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Scientists have found more than 150,000 sites in the Arctic where methane is seeping into the atmosphere

According to a report published in the journal Nature Geoscience, scientists have found more than 150,000 sites in the Arctic where methane is seeping into the atmosphere. The fragile and rapidly changing Arctic is home to large reservoirs of methane, a potent

May 22, 2012

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Greenland's glacier meltdown gives new insight for rising sea level

Greenland's contribution to rising sea level in the 21st century might be significantly less than the upper limits some scientists thought possible, a new study shows. Data shows a 30% speed-up in 10 years on average. With faster movements of the glaciers, ice and

May 13, 2012


Ice melting on Lake Baikal

For several months each year, Russia’s Lake Baikal is covered by a thick layer of ice. Formation begins in late-December, and by mid-January the entire lake is usually blanketed. Come spring, the lake begins its long, slow melt. Patches of open water usually appear

May 10, 2012


Retreating sea ice around Alaska sign of advancing spring

Over the winter of 2011–2012, the extent of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean was slightly below the 1979–2000 average, but conditions in the Bering Sea were different. There, sea ice extents were well above normal, reaching a record high in March 2012. Two factors

May 07, 2012

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Ice breaking up in Hudson Bay, Canada

The cold waters of Hudson Bay are typically covered with ice from January to May each year and reach reaching ice-free status in mid-August, but by early April, 2012, ice breakup was well underway across the Bay. Bits of open water covered with some floating ice can

April 19, 2012

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Ice floes along the Kamchatka coastline seen from ISS

The irregular southeastern coastline of Kamchatka provokes large, circular eddy currents to spin off from the main southwestward-flowing Kamchatka current. Three such eddies are observed by the International Space Station (ISS)  as the winter season blankets

April 09, 2012


Ice cover in the Sea of Okhotsk

In late March, 2012 sea ice hugged the shores of Russia’s Sakhalin Island and covered much of the Sea of Okhotsk. As spring brings increasing sunlight to the region, the ice will begin to break up and flow out to the Pacific Ocean. On March 23, the Japanese

March 30, 2012


Arctic sea ice maximum for 2012

Arctic sea ice reached its maximum extent for the winter of 2011–2012 on March 18, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) has announced. (Extent is the total area of ocean in which ice concentration is at least 15 percent.) With a total extent of 15.24 million

March 27, 2012


Remarkable natural event seen from space: Algae-coated ice phenomena at Princess Astrid Coast, Antarctica

A few weeks ago, NASA’s Terra satellite flew over East Antarctica and detected swirls of green amidst the ice off the Princess Astrid Coast. For three weeks since, scientists have been trying to figure out what Terra saw in this remote region of the world’s

March 18, 2012

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Icelandic proglacial dust storms - link between dust storms and glacial melting

There is a link between large dust storms on Iceland and glacial melting according to new study by a University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science led by prof. Joseph M. Prospero and colleagues Joanna E. Bullard and Richard Hodgkins

March 10, 2012


Unusual blue-green mass in Mackenzie Bay, Antarctic

Off the northeastern edge of Antarctica’s Amery Ice Shelf lies Mackenzie Bay, which was painted with a ghostly blue-green mass in early February 2012. Icebergs sometimes interrupt flow of similarly colored tendrils northward across the ocean. Multiple factors

February 23, 2012

avalance jammu and Kashmir feb 23 2012

Two overnight avalanches in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Indian army officials say two avalanches in snowbound regions of Indian-controlled Kashmir have killed at least three soldiers at 04:05 UTC on Thursday, February 23, 2012. Several more are feared trapped in a military camp that was partially buried under snow. Col....

February 23, 2012


Heavy marks of snow in northern Africa

The severe winter cold and snow that battered Europe over three weeks also left a heavy mark on Mediterranean coast of northern Africa. Eastern Atlas mountain region of northeastern Algeria and northwestern Tunisia likely caught the worst of the snow as heavy storm

February 22, 2012

snow pictures

How much snow is on the ground!?

Snow represents both a hazard and a water resource. Both require detailed assessments of snow amounts and depth. Traditional measuring devices such as snow gauges and yardsticks are often inadequate for capturing snow totals that may vary even within a single field or

February 16, 2012

cold snap climate change

Europe braces for new wave of polar cold

A massive cold wave blamed for killing nearly 300 people will continue for portions of Europe, while the harshest cold will start to shrink for others next week. The cold will continue to keep a tight grip over much of Europe through this weekend with

February 10, 2012


Blocks of ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier in southern Chile stolen and then found

Somebody stole blocks of ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier in southern Chile. Agents with Chile's National Forest Service (CONAF) claim that ice was being stolen from the glacier, located in the Chilean Patagonia region some 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) south of

February 02, 2012

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Cold snap grips Europe

Severe snow storms have descended on Southern Europe since Wednesday, prompting warnings of very cold weather in Russia, the Baltic States, Poland, Scandinavia and other countries. According to the meteorological services in those countries the temperature will fall

January 31, 2012