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Being Prepared is not Fear - do YOU have the power?

As I said in last nights Transpicuous News Report, I am not a negative person, nor a pessimist - far from it in fact. But I am a Realist, and right now, the Realist in me says "Be Prepared".At this moment, the world of "Finance" "Economy" a

December 21, 2014

Pelamis_oscillating_snake like_device

Ireland takes first steps toward wave energy

Pelamis Wave Power announced last week that it was shortlisted as one of just two technology developers to progress to the next stage of a WestWave procurement process with Irish utility ESB for the deployment of Pelamis wave energy machines on the west coast of Ireland

October 03, 2014


Russia announces fast neutron reactor progress

Russia's ‘Proryv’, or Breakthrough project is nearing it's ultimate aim to eliminate production of radioactive waste from nuclear power generation. Russia has announced two new milestones that enables a closed nuclear fuel cycle. According to

September 21, 2014


Eliminating the mother of all physics myths

Today if you are one of the lucky physicists who is supported by mass media you can say anything you want and it will be considered physics fact. You can propose a new imaginary particle and call it the God particle, Devil particle, Angel particle, Ghost particle and ev

September 11, 2014


New dams in Mekong basin threaten Cambodia's food security, up to 80% of population affected

Experts are warning that the planned construction of 88 hydroelectric dams in the lower Mekong basin by 2030 will cause food security challenges in Cambodia. Up to 80 percent of population might be affected.“Cambodia is going to pay the highest price for dam devel

July 28, 2014

7Iberian Peninsula s geothermal power can generate current electrical capacity five times over_image_380

Iberian Peninsula’s geothermal power can generate current electrical capacity five times over

Researchers from the University of Valladolid (Spain) have estimated how much electricity could be obtained from the heat stored in the first ten kilometres beneath the Peninsula. Results indicate around 700 GW: five times that of all the electrical power installed

June 19, 2014

Applications_Residential 500x332

SolarCity to build the world's largest advanced solar panel factory, cut down cost of solar power

Chairman of clean energy provider "SolarCity", Elon Musk, announced yesterday the company has signed an agreement to acquire Silevo, a solar panel technology and manufacturing company. The news comes just a couple of days after his Tesla Motors

June 18, 2014


Supercritical solar - new frontier for power generation

CSIRO has used solar energy to generate hot and pressurised ‘supercritical’ steam, at the highest temperatures ever achieved in the world outside of fossil fuel sources.Supercritical steam is a breakthrough for solar energy and means that one day the sun cou

June 17, 2014


Sun as the answer for 400 million Indians without electricity

It seems India is about to finally push up the plan to bring at least minimal electricity to 400 million of their citizens still without power. With population of over 1.2 billion their new energy plan is described as second green revolution, the first being a

May 23, 2014


The next big thing in photovoltaics - taking the lead out of a promising solar cell

Northwestern University researchers are the first to develop a new solar cell with good efficiency that uses tin instead of lead perovskite as the harvester of light. The low-cost, environmentally friendly solar cell can be made easily using "bench" chemistry

May 05, 2014

800px Krafla_geothermal_power_station_wiki

Japan shifts focus on abundant geothermal energy

After devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant three years ago Japan is still keeping all their remaining nuclear power plants shut down and actively searching for alternative energy sources ever since. With rich

March 28, 2014


US solar sector boomed in 2013, growing trend expected to continue through 2014

United States solar industry boomed last year with a record breaking volume of new solar capacity added, almost 5 000 MW. U.S. has installed more solar in last 18 months than in the previous 30 years combined and the growing trend is expected to

March 08, 2014


"History and Theory of Electricity" - By Eric P. Dollard

The following presentation was made by famous electrical engineer Eric P. Dollard at the Tesla Society around 2007. He is considered by many to be the most knowledgeable expert alive today on the true nature of electricity. Eric Dollard is author

March 02, 2014


Scientists bring energy-efficient nuclear fusion closer to reality

American scientists have made a giant leap forward in the realm of energy-efficient nuclear fusion, overcoming a key obstacle to making such reactors a reality. Researchers have managed to demonstrate that they can now produce more energy than what is put into

February 19, 2014


Artificial leaf jumps developmental hurdle

In a recent early online edition of Nature Chemistry, ASU scientists, along with colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory, have reported advances toward perfecting a functional artificial leaf. Designing an artificial leaf that uses solar energy to convert

February 19, 2014

Drill_of_the_IDDP 1_well_ _Iceland

World's first magma-enhanced geothermal system created in Iceland

In 2009, a borehole drilled at Krafla, northeast Iceland, as part of the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project (IDDP), unexpectedly penetrated into magma (molten rock) at only 2100 meters depth, with a temperature of 900-1000 C. The borehole, IDDP-1, was the first

January 25, 2014


Renewable tidal energy could power about half of Scotland, studies show

Renewable tidal energy sufficient to power about half of Scotland could be harnessed from a single stretch of water off the north coast of the country, engineers say. Researchers have completed the most detailed study yet of how much tidal power could be generated

January 21, 2014