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Life under 4 km of ice - Over 3,500 life forms found in water samples from Lake Vostok, Antarctic

A team of scientists led by professor of biological sciences at Bowling Green State University, Scott O. Rogers, did a genetic study on the contents of half a liter of water obtained from the Lake Vostok, an underground Antarctic water

July 08, 2013


Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere

Practically everything you have been told by the mainstream scientific community and the media about the alleged detriments of greenhouse gases, and particularly carbon dioxide, appears to be false, according to new data compiled by NASA's Langley Research Center.

July 07, 2013


New study links over 7,000 cancer deaths to cell phone tower radiation exposures

Could exposure to radiation from cell phone towers really responsible for over 7,000 cancer deaths? According to research findings from Brazil, the facts speak for themselves. The study established a direct link between cancer deaths in Belo Horizonte, Brazil's

June 24, 2013

red white blood cells

New study: GMOs linked to blood cell disorders, leukemia

Widespread industry claims that the altered traits of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) do not persist in food and are thus harmless to humans have once again been proven to be false. A new study published in the open-access, peer-reviewed Journal of

June 19, 2013


Herbicide and pesticide exposure linked to Parkinson's disease

A recent study from UCLA has confirmed that exposure to the herbicide Paraquat is linked with a heightened risk of Parkinson's disease. This combines with other research that has found other chemicals used on our foods and landscapes significantly

June 05, 2013


What lies beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

NASA has released a new product called Bedmap2 with clear picture of Antarctica from the ice surface down to the bedrock below. Up until now, researchers used 10 years old collection of Antarctic data. The product was a result of work led by the British

June 05, 2013


Does your bottled water contain nicotine? How about pharmaceuticals?

Research published last year determined that commercial bottled water in Spain had over 50 pharmaceutically-active chemicals in it, as well as the highly addictive drug nicotine. Is your (or your children's) bottled water polluted with addictive

May 25, 2013


New study reveals how glyphosate in Monsanto's Roundup inhibits natural detoxification in human cells

The modern age of industrial agriculture and manufacturing has dumped heavy metals, carcinogens, plastics, and pesticides into the environment at alarming rates. These toxins are showing up in most human tissue cells today. One distinct chemical may be trapping these

May 24, 2013


Ten-year study establishes link between bad relationships and depression

If you buy into the medical propaganda that depression is the result of a chemical imbalance, then you've bought into just that - propaganda. We've yet to see the evidence of those mysterious chemical imbalances, even though trillions of dollars are made

May 22, 2013


WMO dubbed last year as disturbing sign of climate change

The World Meteorological Organisation revealed in Statement on the Status of the Global Climate, that during the August to September 2012 melting season, the Arctic’s sea ice cover was just 3.4 million square kilometres (1.32 million square miles). That

May 04, 2013

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Cassini - meteoroids are breaking into streams of rubble and crashing into Saturn's rings

New results from NASA's Cassini spacecraft show that small meteoroids are breaking into streams of rubble and crashing into Saturn's rings.Saturn's rings are the only place besides Earth, the moon, and Jupiter where researchers along with amateur

April 27, 2013

789px Comet_Shoemaker Levy_9_approaching_Jupiter

Water in Jupiter's atmosphere came from 1994 comet impact

Observations by ESA's Herschel space observatory have revealed origin of water's mysterious presence in Jupiter's atmosphere. Using sensitive spectral imaging, researchers were able to confirm that water came from historic comet impact in July

April 26, 2013


Jupiter's moon Io - new discoveries about the most volcanically active world in the Solar System

Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active world in the Solar System. It has hundreds of volcanoes and volcanic activity 25 times that of Earth. However, according to NASA and European Space Agency researchers, the concentrations of volcanic activity are

April 17, 2013


Medical application of 'graphene foam' in neural stem cell therapy

Neural stem cell (NSC) based therapy holds promise for treating numerous neurological disorders. In this treatment, NSCs require scaffolds to provide micro-environments for their growth and differentiation. In 2011, Korean researchers had reported that graphene sheets

April 17, 2013


Nano technology solar design cools buildings in full sunlight

Solar energy is not something associated with cooling, but a research team from Stanford University have utilised new technology for effective cooling in buildings and cars.Shanhui Fan, a Stanfoird professor of electrical engineering, has developed nano technology

April 10, 2013

universe light temperature differences

Using sound to determine and understand the shape of the universe

A recent paper in the Physical Review Letters has reported a new mathematical tool that can help understand and reveal the shape of the Universe to a great extent.As the universe expands, it is continually subjected to energy shifts, or “quantum

April 10, 2013

Dragon Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

NASA's unmanned aircraft surveys volcano

To improve understanding of volcanoes, researchers need to gather data about volcanic ash and gases. However, volcanic airspace contains noxious gases that can be dangerous for researchers as well as conventional combustion engines. Considering the nature and magnitude

April 05, 2013