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ain sefra algeria snow covered sand dunes january 17 2022 f

Frost covers sand dunes of Ain Sefra for the fifth winter in a row, Algeria

Sand dunes around the Algerian town of Ain Sefra -- a region known as The Gateway to the Sahara -- were seen covered with frost on January 17, 2022, as overnight temperatures dipped to -2 °C (28 °F) You can hardly call this rare anymore, as this is the fifth...

January 21, 2022

nukualofa after eruption at hunga tonga hunga haapai january 15 2022 Consulate of the Kingdom of Tonga f

Photos show Tonga covered in ash, 'all agriculture ruined' after tsunami impact

Photos from the Kingdom of Tonga show streets and buildings covered in heavy ash after the massive eruption at Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai on January 15, 2022. While streets and roofs can be cleared, tsunami waves, up to 15 m (49 feet) in some places, and heavy...

January 19, 2022

PSC TYPE II january 17 2022 adrien mauduit f

Very rare Polar Stratospheric Clouds Type II appear over Scandinavia

Northern regions of Scandinavia were treated to a very rare high-altitude spectacle on January 17, 2022, photographer Adrien Mauduit reports. For about 2 hours, rare polar stratospheric clouds (PSC) type II appeared out of nowhere, displaying a staggering...

January 18, 2022

dalian food silos january 2022 fs

China stockpiling food at historically high levels

China is stockpiling food at historically high levels and now has more than half of the world's maize and other grains. By mid-2022, the country is estimated to hold 69% of the world’s corn reserves, 60% of rice, and 51% of wheat. At the end of 2021,...

January 14, 2022

wolf volcano lava january 11 2022 f

Lava flow at Wolf volcano now 15 km (9.3 miles) long, Galapagos Islands

Lava flow produced by the eruption of Ecuador's Wolf volcano that started on January 7, 2022, is now 15 km (9.3 miles) long and less than 5 km (3.1 miles) from the coast. The last eruption of this volcano took place in 2015 (VEI 4)1 -- it was its first eruption...

January 12, 2022

earthquakes under ruapehu summit january 2022 f

Sequence of tectonic earthquakes under the summit of Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand

Tectonic earthquakes are being registered beneath the summit area of Ruapehu volcano in New Zealand since December 30, 2021. While these earthquakes are uncommon, none of the monitoring data suggests that the volcano is exhibiting increased levels of activity....

January 12, 2022

canyon de furnas brazil rockfall january 2022 f

Massive rock topple at Canyon de Furnas in Brazil kills 10 people, injures 32

At least 10 people have been killed and 32 others injured after a massive chunk of rocks toppled onto boaters in Canyon de Furnas, Brazil. The event took place on Saturday, January 8, 2022, after a period of heavy rain. 4 boats were affected, of which two directly....

January 10, 2022

tokyo snow january 6 2022 by maronkurin1 f

Heavy snow hits Tokyo, forcing JMA to issue the city's first heavy snow warning since 2018

Heavy snow blanketed capital Tokyo on January 6, 2022, forcing the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) to issue the city's first heavy snow warning since 2018. JMA meteorologists said a low-pressure system off Japan's Pacific coast has brought snow to a wide...

January 06, 2022

fireball over pittsburg pennsylvania january 1 2022 f

New Year's Day meteor explosion over Pittsburgh captured via GOES-16 satellite, U.S.

A loud boom over the skies of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on January 1, 2022, was caused by a meteor exploding with the blast energy equivalent to 30 tons of TNT. The event took place around 16:20 UTC (11:30 EST) but was not observable from the ground due to clouds....

January 05, 2022

hunga tonga hunga haapai volcano eruption tonga december 30 2021 f2

Eruption at Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai, Tonga

Eruption at Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano in Tonga started on December 19, 2021, and continued into 2022 although at a much lower intensity. The Aviation Color Code remains at Orange. Intermittent eruption with an ash plume rising up to 3 km (10 000 feet)...

January 03, 2022

ex tropical cyclone seth 0610z january 2 2022 f

Ex-Tropical Cyclone "Seth" producing high tides and dangerous surf in parts of Queensland and NSW, Australia

Tropical Cyclone "Seth" formed in the Coral Sea NE of Mackay, Queensland on December 31, 2021, as the 4th named storm of the 2021/22 Australian region cyclone season. While Seth is not expected to directly affect the coastline over the weekend, it will...

January 02, 2022

fagradalsfjall deformation iceland dec 20 26 2021 f

Surface deformation near Fagradalsfjall volcano resembles pre-eruption state, Iceland

Latest InSAR images near the Fagradalsfjall eruption site in Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland show clear signs of deformation over the period from December 20 to 26, 2021. The deformation seen now is very similar to the deformation observed at the end of February 2021...

December 27, 2021

suomi npp viirs december 22 2021 f

Winter storm "Carmel" drops record rains over Israel

Winter storm "Carmel" made landfall over Israel on Monday, December 20, 2021, bringing record rains, snow, and strong winds. This is the 3rd winter storm named by the newly formed East Mediterranean Storm Naming Group, composed of Greece, Cyprus, and...

December 23, 2021

hunga tonga hunga haapai dec 2021

Acid rain warning for Tonga after massive eruption at Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai

Massive gaseous cloud produced by the eruption at Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano in Tonga rose to an estimated altitude of 18 km (59 000 feet) above sea level, prompting Tonga Geological Services (TGS) to warn all citizens and tourists of possible acid rain...

December 22, 2021

sierra nevada snow december 17 2021 terra modis bg

Sierra snowpack jumps from 19 to 98 percent in just 7 days, U.S.

Snowpack over the Sierra has increased dramatically in just 7 days after a series of storms affected the region last week. The sudden change gives California its wettest start to the Water Year (October 1 - September 30) in more than 40 years. A new series of...

December 21, 2021

northern california m6 2 earthquake december 20 2021 f

Very strong and shallow M6.2 earthquake hits near the coast of California, U.S.

A very strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit near the coast of Petrolia, California, U.S. at 20:10 UTC on December 20, 2021. The agency is reporting a depth of 9.3 km (5.8 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.2 at a depth of 15 km (9.3 miles). The epicenter...

December 20, 2021

malaysia flood december 2021 f

Widespread floods hit Malaysia after more than a month's worth of rain in 1 day

Very heavy rains and widespread floods hit Malaysia over the past 3 days, forcing more than 50 000 people to evacuate their homes and claiming the lives of at least 14 people. The floods were described as one of the worst the country has seen in recent years. Heavy...

December 20, 2021