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Harbor Seal Pup1

Mutated flu virus is killing New England harbor seals

In the fall of 2011, 162 young harbor seals were discovered stranded or dead on New England beaches. It was officially declared and classified as UME (Unusual Mortality Event) by federal government. H3N8 seal virus is likely to have caused the 2011 mortality event in

August 08, 2012

cascadia subduction zone tsunami

New study shows Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake risk to be much higher than previously thought

America's Pacific Northwest has a 37% chance of being hit by a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 50 years, a new study shows. That's more than double previous estimates of a 10-15% risk. Great Subduction Zone earthquakes are the largest

August 08, 2012


A global catastrophic volcano caused mass graves in London

Scientists search for the Volcanic explosive source of a disaster that wiped out almost a third of Londoners in 1258.When archaeologists discovered thousands of medieval skeletons in a mass burial pit in east London in the 1990s, they assumed they were 14th-century

August 07, 2012

tongariro volcano new zealand

Bright red rocks flying out of the mountain as second New Zealand volcano erupts - Mt. Tongariro

The volcanic alert level for Mt. Tongariro has risen from 1 to 2 after the central North Island volcano erupted for the first time in more than a century late last night. GNS science is reporting that at approximately 11:50 UTC on Monday, August 6, 2012 ash fall began

August 06, 2012

White Island dome_closeup

Volcanic eruption underway on White Island, New Zealand

White Island volcano has erupted, prompting GNS Science, advising caution for visitors to take extra care.The White Island web camera has captured a small eruption on Sunday morning, August 5, 2012 at 04:55 am NZST (August 4, 2012 16:55 UTC) from the Crater Lake at

August 06, 2012

pyongyang flood

North Koreans in desperate need of food after floods - more than 63 000 people left homeless

The downpours have been rolling over the impoverished country for more than a week, sweeping away crops and destroying buildings, the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said in reports over the weekend.Heavy rain across large swathes of North Korea has

August 05, 2012


Deadly storms, landslides and flash floods hit India

Ten people were killed and 38 others went missing as incessant rains battered Uttarakhand on Saturday, August 4, 2012 triggering landslides, cloud bursts and flash floods which flattened homes and stranded hundreds of pilgrims with the Chardham Yatra coming to a

August 04, 2012


Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit New Ireland region, PNG

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit New Ireland, Papua New Guinea on August 2, 2012 at 9:56 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was located 34 km (21 miles) SE of Taron, PNG at 4.706°S, 153.228°E. Recorded depth was 70.6 km (43.9 miles).EMSC is reporting magnitude 5.8

August 02, 2012


Very strong and deep earthuake M6.1 hit central Peru

Very strong but luckily deep earthquake struck Peru on August 2, 2012 at 9:38 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was located 34 km (21 miles) E of Pucallpa, Peru at 8.379°S, 74.245°W.  Recorded depth was 143.3 km (89.0 miles).EMSC is reporting magnitude 5.8 and

August 02, 2012

White Island dome_closeup

Another New Zealand volcano showing signs of increased activity, White Island

An active volcano White Islands, New Zealand in the Bay of Plenty is showing signs of increased activity on August 2, 2012.The aviation alert level for White Island has been lifted now by GNS from green to yellow alert for pilots flying over and near the Bay of

August 02, 2012

tongariro volcano new zealand

Active volcanoes in the world: July 25 – July 31, 2012

New unrest has been noticed around 3 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 14 volcanoes. This report covers active volcanoes in the world recorded from July 25 – July 31, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria.CUMBAL, Colombia0.95°N, 77.87°W; summit

August 02, 2012


Seismic risk high for Indian-Australian plate and is now under major stress

On July 29, 2012, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck off Mexico's Pacific coast close to the Guatemalan border, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.The quake occurred at 6:22 am (12:22 GMT) at a depth of 35 kilometers (21 miles), and was

July 30, 2012

July 29 2012 offshore guatemala 6_0 mag GE

Earthquake magnitude 6.0 struck offshore Guatemala

A strong earthquake with magnitude 6.0 struck offshore Guatemala on July 29, 2012 at 12:22 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was located 26 km (16 miles) SW of Ocos, Guatemala at 14.326°N, 92.352°W. Recorded depth was 35.3 km (21.9 miles). EMSC recorded

July 29, 2012

Big picture Flooding in 012

Satellite images show flooding in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Recent satellite images show flooding in Kangerlussuaq, a key air transportation hub on Greenland. Located in southwestern Greenland roughly 125 kilometers (75 miles) from the coast, Kangerlussuaq, or Kanger, hosts one of the island’s busiest commercial airports.

July 29, 2012


Sea of Azov turned bloody red

Scientists and citizens are baffled as the waters of the Azov Sea turned bloody red close to Berdyansk village in mid-July, according to an article published online by EnglishRussia. Villagers immediately suspected the great pollution from nearby factories. And...

July 29, 2012

png july 28 2012 m6_6

Very strong earthquake magnitude 6.6 struck New Ireland Region, P.N.G.

A very strong earthquake with magnitude 6.6 was recorded in New Ireland Region, Papua New Guinea on July 28, 2012 at 20:04 UTC according to USGS. Epicenter was located 124 km (77 miles) ESE (118°) from Rabaul, New Britain, PNG  at 4.733°S, 153.173°E. Recorded

July 28, 2012


Magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck near Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Strong earthquake measuring M4.7 struck Bosnia and Herzegovina on July 27, 2012 at 23:12:23 UTC according to EMSC. The epicenter was located 1 km E from Zenica and 18 km NW from Kakanj (44.194°N, 17.896°E) at depth of 2 km. USGS reports a M4.6 at a depth of 5.2

July 28, 2012