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ignatiy stone mud volcano eruption july 4 2021 f

Large explosive eruption at Ignatiy Stone Bank mud volcano in Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan

A large explosive eruption took place at Azerbaijani Ignatiy Stone Bank mud volcano in the Caspian Sea, about 10 km (6.2 miles) from the Umid gas field and 30 km (18 miles) from the coast, at around 17:45 UTC (21:45 LT) on Sunday, July 4, 2021. This region has...

July 05, 2021

taal volcano july 1 2021 f

Unprecedented high volcanic SO2 degassing at Taal volcano, Philippines

The highest levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emission were recorded today, July 4, 2021, at an average of 22 628 tonnes/day -- representing the highest ever recorded over Taal, PHIVOLCS reports. The previous record was set on June 28, 2021, with 14 326...

July 04, 2021

offshore atacama chile earthquake july 4 2021 f

Two shallow M6.0 earthquakes hit near the coast of Atacama, Chile

A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit near the coast of Atacama, Chile at 01:01 UTC on July 4, 2021. The quake was followed by another M6.0 at 01:29 UTC and hundreds of aftershocks. Both quakes struck at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles), according to...

July 04, 2021

vog iceland june 2021 f

Vog from Fagradalsfjall completely obscures view to the volcano, Iceland

Volcanic smog (vog) is a visible haze comprised of gas and an aerosol of tiny particles and acidic droplets created when sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other gases emitted from a volcano chemically interact with sunlight and atmospheric oxygen, moisture, and dust. Called...

July 03, 2021

atami landslide july 3 2021 f

Massive mudslide hits Atami after 2 days of record-breaking rain, Japan

At least 20 people are missing and two were found in a state of cardiac arrest after a large-scale mudslide hit Atami, a seaside resort town in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan at around 10:30 LT on July 3, 2021. Atami is about 100 km (62 miles) SW of Tokyo. The slide...

July 03, 2021

lytton canada fire heat wave july 2 2021

Lytton village wiped out by wildfires amid record-breaking heat wave, Canada

The Canadian village of Lytton, which set an all-time national heat record this week, has been engulfed by fast-moving wildfires, officials said Thursday, July 1, 2021. Mayor Jan Polderman said the whole place is on fire, adding that two people were reported dead....

July 02, 2021

etna paroxysm july 2 2021 f

Powerful paroxysmal eruptive episode at Etna, Italy

A new powerful paroxysmal episode started at Etna's Southeast Crater, late July 1, 2021, and lasted approximately 120 minutes. This was the 5th paroxysm since June 25 and the first since June 28. Strombolian activity at the Southeast Crater resumed at 22:40 UTC...

July 02, 2021

active volcanoes world

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: June 23 - 29, 2021

New activity/unrest was reported for 3 volcanoes from June 23 to 29, 2021. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 11 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica | Sarychev Peak, Matua Island (Russia) | Suwanosejima, Ryukyu...

July 01, 2021

cold blast south america june 2021

Unprecedented cold and record snow engulf parts of South America

A powerful Antarctic cold mass is bringing unprecedented cold, record snow, and frosts to parts of South America, such as Argentina and Brazil. In Brazil, one of the strongest polar air masses in the past years is starting to make temperatures drop in the Rio Grande...

July 01, 2021

taal phreatic eruption july 1 2021 f

Phreatomagmatic eruption at Taal volcano, Alert Level raised to 3, Philippines

A phreatomagmatic eruption took place at Taal volcano, Philippines at 07:16 UTC (15:16 LT) on July 1, 2021, generating a short-lived dark plume up to 1 km (3 300 feet). Anomalously high volcanic SO2 gas emission preceded the eruption, averaging 14 241 tonnes/day and...

July 01, 2021

iceland volcano june 26 2021

Increased volcanic activity reported near Fagradalsfjall, Iceland

An increase in volcanic activity was reported near the Fagradalsfjall eruption site in Southwest Iceland on Saturday, June 26, 2021. If the development continues, authorities said lava will flow sooner than expected over Suðurstrandarvegur road, a key road that...

July 01, 2021

severe storm germany france switzerland june 29 2021

Severe storms bring giant hail, floods and damaging winds to Germany, Switzerland and France

Severe storms, including hail, heavy rain, and gale-force winds hit parts of Germany Switzerland, and France on Monday and Tuesday, June 28 and 29, 2021, triggering widespread flooding and damage. In Germany, several road tunnels were flooded and rail services were...

June 30, 2021

heat wave pacific northwest june 30 2021 2

Death toll rising amid a historic heat wave in British Columbia, Canada

More than 230 deaths have been reported in British Columbia, Canada from Friday, June 25 to Monday afternoon, June 28, 2021, amid a historic heat wave in the Pacific Northwest. The number is nearly double the expected amount and is predicted to further increase as...

June 30, 2021

russia storm june 28 2021

Destructive storm hits Moscow after record heat, Russia

Destructive rains and strong winds hit Moscow, Russia, on Monday, June 28, 2021, a week after the city sizzled through record heat. Powerful gusts uprooted trees and caused damage to cars on streets, while heavy rains triggered flooding. The metro system halted...

June 29, 2021

taal february 28 2020 f

Highest ever recorded SO2 emission over Taal, adverse effects reported, Philippines

High levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emissions and tall, steam-rich plumes have continued to be produced from the Taal Main Crater since this past weekend, PHIVOLCS reported on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Unprecedented SO2 emissions were recorded on June...

June 29, 2021

rincon de la vieja eruption june 28 2021 f

Powerful phreatic eruption at Rincon de la Vieja, Costa Rica

A powerful phreatic eruption took place at Rincon de la Vieja volcano, Costa Rica at 11:40 UTC (05:40 LT) on June 28, 2021. The event lasted about 3 minutes, ejecting dense column of gas and steam, with some amount of ash, up to 4.2 km (14 000 feet) above sea level,...

June 29, 2021

heat wave pacific northwest june 28 2021 2

Temperature records smashed amid historic heat wave in Pacific Northwest

Temperature records were smashed in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and western Canada amid a historic heat wave described by the National Weather Service (NWS) as "historic, dangerous, prolonged and unprecedented." Daytime temperatures were pushed into the...

June 28, 2021