Dying seals and walruses washing up on Pacific coast with crumbly livers and other mysterious symptoms

Dying seals and walruses washing up on Pacific coast with crumbly livers and other mysterious symptoms

A federal investigation into the mysterious and ongoing deaths of marine mammals all along the Pacific coast has ended, with investigators still dumbfounded as to the cause of this disturbing phenomenon. Throughout the past several years, seals and walruses have reportedly been turning up with skin lesions, breathing problems, extreme fatigue, hair loss, and various other symptoms for which experts say there is no identifiable cause.

The investigation began back in 2011, not long after the Fukushima disaster occurred in Japan. Record numbers of sick animals, many of which ended up dying, were showing up in California and as far north as Alaska, prompting an inquiry into the cause. Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) began studying the animals to look for clues that might point to a culprit.

At the time, more than 100 animals were found to be afflicted with the mystery disease, having mostly been discovered off Alaska's northern and western coasts. Ringed seals were among the most common creature identified, along with ice seals and others. Concentrated primarily in Alaska, the sick animals continued to turn up in waves for several years, with an estimated 200 to 300 seals found to have suffered from the condition.

"Part of the problem is we don't have a diagnostic test," stated Joel Garlich-Miller, a walrus biologist with FWS, to ADN.com. "We can't say, 'OK, this animal has the disease.'"

Sick animals still emerging along Pacific coast

With enough time, the sick animals would probably just stop appearing, some had hoped. But identifiable cases of the disease are still being observed today, though less frequently. And Pacific walruses, according to KNOM Radio Mission, have officially been removed from the unusual mortality event, which has yet to be explained.

"They could never identify what caused the lesions," claims Andrea Medeiros, an FWS spokesperson based out of anchorage.

According to the NOAA, the mystery disease is marked by unusual changes to the animals' internal organs, including accumulation of bloody fluid in the lungs and an enlarged heart. Many of the afflicted creatures also had damaged livers that crumbled easily and discharged blood. Other symptoms include systemic inflammation, enlarged lymph nodes, and tissue congestion.

Since massive plumes of radiation are believed to have passed over the area where the walruses and seals were living at the time of the Fukushima disaster, some are convinced that these and other symptoms clearly point to radiation poisoning. The timing and intensity of the phenomenon when it was discovered also point to Fukushima as the likely cause.

Both seals and walruses eat ocean fish as part of their diet, which further supports the notion that these animals may have consumed sea creatures tainted with Fukushima radiation, or perhaps come into direct contact with Fukushima radiation themselves. This would make sense, as radioactive fish have been detected on multiple occasions off the coast of California and elsewhere.

"It's not 'mysterious' to those who have been following Japan's nuclear crisis ... (and) can see the link between nuclear radiation and the illnesses seen in Pacific sea life," wrote one commenter at KNOM Radio Mission.

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Written by Ethan A. Huff


james gasowski 6 years ago

write the Whitehouse or your congressman and demand they speak on this!!!

Thomas DeSoto 6 years ago

Great job General Electric company, Fukushima is now destroying our Oceans and our Planet thanks to your flawed nuclear power plant designs and technology!!! Your fancy commercials may be great propaganda for most Americans, but they are insulting to environmental activist like me who are fully aware of your crimes against humanity and our environment. When the Bush/Cheney administration took over in 2000 the first thing they did was to secretly deregulate the entire Energy Industries and especially the Nuclear Energy Industries. When North Korea started shooting Rockets towards Japan and America refused to help protect Japan the government decided to start their own nuclear weapons program creating nuclear grade Plutonium at Fukushima and now that we have four reactors in full melt down draining straight into the ocean for the next 500 years theirs nothing anyone can do to stop this nightmare from destroying all life on earth. Even if they could come up with a solution it would still take over 50 years to contain this world disaster. This is a mutation machine that will eventually change the DNA building blocks of all life on earth no matter what happens today. Hence the worldwide media black out and the secret exodus of wealthy Americans to the southern hemisphere which buys then all a decade more of life on earth. This invisible toxic radiation will eventually invade the southern hemisphere as well.

robert 6 years ago

FOR GOD Sakes do SOMETHING BEFOR WE ALL DIE from this wonderful mess Fukushima

skywalker 6 years ago

yes it is true the whole of the northern hemisphere of planet earth has been irradiated with PLUTONIUM. and even tho there might not be a huge amount of it , it only takes 1 particle entering the lungs to cause lung cancer. and as most of us have not been wearing face masks since the disaster , there will be a huge number of people developing this disease over the next 30 years . this is why there is a media blackout on this subject , as there is nothing anyone can do about it anyway, cos the damage was done in the first few weeks / months after the reactor exploded, then liquefied , and melted into the ground through the bottom of the reactor , where it is still slowly burning to this day. we are the children of Chernobyl , 30 years have past since the northern hemisphere was irradiated with uranium . plutonium is a hundred thousand times more toxic. such a shame that our children have a dark future of inheritance . shame on you TEPCO

Dano 6 years ago

More blatant LIES from the establishment, do not believe anything these parasites say. Time to flush every branch of government and all of the scientists who have been paid off to cover up this atrocity! When is enough, ENOUGH!

arlette miron 6 years ago

Molluscs have been dying off in British Colombia and elsewhere. They are eaten by starfish whose limbs are desintegrating. Walruses also eat molluscs. Either because of Fukushima and/or water becoming more acidic.If you follow the food chain..........

arlette miron 6 years ago

I would like to make a comment but I see that everything is tightly controled as to not give an exact opinion and I suppose the word government must be excluded. They prefer to be dumbfounded rather than give the clear picture. Meanwhile no decisions are being made to try to save the situation. Maybe Fukushima is a lost cause.

arlette miron 6 years ago

This follows shellfish and starfish that eat them who seem to have the same kind of problem. Why are the goverments not telling to avoid eating things coming from the Pacific? Dor economic reasons? We are still having some radiation coming down on our fields through rain along with volcanic dust from the volcanoes acting up all over the world. Fracting is also damaging the earths balance and causing pollution, drought that is also affecting the crops. The clamate change is making everything hotter and till man sees he has to change dramatically his vision on fuel and co2 emissions our grandchildren won't be able to survive. Very few people are aware of this and I fear the medias are told not to give this information. It should be a priority if we wish to save the human race from destroying itself completely. The change must come from everyone owning up to his own respnsability to be ecofriendly and activly support and ask goverments to do more

Carlos Santos 6 years ago

with Fukushima nuclear power plant dumping tons of radioactive water until today to the pacific and no one have a clue yet!!!! just pick up your rad meter and do some sampling , what de dificulty of that?Btw particules of plutonium from Fukushima have been found far as Finland, why not assume your backyard is full of radioactive contamination.

arlette miron (@Carlos Santos) 6 years ago

How true!

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