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Increased seismic activity in Northern California, US - Strong 5.6 earthquake near Eureka

Shallow earthquake magnitude 5.6 hit Northern Carolina at 21:07:02 UTC (01:07:02 PM) with epicenter near Redwood National park according to USGS. The epicenter was located 10 km (6 miles) west (247°) from Weitchpec,28 km (17 miles) northeast (63°) from

February 14, 2012


New volcano observatory opens in California - Observing a dozens of potentially threating volcanoes

The U.S. Geological Service has opened a new volcano observatory, located outside San Francisco, within existing USGS facilities in Menlo Park. Main purpose of a fifth volcano observatory is to help volcanologists keep a better eye on the state's varied volcanic

February 12, 2012


Eddies - huge masses of water spinning in a whirlpool pattern

The ocean has storms and weather that rival the size and scale of tropical cyclones. These storm are better known as eddies. They are huge masses of water spinning in a whirlpool pattern—either clockwise or counterclockwise—and they can stretch for hundreds of

February 12, 2012

cold snap climate change

Europe braces for new wave of polar cold

A massive cold wave blamed for killing nearly 300 people will continue for portions of Europe, while the harshest cold will start to shrink for others next week. The cold will continue to keep a tight grip over much of Europe through this weekend with

February 10, 2012


New strong eruptions at Mount Etna

The New South-East Crater of Mount Etna has produced a 20th paroxysmal eruptive episode in the early hours of February 9, 2012 after more than 12 days of moderate strombolian activity. This is 2nd paroxysmal event in 2012. This event was less energetic than the

February 10, 2012

pb 120207 philippines earthquake nj 04.photoblog900

Understanding the Cebu/Negros earthquakes

A swarm of earthquakes hit Philippines last two days. An earthquake of magnitude 6.7  yesterday was the strongest and it occurred in the very highly populated region of Central Visayas in Philippines. Philvolcs, the Philippines seismological bureau has reported a

February 07, 2012

pb 120119 beached dolphins 345p.photoblog900

The largest stranding of dolphins on record in the Northeast U.S

The largest stranding of a single species on record in the Northeast Region of the U.S. is taking place right now. As of today, 129 common and Atlantic white sided dolphins stranded on Cape Cod beaches. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) reported that with

February 06, 2012

Earthquake in Negros

Very strong and extremely dangerous earthquake in Negros, Philippines – 40 killed and many missing due to landslides

An earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred in the very highly populated region of Central Visayas in Philippines. The nearest populated places are: Ayungon (20km), Tayasan (12km), Cantaup (16km), Jimalalud (6km), La Libertad (7km), Apanangon (6km), Guihulngan (15km),

February 06, 2012

Seismicsurveyslakeellsw 2

Lake Vostok - Subglacial drill projects at Antarctica

Antarctica has nearly 90% of the ice and 70% of the fresh water on Earth. The third-largest continent, it is one and a half the size of the US.  More than 150 subglacial lakes have so far been discovered beneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheet. These lakes

February 05, 2012

lelepa_island_day_tour_cave_beach 620x250

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake near Isangel, Vanuatu

An earthquakes continue to shake vanuatu archipelago. Magnitude 6.1 occur at 00:15:40 UTC, located 77 km (47 miles) northwest of Isangel, Tanna, 147 km (91 miles) southeast of Port-Vila, Efate, Vanuatu and 309 km (192 miles) NNE of Tadine, Loyalty Islands

February 05, 2012

mongolian uranium mine

The uranium supply crunch is expected to begin by next year

The world produced 53,5 million kilograms of uranium in 2010 but consumed 86.1 million kilograms. Thomas Drolet, the president of Drolet & Associates Energy Services, predicted  that a uranium shortage will hit the world by 2016 according to

February 04, 2012

0130 volcano eruptions_full_600

Increased volcanic activity continues in February

Trend of increased volcanic events continues through February. New activities were observed at Cleveland on Chuginadak Island, indonesian Gamalama on Halmahera, Krakatau, Lewotolo on Lomblen Island and Paluweh at Lesser Sunda Islands as well as Pagan at Mariana

February 03, 2012

Erakor_Island_Vanuatu 1024x682

Swarm of earthquakes hit Vanuatu region

Swarm of earthquakes hit Vanuatu archipelago from the start of February. Magnitude 5.1 occur on Jan 31 at depth of 172.5 km (107.2 miles). Yesterday strong earthquake measuring 7.1 magnitude occurs at depth of 23.1 km (14.4 miles). There were no tsunami warnings

February 03, 2012

prof Carlos Duarte

Carlos Duarte: "We are facing the first clear evidence of a dangerous climate change"

"We are facing the first clear evidence of a dangerous climate change. However, some of the researchers and some of the Media are plunged into a semantic debate about whether the Arctic Sea-Ice has reached a tipping point or not. This all is distracting the attention

February 03, 2012

vanuatu mag 69 eq

Strong earthquakes hit Vanuatu with strongest reaching M 6.9

Several strong earthquakes was reported today in Vanuatu, east of Australia. The strongest reported so far was magnitude 6.9 with epicentre 124 km west of Port-Vila and depth of 10.1 km at 13:34 UTC, Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012. There was no damage reported. The Global

February 02, 2012


Blocks of ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier in southern Chile stolen and then found

Somebody stole blocks of ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier in southern Chile. Agents with Chile's National Forest Service (CONAF) claim that ice was being stolen from the glacier, located in the Chilean Patagonia region some 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) south of

February 02, 2012

cleveland volcano satellite

Cleveland volcano, Alaska - authorities say sudden eruptions could occur at any time

The warning level for a remote Alaska volcano has been raised after a new lava dome began forming, indicating the mountain could explode and send up an ash cloud that could threaten aircraft. The Alaska Volcano Observatory elevated the aviation color code status for

February 01, 2012