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The case of the disappearing sperm: French men's sperm count plummets over last 16 years

The world is becoming an increasingly hostile place for the survival and persistence of masculinity, particularly with regards to male fertility and vitality. A deadly combination of estrogenic toxins in the food supply; harmful chemicals in the environment, and poor

December 15, 2012


Low-level pesticide exposure damages cognitive ability

Even low-level exposure to a widely used group of pesticides can produce long-term damage to cognitive abilities, according to a study conducted by researchers from University College London and the Open University and published in the journal Critical Reviews in

December 12, 2012


Scientists fight superbugs naturally with copper

Contact with copper can prevent bacteria from exchanging genetic material and even kill them, making it a potent resource in the fight against the spread of drug-resistant superbugs, according to a study conducted at the University of Southampton, England and

December 10, 2012

children pest exposure

Pesticides are making our children sick

From childhood cancers to learning disabilities and asthma, a wide range of childhood diseases and disorders linked to exposure to pesticides are on the rise.A new study from the Pesticide Action Network says that the more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides used in

November 23, 2012

gmo_tomato genetically modified organism danger to infants children_b

Shocking! Toxic GMO compounds found in nearly 100% of pregnant women and their fetuses

New shocking research has revealed that toxins implanted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of women and unborn babies at nearly 100%. Most recently, scientists in Canada conducted a study on pregnant and non-pregnant women, looking for

November 01, 2012


Groundbreaking study: Aronia, curcumin extracts effectively kill brain cancer cell line

Researchers from the Department of Natural Sciences at Middlesex University in the U.K. have made a fascinating discovery concerning two natural "superfood" compounds and their ability to kill cancer cells. It turns out that both chokeberry extract (Aronia

October 21, 2012

magnet cancer

Korean scientists successfully kill cancer with magnets

In South Korea, scientists used a magnetic field to get cancer cells to actually self-destruct. The body removes old, defective, and infected cells through the process of programmed cell death (PCD), or apoptosis. In apoptosis, the rejected cell responds to certain

October 18, 2012

gmo labeling

Don't celebrate yet, but a grassroots victory against GMO deception is now inevitable

The battle against genetically modified organisms being secretly engineered into our foods now has only one possible outcome: Victory for the People... and defeat of the corporate quack scientists and the outrageously dishonest and sinister biotech industry that has

October 16, 2012


Research shows ginger selectively kills breast cancer cells

Ginger extract may turn out to be more effective at fighting breast cancer than any drug currently on the market - so suggest the findings of a new study conducted by researchers from the Biological Sciences Department, Faculty of Sciences, King Abdulaziz University,

October 14, 2012


President of Gambia says special herbs cured dozens of patients with HIV, AIDS

Representing the seventh round of cases successfully treated since 2007, 68 people were recently discharged from Gambia's Presidential Alternative Medical Treatment Programme (PAMTP) after reportedly being cured of either HIV or AIDS. Reports indicate that the

October 14, 2012

turmeric traditional medicine

Turmeric can help regenerate the liver, groundbreaking new research

Incredible, groundbreaking new research just published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand found that the primary polyphenol in turmeric - curcumin - is able to repair and even regenerate the liver tissues in diabetic rats.Researchers at

October 11, 2012


Study: GMO toxins found in nearly all pregnant women, unborn babies

A recent study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology debunks yet another lie of the biotechnology industry concerning genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). According to an analysis conducted by researchers from the University of Sherbrooke Hospital

October 10, 2012

gmo protest

Monsanto fails at attempt to explain away tumors caused by GM corn

Monsanto's efforts to dismiss new evidence linking its genetically modified (GM) corn to tumors has been thoroughly debunked in a public briefing by the food sustainability nonprofit Earth Open Source."NK603 must be immediately withdrawn from the market and all GMOs

October 06, 2012


Dioxins - Causing generations of damage

A new study out this week shows how exposure to environmental pollutants can cause genetic mutations. Now epigeneticists found that some exposures can change how genes are expressed and then are passed on for generations. "Not only does the individual exposed get the

October 05, 2012

medical marijuana crop us gov university of mississippi

Connecticut medical marijuana law goes into effect - AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis...

Connecticut patients suffering from certain debilitating medical conditions are, starting from Monday, October 1, 2012, able to apply with the state Department of Consumer Protection to receive medical marijuana. This step is among the first toward creating a new

October 01, 2012

happy children

Good news for children – Vaccination opt-outs on the rise

Believe it or not there are men and women who are mentally twisted enough to believe they are doing the right thing when they poison children. They choose to ignore the fact that, by their dastardly acts, they can wipe the smiles off the faces of innocent and

September 26, 2012

h1n1 virus swine flu

Receivers of flu vaccine more likely to catch H1N1 virus, new study finds

New information has emerged concerning the Great Swine Flu Hoax of 2009 and the mass vaccination hysteria that accompanied it. As it turns out, the seasonal influenza vaccine that was pushed on everyone as an added preventive measure against H1N1 appears to have been

September 26, 2012