 20. Bolaven continued to organize and intensify in the western north Pacific waters. Bolaven will continue to intensify as environmental conditions remain

August 20, 2012


Hurricane Gordon to hit eastern Azores

Portugal's Azores archipelago is bracing for Hurricane Gordon which had intensified to Category 2 and is forecast to hit the eastern-most islands early on Monday.  Additional weakening is forecast but Gordon is still expected to be a hurricane when it passes near or

August 19, 2012


New tropical cyclone is forming near Guam

Formation of a significant tropical cyclone is possible within 95 nm either side of a line from 13.6N 141.8E to 17.3N 142.6E within the next 6 to 24 hours. Available data do not justify issuance of numbered tropical cyclone warnings at this time.The area of

August 19, 2012

20120818 15w enh full

Tropical Storm Tembin (IGME) formed near Philippines

According to Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Depression Tembin (15W) is  located approximately 280 nautical miles northeast of Manila, Philippines, has tracked southward at 03 knots (5.5 km/h) over the past six hours. Maximum sustained winds are 50

August 19, 2012

20120818 dust full

Dust blows off coast of West Africa toward Canary Islands

A thick plume of dust blows off the coast of Western Africa, from the Bay of Arguin in Mauritania, northward parallel to Western Sahara, reaching the Canary Islands. The dust completely obscures the waters of the Bay of Arguin, usually bright green from phytoplankton

August 19, 2012


New tropical wave from Africa on path to become tropical storm

A new tropical wave which came off Africa continues to track through the western Atlantic. It is located about 483 km (300 miles) west of Cape Verde Islands. This wave is producing quite a bit of shower and thunderstorm activity and it has a good chance to become the

August 18, 2012


Tropical Storm Helene to make landfall in Mexico

The Government of Mexico has issued a tropical storm warning for the coast of Mexico from Barra de Nautla to La Cruz.At 21:30 UTC on August 17, the center of Tropical Storm Helene was located by an Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter aircraft near latitude 20.6N and

August 18, 2012

KAI TAK 14W_170532sams

Typhoon Kai-Tak made landfall at Laizhou peninsula, China

Typhoon Kai-tak is the fourth storm to make landfall in eastern China in just over two weeks, following Typhoons Saola, Damrey, and Haikui.The system made landfall as a typhoon earlier this morning, August 17, along the coast of Leizhou Peninsula. Kai-Tak is now

August 17, 2012


Tropical Storm Gordon - 7th named storm of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Tropical Storm Gordon formed on Thursday, August 16, 2012 in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the 7th named storm of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Gordon is moving to the northeast at 16 mph, farther away from US and is not expected to pose any

August 17, 2012


Atlantic hurricane season to become more active from mid-August

As far as tropical storms and hurricanes are concerned we had a quiet July in the Atlantic. However, the forecast calls for a total of 12 tropical storms, five named hurricanes and two major hurricanes.With the number of named tropical storms and hurricanes so far

August 15, 2012


Ernesto moved to Pacific as Tropical Depression 8E, Gilma no longer a tropical cyclone

Ernesto crossed Mexican high terrain and ended up in the eastern Pacific where it has organized into a tropical depression in the eastern Pacific. A piece of Ernesto developed into Tropical Depression 8-E (TD 8E) after emerging over the warm waters of the eastern

August 12, 2012

20120810 93l enh full

Low Pressure System and dust near Cape Verde Islands

Shower and thunderstorm activity is diminishing near a low pressure system located over the far eastern Atlantic just to the east of the Cape Verde Islands. Also visible near the Canary Islands in the image bellow (upper right quadrant) is dust from the Sahara Desert

August 10, 2012


Ernesto dissipates over southern Mexico, may become Hector in Pacific

Ernesto is now tropical rainstorm system and it's slowly dissipating over southern Mexico's mountainous terrain. However, it could still come back to life in eastern Pacific and assume a new identity as Hector. The Pacific Ocean waters west of Manzanillo, Mexico,

August 10, 2012


Great Arctic Cyclone of 2012 - Rare and unusually strong storm formed over Arctic

An unusually strong storm formed off the coast of Alaska on Aug. 5, then moved over the central Arctic. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite took the images that make up the mosaic during various passes over the North Pole

August 10, 2012

marikina riverbank

Monsoon and tropical cyclone caused massive floods in Philippines, 80% of Manila under water

Manila is experiencing the worst flooding since Typhoon Ketsana (2009) which devastated Manila and killed over 400 people throughout the country. Over the past two weeks, a combination of the southwest monsoon and tropical cyclones passing in the vicinity of the

August 09, 2012