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Mercury poisoning of our mind, body and the planet - no multidimensional perception

The term "mad as a hatter" will forever be linked to the madcap milliner in Lewis Carroll's classic children's book, Alice in Wonderland. But few actually know that the true origin of the saying relates to a disease peculiar to the hat making industry in the 1800's. A

January 12, 2012


Safely avoid and remove dangerous man-made fluoride

The Nazis used fluoride to dumb down the population and make it more docile and subservient. Besides being one of the most potent rat poisons, fluoride is also one of the basic ingredients in both Prozac (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas

January 10, 2012


The symbiosis of knowledge and evolution

It is of relevance to consider the information that there is a marked symbiotic factor between knowledge and evolution and that this information would be utilised by an alien race in taking control of a planet's civilisation. This would be a case where time was no

December 12, 2011

the force of the new age

Mayan Calendars end - No doomsday today! Rejoice and enjoy as the Dawn of the New age is today

It's not the end of the world - it is 13 AHAU - Completion of all 9 Waves of the Mayan Calendar = Conscious Co-creation and UnityA lot of fuss has been made about the end of Mayan calendar. And media was happy, and media was yelling doomsday, doomsday is near, we are

October 28, 2011

Zoltan Kenwell Zoltan Kenwell 1_1306601698_med

Day 7 of the Universal Cycle - consciously co-create our reality

October 11th 2011 - The Seventh Day of Universal Cycle (9/9) begins with Akbal/Night Energy – polarity, dark and light at the same time, dusk and dawn, sunrise and sunset, two opposing and harmonious energies. According to Carlos Barrios, “the two circumferences at

October 11, 2011

humans electric universe gaia connectivity

Highlights of The Electric Universe Theory

The "Electric Universe" is a hypothesis, a new way of interpreting scientific data in the light of new knowledge about plasma and electricity. In this interpretation, gravity plays a secondary role behind the far more powerful electric force, and electrified plasma in

October 10, 2011

jupiter from a moon

Missing planet explains our solar system's structure

The Solar System once had five giant gaseous planets rather than the four it has today. That's the conclusion from a computer simulation of the Solar System's evolution, which suggests the fifth giant was hurled into interstellar space some 4 billion years...

October 04, 2011


Day 6 of the Universal Cycle

THE SIXTH DAY OF THE NINTH WAVE begins on September 5, 2011TZOLKIN:  12 MANIKDay 207 of 260-Day Tzolkin (Day/Kin Remaining: 53)We are nearing completion of the tenth cycle within the Universal Wave (9th Level) which is the darkest period of dark and

September 05, 2011


The Fifth night of the Ninth wave

 The Fifth Night of the Ninth Wave starts as of August 18th of 2011 and many are wondering what this energy will carry. When we look back at history the fifth night usually appears as a very destructive time period and this naturally adds drama to the interest.

August 17, 2011

neuemayer station

Unbelievable events in Antarctica

We only believe what we see with our own eyes and then even then, if we do not want to see something, we will not see it even if it’s there. Lately, I have been taking virtual journeys down to the Antarctic Circle to the Neumayer Station, which has a 24/7...

July 30, 2011

gone away heavenly bodies_honda

Comets Honda and Elenin fulfill Mayan, Hopi and Christian Prophecies as the Mayan calendar approaches its end on October 28, 2011

Many people have now heard about the upcoming entry to the inner solar system of the comet Elenin ( and there is a whole range of ideas and speculations about what this might entail. Comets have always been seen as harbingers of auspicious or (more

July 23, 2011


The frequency increase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar has thrown the world into the chaos from which the new world will be born

On March 9th, 2011 the ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar system was activated. This was the beginning the final countdown to the date of completion of the Mayan calendar: October 28, 2011. This new wave, made up of thirteen uaxaclahunkin periods of 18

April 28, 2011