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Quantum entanglement - world quantum teleportation record broken

An experiment done in May 2012 by an international research team constituting researchers from Austria, Canada, Germany and  Norway, set a new distance world record in quantum teleportation. The distance across which they were able to reproduce characteristics of a

September 10, 2012

DNA double helix structure

Latest study reveals 1 gram of DNA can store up to 700 terabytes of data

One gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes of data, reveals the latest research done by George church, a bio-engineer and professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School with his team;  which is 1000 times more than previous record in terms of data density. Team was

September 06, 2012


Ancient Egypt: Study augments the drought theories

Recent research testifies archeological records of droughts in Ancient Egypt during the demise of Egypt's old kingdom, the era known as the pyramid-building time. A study of ancient pollen and charcoal preserved in deeply buried sediments in Egypt's Nile Delta provides

August 24, 2012

mutant butterflies

Mutant butterflies - Fukushima disaster caused physiological and genetic damage to butterflies in Japan

A new study published in Scientific Reports - Nature last week said that genetic mutations have been found in three generations of butterflies near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant. Researchers concluded that artificial radionuclides from the Fukushima

August 16, 2012

cascadia subduction zone tsunami

New study shows Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake risk to be much higher than previously thought

America's Pacific Northwest has a 37% chance of being hit by a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 50 years, a new study shows. That's more than double previous estimates of a 10-15% risk. Great Subduction Zone earthquakes are the largest

August 08, 2012


Russian scientists discover GMO's cause animals to lose their ability to reproduce

A study presented at the Days of Defense Against Environmental Hazards in Russia has unveiled once again the implicit dangers associated with the consumption of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). According to Voice of Russia, scientists from the National

August 07, 2012

proton radiation

NASA investigates proton radiation effects on human cells

A team of researchers at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., has found radiation from protons could further enhance a process that occurs during tumor progression. This information may help lead to

August 05, 2012


Alcohol - not marijuana - is the gateway drug, study shows

For years Americans have been told that marijuana should remain illegal because it is the ultimate "gateway" drug - that is, the drug that most often leads to the abuse of other, more potent drugs.Not so, according to a new study which says alcohol - not marijuana -

July 22, 2012

magnetic portal between earth and sun

NASA claims hidden portals between Earth and Sun exist - setting up a mission to find them

A portal is a shortcut, a guide, a door into the unknown - an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers to distant realms.Thinking SCI-FI? Well, read on.NASA-funded researcher and plasma physicist Jack Scudder of the University of

July 05, 2012

extra dimensions

Latest edition of the 'Particle Physics Bible' now online

Called the PDG for short, the 2012 edition of The Review of Particle Physics runs to over 1,400 pages in print and will be mailed in July to over 16,000 subscribers, with a condensed, 320-page Particle Physics Booklet to follow in September. However, the online

June 20, 2012

SMOS Soil Moisture World Map August 2010 ESA

Over 30 years of global soil moisture observations available to science community

The first remote-sensing soil moisture data record spanning the period 1978 to 2010 – a predecessor of the data now being provided by ESA’s SMOS mission. The datasets are available to the science community for feedback analyses and climate model validation.The

June 19, 2012


Global supply chains cause extinction of many species

Thirty percent of threatened species are at risk because of consumption in developed world according to research made by University of Sydney. The study mapped the world economy to trace the global trade of goods implicated in biodiversity loss such as coffee,

June 16, 2012

sunspot trace

Why Sun won’t forget Calcutta - solar physicist rates Sun's memory

Solar physicist Dibyendu Nandi and PhD student Bidya Binay Karak have shown that the Sun’s memory of its sunspot cycles, long believed to be imprinted in its churning plasma, lasts no longer than five-and-a-half years.Sunspots are regions of strong magnetic fields

June 13, 2012


Continuing deep ocean changes - Earth's water cycle intensifying with atmospheric warming

New research by teams of Australian and US scientists has found there has been a massive reduction in the amount of Antarctic Bottom Water found off the coast of Antarctica. Salinity shifts in the ocean confirm climate and the global water cycle have changed. In a

May 26, 2012

gmo label gmo foods

New technology can detect as little as 0.1 percent GMO contamination in crops, food

Identifying the presence of genetically-modified (GM) contaminants in food and food crops could soon become a whole lot easier and more accurate. Researchers from Lumora, a molecular diagnostics specialist company originating out of Cambridge University, have

May 21, 2012

caltech research

Caltech researchers gain greater insight into earthquake cycles

For those who study earthquakes, one major challenge has been trying to understand all the physics of a fault-both during an earthquake and at times of "rest"-in order to know more about how a particular region may behave in the future. Now, researchers at the

May 15, 2012

maya mural saturno 625x417

Apocalypse on December 21, 2012? Not likely according to reason and new archeological findings in Guatemala

Reasonable ones among us kept saying for years that Mayans never said anything about the end of the world and apocalypse on December 21, 2012. But mainstream media kept pushing the story and keeping the global population in fear that something terrible is going to

May 12, 2012