UN Climate Summit 2014 – new measures


More than 120 Heads of State and Government will be attending the one-day summit on climate change hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on September 23, 2014, to generate political will toward a meaningful universal climate agreement in 2015. 

The summit will be aimed at mobilizing finance for climate action, increasing the use of renewable energy, increasing energy efficiency, reducing deforestation, promoting climate smart agriculture, building resilience, reducing pollutants, and promoting climate action in the world’s cities.

According to the UN climate envoy Mary Robinson, the UN summit on climate change will see the world "change course" and begin to seriously tackle global warming.

Bold commitments to action are called in areas that are critical for keeping global temperature increases to less than two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Robinson said the summit will yield concrete announcements, including a declaration on carbon-pricing and partnerships on forestry, green bonds and climate-smart agriculture.

The much awaited summit is being ignored by leaders of different nations. China (the number one polluter) is to be represented only by the Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, India (the number three polluter) is to be represented only by its environment minister, Russia and other countries seems also to underestimate it. According to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon "… even though the leaders from India, China and Russia will not be able to participate in the meeting, there are other means of communications, ways and means of having their leadership demonstrated in the United Nations."

Amidst the preparation of different leaders, a lot of people, including some scientists believe that the climate change scenario is just a doomsday propaganda to scare the populace.

According to Jeff Davis of Globalclimatescam.com next Tuesday’s UN climate conference in NYC is for politicians, celebrities, and rent seekers. It’s not about climate science, nor Saving the Earth from carbon emissions of fossil fuels.

Stand-up comedian Michael Loftus on his new TV show "The Flipside" stated that the “global warming scare industry” is all about money and “control.” He even ripped Al Gore and others that perpetuate the idea that global warming is ready to bring the world to an end – unless people pay more money to prevent it. 

Featured image: Brisbane city by night. Author: Steve Montgomery

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  1. The sky is falling the sky is falling. It got cold and then it got warm, and we are going to die. We are against climate change. We’ll give all our money to third world countries and don’t do anything about the real polluters like China and India.

    This climate apocalyptic scenario is fabricated by the Global Elite to scare and then even force the world into their global governance which has been planned since at least 1992 at the Rio Summit. These idiots have been successfully indoctrinated into believing this ridiculous lie. Carbon dioxide is part of the carbon cycle of the planet. Plants use it to make energy, animals exhale it as waste. This is a natural God-made cycle and so is the water cycle. There is no more carbon on this planet than ever was. Common core and dumbing down of the USA to make gullible idiots.

    1. You are so right!! I 100% concur with you sir and Al Gore and his crazy billionaire bandit gang will say anything to keep raking in the dough!! They should be arrested and go to prison and all of the money that they have squirreled out of the innocent and “dumbed down” fluoridated public and poor Americans given back as huge tax refunds to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the US!! Tax payer, disabled or not!! I was even fooled enough to spend 25 bucks on his stupid dvd about the “Inconvenient Lie”!!!! Back then, I didn’t know the truth but now we all know it’s bull****!!! Scientists and experts around the world are not all wrong!! Follow the money trail, it always leads to the great big LIARS!!!!! AMERICA HAS HAD IT AND ISN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! OUR POCKETS ARE EMPTY AND YOU HAVE ROBBED US BLIND!!!! YOU CAN’T TAKE BLOOD OUT OF A TURNIP!! IT’S TIME TO GIVE BACK TO US FEDS!!!!!!

  2. People will only go along with Climate Change stuff until it takes money out of their own pockets and hurts their way of life. And then they are not so found of being told what they can have and what to do…..

    Communism, Socialism is all about Power and Control over People, and that’s all this Climate Change and Environmental stuff is.. Environmentalism = Communism and Socialism with a new twist……………….. To reply to people minding the own business, those that choose to bury there head in the sand and don’t have a clue don’t bitch later when the elites get there way and we did nothing to stop them.

  3. I can’t understand the democratic agenda. They are against coal fired energy but have no viable alternatives. The greens want to reduce our carbon footprint but support illegal imigration which results in millions of under-educated polluters.

    By the way, if you dims can put down the bong and do some research, the Obama EPA (illegal) executive actions will result in your electric bill doubling by 2017 due to closing of U.S. coal fired generating plants while China and India open 4 new plants each week. If you don’t understand why the U.S. Chambers of Commerce are in favor of immigration, then you are the problem.

  4. GLOBAL AVERAGE is steadily getting hotter. Not hard to grasp! That’s what The Big Climate Summit wants you to think!
    Except it isn’t – that’s the point. Temperatures have essentially flat lined for about 15 years in spite of record amounts of CO2 emissions.
    The climate is complex and trying to boil it down to CO2 as
    a rhetorical device to shut relative clean power generation in America to offshore incredibly dirty power generation to China and to siphon off more money in the Debt Money Zero Sum Game (the more money the Banksters and the governments they finance and control have, the more debt enslaves everyone else) is absurd propaganda.

    The decisions being made by the dElites to “save us from global warming” is marginally increasing CO2 and all sorts of other contaminants as well as fattening their own pockets and leaving everyone else impoverished.

    I’m all for conservation – reduce your energy usage, grow your own food, improve energy efficiency, stop buying Chinese slave labor goods, stop putting up with a fraudulent debt based monetary system, stop voting for Bankster puppets that protect trillions in criminal looting (which translates into trillions in debt servitude – that loot was created by issuing debt to society!).

  5. UN Climate Summit 2014 means more AGENDA 21 ideas to control our way of life. You like driving, well in the future you will be taxed by the mile because every new car now has a black box in it.

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