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Active volcanoes in the world: November 21 - November 27, 2012

New unrest has been noticed around 10 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 7 volcanoes. This report covers active volcanoes in the world recorded from November 21 – November 27, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria.New activity/unrest: | Chirpoi,

November 29, 2012


State of global temperatures in 2012

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the first ten months of 2012 indicate that it will most likely be the ninth warmest on record (since records began in 1850), despite the cooling influence of La Niña early in the year. The presence of a La Niña

November 29, 2012

Algeria 5_01

Shallow M 5.0 earthquake struck northern Algeria

Moderate earthquake magnitude 5.0 struck northern Algeria at 23:15 UTC on November 28, 2012. European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre recorded M5.0 at depth of 15 km with epicenter located 36.97 N ; 5.10 E, 24 km N of Bijayah with population of 164

November 29, 2012

Pine Island glacier rift

Pine Island Glacier's calving front free of sea ice

Flying over the Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier last year in October, NASA’s Operation IceBridge  scientists discovered a massive rift 29 kilometers (18 miles) long, 80 meters (260 feet) wide on average, and 50 to 60 meters (170 to 200 feet) deep. When that

November 24, 2012

india fires

Smoke from India fires spreading into Bangladesh

Indian farmers often set fire to fields to clear them for planting. According to Indian agricultural practice, preparing for planting with fire has the benefit of clearing out some pests that eat crops and turning crop residues from the previous season into

November 23, 2012


Active volcanoes in the world: November 14 – November 20, 2012

New unrest has been noticed around 5 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 6 volcanoes. This report covers active volcanoes in the world recorded from November 14 – November 20, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria.New activity/unrest: | Cleveland,

November 22, 2012


Magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck offshore Libertador O'Higgins, Chile

Strong earthquake measuring M 5.9 struck offshore Libertador O'Higgins, Chile at 21:36:22 UTC, November 21, 2012 according to USGS. The epicenter was located 106 km (66 miles) SSW (195 degrees) of Valparaiso and 132 km (82 miles) WSW (245 degrees) of Santiago,

November 21, 2012

Mt Tongariro

Mount Tongariro erupts again with black plume of ash

Mt. Tongariro, New Zealand, erupted today, November 21, 2012 around 1:20 pm local time and lasted for five minutes. Reports say black plume of ash was sent several kilometers up in the sky. Hikers, including schoolchildren were evacuated. Residents in the Waikato,

November 21, 2012

norwegian sea1

Anticlockwise rotation of sea-surface height near Norway’s west coast

An unusual anticlockwise rotation of sea-surface height patterns has been observed near Norway’s west coast.  A topographic depression about 3500 m deep in the Norwegian Sea, the Lofoten Basin  is a region of high mesoscale activity and plays an important role

November 21, 2012

Tumbi Quarry landslide

Safeland project - Landslide reports

The EU-funded Safeland Project is a very large, multi-institution research programme designed to develop generic quantitative risk assessment and management tools and strategies for landslides at local, regional, European and societal scales and establish the

November 20, 2012


Indonesian volcano Mt. Rokatenda (Paluweh) continues spurting out ash

Volcanic ash is reportedly spurting out of Mount Rokatenda, in Sikka regency, Indonesia due to increased volcanic activity since October 1, 2012. Based on analysis of satellite imagery and other data, the Darwin VAAC reported that during 11-13 November ash plumes

November 19, 2012


Antarctic sea ice cover is increasing under the effects of climate change

Antarctic sea ice drift caused by changing winds are responsible for observed increases in Antarctic sea ice cover in the past two decades according to new study by British Antarctic Survey and NASA. While Arctic experienced dramatic record ice loss due the climate

November 18, 2012


Magnitude 6.1 shallow earthquake hit Tonga region

Shallow earthquake with recorded Magnitude 6.1 hit Tonga region on November 17, 2012 at 05:12 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was located 174 km (108 miles) ENE of Neiafu, Tonga and 473 km (293 miles) SSW of Tafuna, American Samoa at coordinates 18.311°S,

November 17, 2012


Coffee Arabica could be extinct by the end of the century

Arabica coffee production is strongly (negative) influenced by accelerated climate change, and in most cases the outcome will be negative for the coffee industry.Wild Arabica coffee or Coffee Arabica could extinct due climate changes by the end of this century

November 17, 2012


Magnitude 6.4 (6.8) earthquake struck Kuril Islands, Russia

Strong earthquake, initially registered as M 6.8 but later revised to M 6.4 struck Kuril Islands, Russia at 18:12:42 UTC on November 16, 2012 according to USGS. The epicenter was located 162 km (101 miles) SSW (198°) from Severo-Kuril'sk, Kuril Islands, Russia

November 16, 2012

mt ruapehu

Volcanologists warned of impending Mt. Ruapehu eruption, New Zealand

Volcanologists have warned about impending eruption from one of the most active volcanoes of New zealand, Mt. Ruapehu in central North Island. As a result, New Zealand authorities have instructed climbers to stay away from the peak of Mt. Ruapehu. As per news...

November 16, 2012

cleveland volcano from iss

Active volcanoes in the world: November 7 - November 13, 2012

New unrest has been noticed around 5 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 8 volcanoes. This report covers active volcanoes in the world recorded from November 7 – November 13, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria.New activity/unrest: | Cleveland,

November 15, 2012