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May 18 off the coast of Chile prelim GE + USGS

Shallow 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Aisen, Chile

Strong and shallow earthquake with magnitude 6.2 struck off the coast of Aisen, Chile on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 2:00 UTC. The epicenter was 542 km (336 miles) WSW of Castro, Los Lagos, Chile (44.594°S, 80.073°W). Recorded depth was 10 km (6.2 miles). Servicio

May 18, 2012

ustempchange_mdl_1990 1

Air pollution causing "warming hole" over the US

Temperatures are increasing on a global scale. But in the central and eastern United States warming has not kept pace with other parts of the world over much of the last century.Parts of the United States cooled between 1930 and 1990. Climate scientists have taken

May 18, 2012


Active volcanoes in the world: May 9 – May 15, 2012

This report covers active volcanoes recorded from May 9 – May 15, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria. New unrest has been noticed around 5 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 9 volcanoes.IJEN, Eastern Java, Indonesia8.058°S, 114.242°E; summit elev.

May 17, 2012

bosnia may 14 2012

Bosnia: Sunbathing one day, snowstorm the next

Bosnians are getting whiplash from the latest crazy weather to hit the Balkans. Weeks after Bosnians had stashed away their winter clothes and their memories of last winter's unbearably heavy snow, residents had to drag out the shovels Monday, May 14, 2012 after waking

May 14, 2012

Tarapaca Chile May 14 2012 eq GE+USGS

Very strong earthquake with magnitude 6.2 struck Chile

Very strong but deep earthquake with magnitude 6.2 struck Tarapaca, Chile on Monday, May 14, 2012 at 10:00 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was 66 km (41 miles) ENE of Tacna, Peru (17.816°S, 69.749°W); border area of Southern Peru and Northern Chile. Recorded

May 14, 2012

lakepalace india

River Periyar in India turns toxic for fish - more deaths near Pathalam belt

For the second time in a week, massive fish deaths were reported from Pathalam belt in river Periyar, India,  triggering alarm and protests.Dead fish were found in bunches on the banks of river on Saturday morning. The local residents and councillors of Kadungalloor

May 14, 2012

Mt Baekdu

Growing fears that huge North Korean volcano will soon erupt

Concern is growing about a possible eruption of Mt. Baekdu, the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula, says this article by Park Chang-seok.A South Korean geological expert has warned that the volcano - which last erupted in 1702 - could erupt sometime around 2014

May 14, 2012

JakobshavnIsbrae 31

Greenland's glacier meltdown gives new insight for rising sea level

Greenland's contribution to rising sea level in the 21st century might be significantly less than the upper limits some scientists thought possible, a new study shows. Data shows a 30% speed-up in 10 years on average. With faster movements of the glaciers, ice and

May 13, 2012


Thousands of children in Nigeria suffer from lead-poisoning

International medical aid group Doctors Without Borders said Thursday that 1,500 children in a mining village in northwest Nigeria have suffered lead-poisoning and are not receiving care. The deaths, affecting children working in artisanal gold mines and those living

May 13, 2012

intensity 1

Strong earthquake hit Tajikistan

Strong earthquake occurred in mountain region in Tajikistan on  May 12, 2012 at 23:28:43 UTC (04:28:43 AM local time - it was the Tajik night at the moment of earthquake).  Tavildara, a village with approx. 500 inhabitants is at a distance of 10 km from the

May 13, 2012

120511 mt fuji 7a

A new massive fault line discovered beneath Mount Fuji

A recently finished three-year study from Japan has discovered a new fault line running beneath Mount Fuji, which towers 3,776-meter (12,385 feet) above sea level. Analysis done on the fault line by the University of Tokyo shows the potential for a magnitude 7.0

May 13, 2012


Drought hits Spain's wheat crop

Spain has faced the driest winter ever recorded. It has raised red flags in Spain, where farmers face the threat of extreme  drought. Grain crops in Spain are suffering after an unusually dry autumn and winter. The amount of rainfall has been just half of normal in

May 12, 2012


Ash plume from Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico

Mexico’s Popocatépetl volcano became increasingly restless in May, 2012, expelling large plumes of gas and ash, as well as ejecting incandescent fragments from the crater.According to Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres (CENAPRED), on that same day

May 12, 2012


Volcanic floodwaters hit 11 villages in Ternate City in North Maluku province, Indonesia

A cold lava flood hit Ternate city in North Maluku Province early on Wednesday. Floods carrying volcanic debris swept through a town in eastern Indonesia killing four people, including a nine-year-old child, and leaving 10 others missing, a government official

May 11, 2012


70 percent of beaches eroding on Hawaiian islands Kauai, Oahu, and Maui

An assessment of coastal change over the past century has found 70 percent of beaches on the islands of Kaua'i, O'ahu, and Maui are undergoing long-term erosion, according to a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and University of Hawai'i (UH) report. Scientists from the

May 11, 2012


Ice melting on Lake Baikal

For several months each year, Russia’s Lake Baikal is covered by a thick layer of ice. Formation begins in late-December, and by mid-January the entire lake is usually blanketed. Come spring, the lake begins its long, slow melt. Patches of open water usually appear

May 10, 2012

pago volcano new britain 2002 USGS

Active volcanoes in the world: May 2 – May 8, 2012

This report covers active volcanoes recorded from May 2 – May 8, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria. New unrest has been noticed around 5 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 8 volcanoes.BATU TARAKomba Island (Indonesia) 7.792°S, 123.579°E; summit

May 10, 2012