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Fin whale carcass off San Diego coast

The 50-foot-long female whale was spotted Saturday morning in San Diego in a secluded part of the coast unreachable by the public. San Diego lifeguards hope a high tide could helps float a dead 50-ton fin whale carcass off the coastline near Sunset Cliffs so it

November 22, 2011

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Red tide and 4.2 milion dead fish warn Texans to stay away from the beaches

Department of State Health Services has issued a warning to the harvesting and consumption of oysters, mussels, clams and whelks from Texas waters but not a warning for Texans to stay away from the toxic red tide area. Red tide toxin (in the ocean) also can become

November 15, 2011

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Stranded whales seen on Tasmanian beach

Mass stranding of 20 sperm whales was reported on Tasmania's west coast. Only four whales stuck in shallow water believed to still be alive. Rescuers were making progress in freeing another eight sperm whales stranded on a sand bar in Macquarie Harbour, about four

November 12, 2011

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Thousands of dead birds washed offshore Lake Huron's Georgian Bay, Canada

People in Ontario's cottage country woke up to an alarming and worrisome sight Saturday: thousands of dead birds washed up on the shore of Lake Huron's Georgian Bay. Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating after hundreds of birds and fish washed up on the

October 31, 2011


Thousands of dead fish washed ashore on Sarasota County, Florida

Thousands of dead fish have washed ashore on a small stretch of shore from Englewood Beach to Stump Pass due to a red tide bloom. Ocean currents are shifting again and most of the dead fish — along with the red tide bloom that killed them — will be heading away

October 16, 2011


Tens of millions of Florida bees mysteriously drop dead in one day, beekeepers blame pesticides

Authorities have already ruled out disease, including the infamous "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD), as the cause of a recent honeybee holocaust that took place in Brevard County, Florida. The UK's Daily Mailreports that up to 12 million bees from roughly 800 apiaries

October 06, 2011


Mass fish death in E China county, cause unknown

Millions of dead fish have been found in several townships in the county since Aug 31, with reported loss of up to hundreds of millions yuan. The cause of the mass death remains unknown. Fishermen said it could be due to the pollutant discharged from the enterprises

September 04, 2011


Massive fishkill at Pearl River, clean up underway

Residents in the Walkaih area along the Pearl River are being asked not eat fish they get from the river. Advisories against drinking tap water will not be issued.On Friday, some residents along the river began to notice fish were starving for air. By Saturday the

August 18, 2011


Hundreds of dead birds found in Broken Arrow in Oklahoma

A News On 6 viewer became concerned Wednesday after shopping at a Broken Arrow Walmart Neighborhood Market when she said she saw hundreds of dead birds strewn across the parking lot."There were about 60-70 around each tree base, plus the ones starting up at the

August 11, 2011

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Cold snap triggered massive coral die-off

While warming seas are a leading cause in the decline of the world's coral reefs, U.S. researchers have discovered cold temperatures can be just as devastating.Scientists are the University of Georgia conducted a study of coral reefs in the Florida Keys following an

August 10, 2011


Excessive radioactive cesium found in Fukushima fish

Fish caught at a port about 55 kilometers from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant contained radioactive cesium at levels exceeding an allowable limit, the environmental group Greenpeace said Tuesday.The samples taken at Onahama port in Iwaki, Fukushima

August 10, 2011


Dead fish are still being found at Buffalo Pound, Canada

Thanks to our reader Sheila that send us some infos about continuing dead fish at Buffalo Pound we "put an eye" on the story again.According to DiscoverWeyburn dead fish are still being found at Buffalo Pound. Last month thousands of small, dead fish were being found

July 24, 2011


Hundreds of dead fish appear at Radium Springs, South Georgia, USA

The drought is killing hundreds of fish at Radium Springs. The creek that normally connects the springs to the Flint River is dry, and the level of the blue hole is so low, the fish don't have enough oxygen to survive.The natural spring is usually 24 feet deep.

July 02, 2011


Fish are continuing to die in large numbers in the Arabian Gulf waters

Contrary to the claims of the Environment Public Authority (EPA), the Kuwait Society for Protection of Environment says fish are continuing to die in large numbers in the Arabian Gulf waters, reports Al-Mustaqbal daily.The society made the statement after studying

June 11, 2011


Thousands of dead worms plague Ohio

People across the Tri-State awoke to an unusual sight Thursday - thousands of earthworms lying dead on sidewalks and porches. WLWT was first alerted to the issue by Rick in West Chester.WLWT reporter Brian Hamrick began taking photos from his home in Florence, where

June 05, 2011


Honeybee colonies in the US reduced in number by 30 percent over the 2010-2011 winter

Honeybee colonies in the United States reduced in number by 30 percent over the 2010-2011 winter, according to a recently released annual survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA).The loss was actually lower

June 05, 2011

dead sheep

Mystery disease kills 300 sheep within an hour in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi farmer who went into his barn to take his 300 sheep on their daily pasturing was shocked when he found them all dead, a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom said on Saturday. The farm said he checked the sheep an hour earlier and they were all alive in their barn...

June 01, 2011