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Wireless device converts 'lost' energy into electric power

Using inexpensive materials configured and tuned to capture microwave signals, researchers at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering have designed a power-harvesting device with efficiency similar to that of modern solar panels. The device wirelessly

November 13, 2013


New miracle material poised to alleviate the global water and energy crisis

Daunting observations made in the Population Institute report, "2030: The 'Perfect Storm' Scenario," clearly illustrate the dire need for innovative solutions concerning the pending worldwide energy and water crisis. According to Science Daily,

November 04, 2013


Japan nuclear-free as last reactor shuts down

It's a shame that terrible disaster had to be the cause of extreme public outrage against nuclear power in Japan, but it is the fact. As last nuclear reactor began switching off yesterday, Japan will, for the second time since the Fukushima disaster,

September 16, 2013


'Fracking' began in China’s most dangerous earthquake zone

Oil companies have started drilling for oil in China's Sichuan region, an earthquake hot bed, where nearly 70 000 people died in devastating M 8.0 earthquake in 2008. The Sichuan province of China has seen many strong and

August 07, 2013


Free energy breakthrough? Holy grail of water splitting technology now achieved with sunlight, mirrors and seawater

A team of scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder, have achieved what appears to be the "holy grail" of water splitting technology for the production and storage of clean, abundant energy. Because sunlight is free, I'm calling this "free

August 02, 2013


1.2 billion people in the world without access to electricity

According to the report published on May 28, 2013 by the Global Tracking Framework about 1.2 billion people don’t have access to electricity and 2.8 billion have to rely on wood or other biomass to cook and heat their homes. Most of the people still

May 29, 2013


Nano technology solar design cools buildings in full sunlight

Solar energy is not something associated with cooling, but a research team from Stanford University have utilised new technology for effective cooling in buildings and cars.Shanhui Fan, a Stanfoird professor of electrical engineering, has developed nano technology

April 10, 2013


Scientists produce hydrogen by mixing silicon and water

Hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel and arguably an excellent candidate of alternative energy. Use of  hydrogen extracted from water  to generate electricity is a topic of an ongoing debate. Recent experiments by University at Buffalo researchers revealed how silicon

February 02, 2013


Is the Sun Dying? Eric Dollard reveals 3 secrets about the Sun

Eric Dollard is the only man known to be able to accurately reproduce many of Tesla's experiments with Radiant Energy and wireless transmission of power. He is able to do this because he understands that conventional electrical theory only

January 31, 2013


Mexican firm plans to build 30 MW wave power projects

With growing environmental concerns, nations and corporations are considering renewable sources of energy to help generate clean and green energy. One such source wave power (different from Tidal power), is usually ignored in renewal energy talks. Mexican

December 15, 2012

Abundance Electrogravitics1

Electrogravitics – A simplified description

Electrogravitics... This technology, in which the separation of positive charges from negative charges produced a movement of that which was between the charged plates towards the positive plate, was being developed and tested in all major aerospace companies in the

October 26, 2012

Abundance End of Entropy 1

The End of Entropy: A look at our entropic world and the evidence supporting how we could change this

Entropy… That measure of disorder that increases as energy is dissipated into unusable forms effects many aspects of our present human condition. It is easy to grasp the principle as it pertains directly to heat. We see the energy of a fire heat our food, but we also

October 20, 2012


Germany raising surcharge for energy utility bills by 47% to fund renewable energy

Four major German utilities, the Federal Network Agency and grid authority have announced that they are raising the surcharge that customers pay on their utility bills to fund renewable energy by a steep 47% in 2013, from € 3.592 c/kWh now to 5.277 c/kWh.  This to

October 19, 2012

denmark solar energy

Denmark achieves solar energy goal eight years in advance

Earlier this year, Denmark's parliament resolved to increase share of renewable energy to 35% among Danish energy supply by 2020, making it to 100% by 2050. Denmark recently announced that the nation will achieve its 2020-goal of 200 MW solar cell capacity this year,

October 11, 2012

nuclear reactor

Stress tests of nuclear power plants in EU released new concerns

European activists are joining their voices and worries after European Commision released this week their "stress tests" report of nuclear power plants (NPP) in Europe. By the report there are currently 145 nuclear reactors in 15 European states, EC states that safety

October 06, 2012

oil arctic 1

Even major oil company warns of a potential disaster of Arctic oil drilling

Arctic region is the world’s last untapped oil and gas reserves.With rapid ice melt the region becomes more accessible to oil and gas companies. Oil has been produced continuously onshore in the Arctic for several decades. Offshore drilling first took place in

October 01, 2012

rawlemon solar energy generator

Glass orb that concentrates sunlight up to 10000 times!

A spherical glass solar energy generator, which even has potential to harvest lunar energy for producing electricity is center of attraction these days. This innovation by Barcelona-based German Architect André Broessel is called  ß.torics system. This device

September 20, 2012