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solar activity update jan 17 2012

Active region 11402 - M1 flare & full halo CME / Solar watch Jan 17, 2012 (Video)

A very long duration C6.4 event was detected around Active Region 11402. A Full-Halo Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) was produced shortly after. This CME will hit Venus during the late hours of Jan. 18th. This CME might deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field

January 17, 2012

kelp iodine

The end of antibiotics and the rise of Iodine as an effective alternative

Eventually antibiotics are going to be seen as one of the worst things to ever come out of pharmaceutical science because in the end, they have made us only weaker in the face of ever increasingly strong super bugs that are resistant to all the antibiotics doctors have

January 16, 2012


New study shows humans were hunting fish 42,000 years ago

Fish hooks and fishbones dating back 42,000 years found in a cave in East Timor suggest that humans were capable of skilled, deep-sea fishing 30,000 years earlier than previously thought, researchers in Australia and Japan said in Friday's issue of the journal

January 16, 2012

the watchers biometrics

Beyond the cashless society: IBM's vision for the future

Fresh on the heels of India’s massive databasing program that is set to encompass all 1.2 billion members of its population, recent announcements by IBM should be drawing the attention of some 300 million Americans.IBM’s “IBM 5 in 5” predictions reveal part

January 16, 2012


Radioactive tissue holders found at Bed, Bath & Beyond reveal hypocrisy of failed national security

The Dual Ridge Metal Boutique tissue boxes sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores have been discovered to be radioactive. Made with the extremely dangerous material used to blast cancer tumors with radiation -- cobalt-60 -- they emit gamma rays that are known to

January 16, 2012

knights templar

The banking backstory behind Friday the 13th

The unlucky Friday the 13th is one of the most well-recognized superstitions in the Western world.  This tradition is over 700 years old and has a very interesting origin.During the 12th century there was a massive religious war that consumed most of Europe and

January 13, 2012

biometric eye scan

India implements first biometric ID program for all of its 1.2 billion residents

Over the past few months, I have written several articles dealing with the coming cashless society and the developing technological control grid. I also have written about the surge of government attempts to gain access to and force the use of biometric data for the

January 13, 2012


KILLER SEEDS: The devastating impacts of Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds in India

Monsanto’s operation in India illustrates monopolization and manipulation of the market economy, tradition, technology, and misgovernance. The world’s largest producer of genetically engineered seeds has been selling genetically modified (GM) in India for the last

January 13, 2012


Mercury poisoning of our mind, body and the planet - no multidimensional perception

The term "mad as a hatter" will forever be linked to the madcap milliner in Lewis Carroll's classic children's book, Alice in Wonderland. But few actually know that the true origin of the saying relates to a disease peculiar to the hat making industry in the 1800's. A

January 12, 2012

vaccine slow kill

How to detox aluminum and why it's necessary

We are in the "Age of Aluminum", this according to a lecture by Dr. Chris Exley, PhD at a January 2011 vaccine safety conference in Jamaica. A common expression among those who deflect aluminum's toxicity issues is that aluminum is prominent throughout the earth's

January 11, 2012


Safely avoid and remove dangerous man-made fluoride

The Nazis used fluoride to dumb down the population and make it more docile and subservient. Besides being one of the most potent rat poisons, fluoride is also one of the basic ingredients in both Prozac (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas

January 10, 2012


Neurobiologist: Could Fukushima produce bacteria resistant to antibiotics? — Radiation a sure way to stimulate mutations

The massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck in the Pacific Ocean off the North East coast of Japan generated a series of devastating tsunami waves that reached as high as 38.9 meters. The damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station lost its cooling system,

January 10, 2012

tesla invention

The 10 inventions of Nikola Tesla that changed the world

"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old

January 07, 2012

volcano earthquake watch dec 6 10_01_đ2012

Trans-equatorial Coronal Hole (CH491) - Volcano/Earthquake watch Jan 6-10, 2012 (Video)

Targeting Trans-equatorial Coronal Hole (CH491). After analysis I have isolated (5°N to 5°S Latitude). Solar symmetry to earth indicates best fit regions for a possible 6.9 magnitude earthquake:Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge, North Of Ascension Islands, Ecuador, Peru,

January 05, 2012


Record heatwave in Australia - hottest start of the year in more than a century

Australians have been asked to heed safety advice from authorities as much of the country swelters through what is already shaping up to be a record-breaking heatwave.South Australia is sweltering with the hottest start to the year in more than a century as a hot air

January 03, 2012

grail a artist

NASA's twin GRAIL spacecraft successfully entered lunar orbit

NASA's twin spacecraft GRAIL successfully completed its entry to lunar orbit and is preparing to study the moon in unprecedented detail. It will allow scientists to understand what goes on below the lunar surface. In this particular case the name GRAIL stands

January 02, 2012

solar activity update dec 29 2011

Active region 11389 - CME Impact / Solar Watch Dec 29, 2011 (Video)

New active active region 11389 rotated into view off the south-eastern limb on Wednesday. This region is crackling with C-Class flares, the largest being a C7.2 today.Strong CME impact was detected by the ACE Spacecraft Thursday morning. A possible geomagnetic storm

December 29, 2011

nikola tesla

The world of free energy

In the late 1880's, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting free electricity and free energy in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming common place. Nikola Tesla was demonstrating "wireless

December 27, 2011

volcano earthquake watch dec 27 30 2011

Coronal Hole (CH490) - Volcano/Earthquake watch Dec 27-31, 2011 (Video)

Targeting Coronal Hole (CH490) in the Southern Hemisphere. After analysis I have isolated 24-29° Latitude.Solar symmetry to earth the best fit regions for a possible 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake are: Kermadec Islands region, south of Fiji region, Salta Argentina or

December 27, 2011

russia sea art

Nearly 25,000 underwater radioactive waste objects registered in Russia

There are nearly 25,000 hazardous underwater objects containing solid radioactive waste in Russia, an emergencies ministry official said on Monday.The ministry has compiled a register of so-called sea hazards, including underwater objects in the Baltic, Barents,

December 27, 2011

agent orange cropdusting

America's farmlands to be carpet-bombed with Vietnam-era Agent Orange chemical if Dow petition approved

A key chemical of one of the most horrifying elements of the Vietnam War -- Agent Orange -- may soon be unleashed on America's farmlands. Considered by world nations to be a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" (WMD), Agent Orange was dropped in the millions of gallons on

December 27, 2011

balanced society

Four human responses to planetary chaos

By responses we mean the behaviour of people regarding reception and interpretation of the negative conditions in the world, and the consequent state of mind. The general attitude, and still unfortunately the most prevalent, is the public mind-state of complacency and

December 26, 2011

christchurch earthquake 23_12_2011 map

Multiple earthquakes hit Christchurch, New Zealand - warned for more quakes

Just two days before Christmas Christchurch is experiencing another swarm of earthquakes, reaching up to magnitude 6.0. The first one was shallow 5.8 magnitude quake just before 2pm.The quakes caused ground liquefaction, a significant rock fall and damage to a

December 23, 2011

tanzania satellite 22 12 2011

Heavy rains hit Tanzania's main city of Dar es Salaam - more floods to come

At least 13 people have died in floods after unusually heavy rains hit Tanzania's main city of Dar es Salaam on Tuesday. The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has warned that the downpours are set to continue and has told those living in the city's...

December 22, 2011

hong kong market

Winter solstice in Hong Kong - H5N1 avian flu virus found in chickens

At the same time we saw mass media making news of Dutch scientists who created highly contagious killer bird flu, yesterday, deadly H5N1 avian flu virus was found in a chicken carcass at a wholesale market in Hong Kong. Workers began culling 19,451 birds, including

December 22, 2011

two tropical cyclones forming over australia

Two cyclones brewing off the Australian coast (Video)

Tropical Cyclone Watch Dec 21, 2011Two cyclones are brewing off the Australian coast and one is less than 300 kilometres from Darwin. A meteorologist said a cyclone over the Coral Sea was unlikely to cause any major problems. But a tropical low forming off the

December 21, 2011

fizzy drinks

Flame retardant chemical found in US soft drinks

A substance patented as a flame retardant and banned as a food ingredient throughout Europe and in Japan is present in 10% of all soft drinks in the US. The December 12, 2011 issue of Environmental Health News reviews the history of this toxic ingredient, including the

December 21, 2011

Dutch scientists bird flu

Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu

A deadly strain of bird flu with the potential to infect and kill millions of people has been created in a laboratory by European scientists – who now want to publish full details of how they did it. The discovery has prompted fears within the US Government that the

December 21, 2011

typhoon sendong philippines

NASA's TRMM satellite measured Sendong's deadly rainfall

NASA's Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite was providing forecasters with the rate in which rainfall was occurring in Tropical Storm Sendong (Washi) over the last week, and now TRMM data has been compiled to show rainfall totals over the devastated

December 20, 2011

believing is seeing

Believing is seeing

Not only did you read it correctly but it was not written in error. This civilisation has been thoroughly programmed with the opposite statement, seeing is believing. Extensions of this are such phrases as, 'Can you prove it?' And this one, we might add, has become the

December 20, 2011


The shocking truth of the pending EU collapse!

Problem, reaction, solution.In search for end of economic crisis the EU leaders reached an agreement and signed a Treaty establishing European stability mechanism (ESM). Critics say the ESM resembles an enabling act, because it severely confines the economic

December 20, 2011


The ultimate deception

Are you worried about change of police state to military state, new internet laws that are being posed on us and all the conspiracy crap that different news sources report daily? Do you not see it as false flag? A deliberate misdirection of our collective focus? Or a

December 19, 2011

sendong washi dec 18

Typhoon Sendong (Washi) washed away entire villages in south Philippines

Entire villages were washed away when tropical storm Sendong (Washi) whipped south Philippines in early hours of Saturday, leaving a trail of flattened homes, broken bridges and upended vehicles in the poverty-stricken country. Sendong killed more than 650 people in

December 18, 2011

hemp oil soup

Marijuana cannabinoids - oral and transdermal methods

The research indicates that cannabinoids hold the secret to helping heal many of the chronic diseases we are facing. From cancer to diabetes, and from autism to Alzheimer's, medical marijuana helps, and sometimes dramatically so. Cannabinoid medicine holds a great

December 18, 2011

no gmo crops

Poland's 'Festival of Nature and Culture' takes unified stand against GMOs

It is sometimes easy to forget that people from nations all over the world, and not just from here in the US, are having to fight against the forces of evil that seek to overtake their agricultural systems in favor of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). And citizens

December 17, 2011


Canada pulled out of Kyoto Protocol

Canada pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change Monday, saying the accord won't help solve the climate crisis. It dealt a blow to the anti-global warming treaty, which has not been formally renounced by any other country.Environment Minister Peter Kent said

December 16, 2011

CERN at night

"God particle" - Scientists at CERN in Geneva announced their latest results in search for the Higgs boson

In a seminar held at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) today, the ATLAS and CMS, two Large Hadron Collider experiments, presented the status of their searches for the Standard Model Higgs boson,  a subatomic particle that, if it exists, is thought

December 13, 2011

fukushima leakage

Confirmed: Fukushima disaster contaminated ocean with 50 million times normal radiation, leaks still ongoing

Things are suddenly heating up again with Fukushima. As we reported yesterday, the southern wall of Fukushima reactor #4 apparently collapsed over the past few days, calling into question the structural integrity of the remainder of the containment building

December 13, 2011

occupy ws

Crushing Occupy: riot police and undercover agents

The US police continue to play cat and mouse with the Occupy movement, having torn down the last remaining Occupy Wall Street camp in San Francisco, arresting 55 people for illegal lodging.The tents of the almost three-month-old movement have already been cleared

December 12, 2011

solar activity update dec 12 2011

Filament Eruptions / Solar Watch - Dec 12, 2011 (Video)

Large Filament: A very large solar filament channel that measures longer than 300,000 miles, visible across the entire northeast quadrant erupted and producing a large solar disturbance and sent out a significant coronal mass ejection which may be heading earths

December 12, 2011