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Flooding on the Arabian Peninsula

Torrential rains caused flooding in parts of Saudi Arabia and Oman in mid- to late April 2012. News reports blamed the floods for damaged buildings, washed out roads, 18 deaths, and about 12 people missing. As of April 21, police and air force personnel were engaged in

April 29, 2012


Flash floods hit Nairobi and parts of Kenya

Flash flooding has hit Kenya during the last few days as the height of the rainy season unfolds. Wednesday, renewed cloudbursts pounded Nairobi and other parts of Kenya. Nairobi and much of Kenya sees the peak of its rainiest season during April, a month prone to

April 25, 2012


Deadly flooding in Colombia due the seasonal rains

Over the past several weeks, heavy seasonal rain caused major flooding throughout much of Colombia. Heavy rainfall in recent weeks have caused major flooding of the nearby . The resulting floods of Bogota and Chic0 rivers have affected more than 2,000 families in

April 21, 2012


Fear of hyperflooding and nuclear hazard on Dnieper River, Ukraine

After an unusually cold winter in Ukraine, the spring melting of the Kyiv (or Kiev) Reservoir on the Dnieper River has caused potentially hazardous rafts of ice to start drifting toward a dam and hydroelectric plant at the southern edge of the reservoir. The

April 05, 2012

Tropical Storm Daphne MODIS FULL

State of emergency declared on Fiji after Tropical Storm Daphne caused severe flooding

Flood-ravaged Fiji declared a state of emergency on Sunday and warned tourists to stay away for the time being, as heavy rain and high winds continued to pound the South Pacific nation.Officials said they could not guarantee visitors' safety in the wake of flash

April 02, 2012

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Flash floods caused havoc in Fiji

A tropical low pressure caused flash flooding which cut highways and forced evacuations in Fiji with residents sheltering from rising waters on rooftops today, on March 30. Heavy rains caused rivers to burst their banks in the west of the main island Viti Levu. The

March 30, 2012


Flooding in Southeastern Australia

Rising waters flooded parts of New South Wales and Victoria, Australia, in March 2012, forcing some residents to evacuate their homes. On March 15, evacuation orders were lifted for the northern Victoria town of Nathalia, which had faced possible inundation. Although

March 17, 2012

march 14 2012 chile floods

Extreme south of Chile on red alert due to flash floods

Sunday rains and flash floods in Punta Arenas, extreme south of Chile have left an estimated 800 people homeless forcing the city to close schools while the local chapter of the National Emergency office, Onemi, raised the alarm level from orange (moderate) to red

March 14, 2012

Australia_Flooding_march 3

Flash floods Australia - worst flooding in decades continues to threaten parts of state

One-third of New South Wales (NSW) communities have been declared natural disaster zones as the worst flooding in decades continues to threaten parts of the state. Four more natural disaster zones were declared on Tuesday March 13th, bringing the total to 53 out of

March 13, 2012

australia flood march 2012

Australian floods: scope of flooding coming to light - state of emergency for Wagga Wagga

Floodwaters covering much of western New South Wales, northern Victoria and northern South Australia are now glaring in the sunshine after a week's worth of dense cloud and rain.The scope of the flooding is coming to light, particularly from the air, where

March 06, 2012


Record widespread rainfall threatens massive floodings in Australia

Wide tracts of open desert as well as key agricultural lands and some urban areas will be at risk of inundation and severe floodings due torrential rains at middle and southeastern Australia. Widespread rainfall through Sunday reached 150 to 250 mm (6 to 10 inches).

March 01, 2012

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Floods in northwestern Tunisia

Melting snow, overflowing rivers and heavy rains flooded parts of northwestern Tunisia in late February 2012. Flood waters reached rooftops in some areas, and at least one vehicle was swept away by fast-moving water. These images show the coastal region of...

February 29, 2012


World's driest desert hit by flash floods

Northern Chile's part of Andes, one of the driest places on Earth, was hit by torrential rains that caused flash floods. San Pedro de Atacama and Tonocao are two high Atacama Desert towns that were hit by muddy-brown water destruction event with floodwaters up to two

February 21, 2012

120105083522 brazil flooding story top

Landslides and floods hit Brasil - Entire state of Rio de Janeiro on high alert

About 4000 people evacuated from their homes early on Thursday because of a broken dike (dam to contain the water of rivers) in Campos, North Fluminense, Brasil. On Wednesday the level of the Paraiba do Sul River reached 10.90 meters. Normal level at this time of year

January 06, 2012


Gamalama volcano mudflows swept through the village of Desa Tobu in Indonesia

Days of pouring rain created rivers of ash and debris that killed four people and forced thousands to flee their homes for the second time in a month. On Tuesday night, runoff from tropical downpours on the slopes of Mt. Gamalama generated mudflows, known as lahars,...

December 29, 2011


New typhoon likely to strike Philippines / Typhoon Washi aftermath

Meteorologists in the Philippines warn about the possibility of a new storm - just days after a powerful typhoon claimed the lives of more tahn 1,500 people. According to forecasts, on Monday night Mindanao island will have some 20 inches of precipitation. PAGASA

December 28, 2011

tanzania satellite 22 12 2011

Heavy rains hit Tanzania's main city of Dar es Salaam - more floods to come

At least 13 people have died in floods after unusually heavy rains hit Tanzania's main city of Dar es Salaam on Tuesday. The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has warned that the downpours are set to continue and has told those living in the city's...

December 22, 2011